Iberian Festival Awards 2018: Shortlisted names and live acts announced. Less than four weeks left f

The complete list of finalists in the 22 different categories (chosen by the jury panel or public voting) has been announced for the 3rd edition of the Iberian Festival Awards, which will host its gala on March 15th 2018, at Forum Lisboa (Lisboa) at 9:30pm. This edition a record number of applications were received (281) from Portugal and Spain but also from Brasil, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Angola. The live acts in the gala are also already known, highlighting the performances of Miguel Araújo (PT) and Desakato (ES). The gala will be broadcast on the radio and online (Antena 3) as well as on TV (Canal 180). 1. BEST MAJOR FESTIVAL Bilbao BBK Live (ES) FMM Sines (PT) Low Festival (ES

Talkfest'18: Speakers and full programme (conferences, presentations, seminars and documentaries

The 7th edition of Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum will take place in Lisbon on March 15 and 16, 2018, announcing today all its programme (conferences, professional / scientific presentations, seminars and documentaries) as well as the respective moderators and speakers. An edition with more international speakers and programming points simultaneously, having almost always four rooms in permanent operation. There will also be an exclusive meeting to Iberian promoters and the last conference will be broadcast live on radio Antena 3 through the program “Prova Oral". The 3rd edition of Iberian Festival Awards already has its first announced finalists, in some categories decided b

Talkfest'18: 17 new speakers, documentaries and Iberian Festival Awards hosts revealed

The 7th edition of Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum will be held in Lisbon on March 15 and 16, 2018, announcing today: 17 speakers for their different areas of the professional programme (which makes a total of 65 speakers already confirmed) as well as the Documentaries. For the 3rd edition of the Iberian Festival Awards we will also announce the gala's hosts (Portuguese and Spanish). There are only 6 weeks left for Talkfest'18, which will be marked by a professional programme with several areas: conferences, presentations (professional and scientific) and seminars, plus other complementary areas: documentaries, afterparty, job fair and exhibitions. Conferences International

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