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25 new speakers and Candidate Cities for European Capital of Culture 2027

We are announcing the latest set of personalities features various sections of the Main Event (on March 25th):

Teresa Moore (Keynote Speaker, Conferences – A Greener Festival, UK)

Bárbara Oliveira (Speaker, Scientific Presentations - Universidade do Porto, PT)

Bruno Estima (Speaker, Workshops – WeTumTum. PT)

Bruno Lindoso (Speaker, Conferences – NetPDV/Zigpay, BR)

Carolina Kopf (Speaker, Pitchstage – Kopf Osteopathy, PT)

Diogo Louro (Speaker, Scientific Presentations – Inst. Sup. de Ciências Policiais e Segurança Interna, PT)

Filipa Neto (Speaker, Scientific Presentations– Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, PT)

Frederico Pedreira (Moderator, Conferences – Eco/Advocatus, PT)

João Ribeiro (Speaker, Pitchstage – Romaria Cultural, PT)

João Teixeira (Speaker, Pitchstage – EA Live, PT)

Marcelo Rossi (Speaker, Pitchstage - Circular Unity, BR)

Paula Guerra (Speaker, Scientific Presentations – Universidade do Porto, PT)

Paulo Garrido (Orador, Pitchstage – Crowe, PT)

Raquel Cortez (Speaker, Scientific Presentations – Universidade Católica, PT)

Sara Fernandes (Speaker, Scientific Presentations - Universidade do Porto, PT)

Tânia Ferreira (Speaker, Workshops – Arte Sonora, PT)

Vasco Araújo (Speaker, Workshops – Disruptive Media Training, PT)

For this edition, we challenged the Portuguese Candidate Cities for European Capital of Culture in 2027 to present themselves in 15’ pitches and explain what makes their projects different, and what their strategy is with cultural agents in Portugal. To represent each city we will have at Talkfest:

Braga Municipality (President, Ricardo Rio)

Oeiras Municipality (Commissioner, Jorge Barreto Xavier)

Aveiro Municipality (Coordinator, José Pina)

Évora Municipality (Coordinator, Paula Mota Garcia)

Faro Municipality (Vice-President, Paulo Santos)

Leiria Municipality ( Coordinator, Paulo Lameiro)

Viana do Castelo Municipality (Vice-President, Manuel Vitorino)

Guarda Municipality (Executive Director, Pedro Gadanho)

The Iberian Festival Awards gala, which will take place on March 26, only has 50 tickets available! The ceremony will include the delivery of awards (20 categories + Excellence Awards – Iberian personality and entity of the year), live acts (by Iberian bands), afterparty, open bar, tasting and a lounge & networking area.

If you want to create interaction with the delegates and guests present at the event – Talkfest (main event) and Concerts on The 25th March and/or Iberian Festival Awards the following day you have the possibility to reserve physical space (at the venues of this edition) or virtual (through the official app) and communicate your project. There are also ways to join the event. Share your idea with us!

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