The concerts section returns in this edition to the Talkfest´20 - will take place in an online format and count with Portuguese and Spanish bands.

chico malo_Prancheta 1.png

Chico Malo is a young Spanish composer and singer, born in Monóvar (Alicante). At just 3 years old, he dared to go up on stage to sing “Corazón Partío” by Alejandro Sanz. In 2013 he started his university studies in Madrid.

Chico Malo releases (September 2017) his first album "Un Buen Año" with 11 songs composed by himself and produced by Jesús Yanes. In April 2018, his new song "100times" was released, in which Café Quijano collaborated, and his CD "A good year" was re-released along with the new single. In February 2019 he released "Este Amor Prohibido", and in May of the same year, he launched "La Culpa" a collaboration with Colombian singer Pedrina. In 2020, Bad Boy released 4 singles: “No Hay Remedio”, “My Soul is Revolution” (ft. Crislo), “When the Nights are Eternal” and “Tú Me Gustas”.

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Goldcobra is Marcos Alfares alter ego. Marcos Alfares was known by the vocalist and leader of the Portuguese alternative rock group Killing Electronica. Marcos decides to embark on a solo adventure and tell a new story with his vision and his music.


At the end of 2017 Goldcobra, sponsored by Portuguese musician and producer Diogo Piçarra, officially presents and releases the song “Heartbreak Hotel [Forever Yours]”, his debut single and which will serve as the project's business card. A theme composed and produced together with Diogo Piçarra, "Forever Yours" quickly takes its first steps in the Portuguese music scene, directly entering the programming of several national radio stations and also receiving the prominence of some international media. 

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Guilherme Correia composes, produces and records from his room under the name of Hause Plants. Lost among the urban life of persistence at night, in existential doubts typical of post-adolescence and in themes such as social anxiety, such as songs by Hause Plantas are fourth pop in essence, but they exist to be heard and played live, joining the urgency and vitality of post-punk 80's with the ethereal landscapes of dream pop and shoegaze.

Guilherme Correia - Composer, Guitarist, Vocalist

António Nobre - Bassist

João Silva - Drummer

Ind. Mary N.png

In her early years, Mary N was always too shy to perform in front of others. When she was 15, Mary finally realized she could use music to communicate with people who struggled in the same ways she did. That’s when she discovered her love of being on stage and connecting with fans through songwriting.

Mary turns her songs into entire narratives using her deeply personal lyrics along with her impressive guitar skills. It’s a rarity to find an artist who can translate their emotions into music as well as Mary does, but it leads to a one-of-a-kind sound that’s hard to resist.

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Laura Llopart, a young Barcelona creator, first entered the music world studying classical piano and has since become an electronic music diva.  With as much attention given to the production as the melody, her sound was born somewhere between Daft Punk and Grimes. "Through Grey Boy" (Luup Records, 2016), a presentation EP that blends the warmth of synth pop with the mystery of trip-hop, she earned her place playing in festivals and venues in Spain.


In 2017 Llopart released her debut album "Dichotomic History" (Luup Records), an album that delves into the hollows of sleepless electronic music and nocturnal soundscapes. This summer she will be heading home to perform a unique show at Sónar Festival.

Urfabrique Ind. TF. png.png

Urfabrique is a band from Barcelona formed by Javi Morales and Pau Mendieta. Define their music as indie house, electronic environment and deep house. In 2016 they released “Deliable Ink“, a self-published EP.

Urfabrique, explore topics such as the role of technology in everyday life or the loss of love, reflexively evoking pleasure and unconcern.