Talkfest'19: Programme highlights (Lisboa - Museu das Comunicações, March 22)

The 8th edition of Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum will take place between the cities of Vigo and Lisboa, on March 13 and 22, 2019 respectively. We highlight today the major points of the professional day programme (which will occur within a month) and that will have several areas with content at the same time.

1. Conferences

Mariana Sanchotene (director ADE - Amsterdam Dance Event, the major clubbing festival of the world) and Filippo Giunta (director Rototom Sunspslah, the major reggae festival of Europe) are the international highlights and will present their projects and how they became a success and reference at a global scale. All the debates will be moderated by journalists (RTP, SIC, TVI and Expresso) and each will have at least 5 speakers - promoters (e.g. Alfredo Vasconcelos - Boom Festival; António Guimarães - O Sol da Caparica; Jorge Silva - Bons Sons; Isabel Candeias - Edp CoolJazz); presidents (e.g. Isaltino Morais - Oeiras) and city councils (e.g. Leiria, Águeda; Faro), music artists (e.g. Blaya, Mickael Carreira, Mundo Segundo), brands (e.g. Red Bull, SCMLisboa, Montepio Geral), professionals of the area (e.g. Ingrid Berger - Resp. backstage Rock in Rio, Leocádia Silva - FX Road Lights) and other cultural agents (e.g. Fundação Serralves, MotelX, Expofacic). Debates with 1 hour and time for Q&A, from 9:30am to 7:30 pm.

2. Pitchstage

Presentations in pitch format with 30'' - section to analyze festivals, projects and reports that will evolve the festival area in the short term. This section will beggin at 10 am will be part topics such as: health (e.g. Instituto Ricardo Jorge and new regulation for mass events); sustainability; mobility (e.g. BusUp; Associação Salvador); insurance; new technologies (e.g. Fever) and consumer protection (promoted by Deco). In this section will be presented the new editions of: Guitarras ao Alto, Artes à Vila, Cistermúsica and Sou Quarteira festivals.

3. Scientific presentations

Section with the aim of publicising recent studies/papers on issues related to the music festivals and that will provide data to rethinking strategies and ways to develop this area: niche festivals, internationalization, sponsorships, circular economy, and the effect of punk are some of the themes. As in previous editions, the annual study of APORFEST which makes the x-ray of the festivals (e.g. numbers; trends, economic impact) and the profile of the public (e.g. accommodation; value consumed at festivals; preferences).

4. Documentaries

We highlight the international award-winning documentary that examines the musical style Grindcore which mixes punk, metal and hardcore, but at this point will also broadcasted the documentaries with the portuguese bands Paus (and the experience of recording the latest album in the Madeira Island) and Sean Riley (remember the best of first decade of performances). This section will includes a fiction with The Legendary Tiger Man.

5. Workshops

Moments with groups of 30 persons (maximum) in each theme due to the theoretical-practical work that the trainers will require with the present public. Topics: Data Protection: application of the new regulation and the legal regime for entities associated with cultural activities (Rumos); How to sell out a festival? (See Tickets); Music didn't kill the data star! the digital communications in music and festivals (SA365) and How to sell my show and/or artist across borders? (WDB Management).

6. Vox Expert

TV studio (to broadcast on social networks and YouTube) and radio (powered by ESCS FM) present throughout the day in order to interview who will pass at the event.

7. Lounge & Networking

Brand activation space and coffee break to enhance the connection and the networking between all the presents.

8. Extra activities

This year we add several moments that complement the Talkfest programme: there will be a digital exhibition with the best portuguese festivals photos taken under the lens of photographer Hugo Adelino; Portugal Festivals Meeting: central region - exclusive; Afterparty - tour within the night of Lisboa city that will continue the day March 23 with a stroll through the city, with right to an access to the guided tour of the Aula Magna venue, surprise concert and other actions.

APORFEST - Portuguese Music Festivals Association provides free access to all its members (all modalities, with valid quota in their occurrence) in both sessions of the event. Be part of it!

Tickets for the sessions and extra activities as well as information related to the programme and entities already confirmed available at:


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