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TALKFEST 2022: the summary of the 10th edition

More than 1200 people attended the last Talkfest between the Main event, concerts and Iberian Festival Awards gala (sold out), in a moment of reunion between professionals in the sector and that is increasingly international, due to the presence of many speakers and delegates from Spain, Brazil and Europe that led to a record of social networks shares in the two days of the 10th edition, held on 25 and 26 March. A moment of networking but where some important ideas and conclusions were left with the speakers present in the discussion rooms - Conferences, Workshops, Scientific Presentations and Pitchstage:

  • Image and photography are increasingly central points for the production of a festival, not only for content availability as well as "fuel", bridge and memories for the next edition with the public and partners. Digital and social networks as important points for its valorization;

  • Problem of lack of skilled labor for technical services to support festivals, particularly in the summer months this year, caused by the disappearance of human resources from the pandemic that are not being compensated with the return of events. Similarly the supplier lines had to be reformulated and for there to be the same degree of trust and efficiency it will take time;

  • Solutions and commitment with the government (and new Ministery of Culture) should be created for the remuneration and work contracts to be more dignified in this sector;

  • Create an effective equality, inclusion and cultural accessibility in festivals and not just for "cause-related marketing" or a media or society pressure. The % of women in professional and higher education courses (e.g. production and event management, cultural management) is not yet reflected in the labor market. Festivals can be more than a reflection of society and be agents of change, create new habits taking advantage of what they offer to the public;

  • Forecast of an increase in the number of festivals in the coming years, which will increase the fast demand for correct sustainability;

  • Sponsorship/matchmaking requests should be made to brands with audience guarantees and not the opposite;

  • The work in the coming years should be focused on the formation and renewal of the audience at festivals and how to ensure that they consider paying to see culture and entertainment;

  • In the management of the pandemic the Government and DGS, in Portugal, lacked to listen to the festivals sector and the understanding of what is and how the Culture and its economy works;

  • Putting technology not only at the service of the public, but as a management tool for festivals. NFT as a solution for new profitability that will make up for future revenue losses;

  • The current war already implies negatively on festivals that cross cultures, having long-term consequences on the choice of nationalities of artists;

  • Culture has to be more and more an added value for all, where there is a fairer payment to the artist (rights) to sustain him/her full time, something only available to a minority in Portugal. New ways should be found to make the public feel willing to pay to access all kinds of festivals and not just the most newsworthy, with the municipalities having an important future role here for this access not to have a free offer as a rule, but as an exception.

We leave our biggest thanks to all who contributed so that the event could occur and grow - staff, service providers, partners, sponsors, APORFEST associates, speakers, artists and everyone present in this edition!

The best moments of Talkfest and Iberian Festival Awards are now available on social networks. The full streamings of the conferences, gala and concerts (broadcasted in the official app) will also be open to the general public throughout this month.

TALKFEST - International Music Festivals Forum, an initiative of APORFEST - Portuguese Music Festivals Association, will return in 2023 for its 11th edition. The Main Event (Conferences, Presentations, Docs, Workshops and Networking) and Concerts will take place on March 17th in Lisbon and on March 24th the Iberian Festival Awards gala will return to Spain.


Good vibe and good stories about resilience told by great professionals at TALKFEST"

(Pedro Abelha, Mkt director Trace Made in Africa / LGBT+ Music Festival)

We had the opportunity to participate in this project that grows more each year. After two difficult years for the festival sector, it is very gratifying to see the sector returning to normality! Congratulations to APORFEST for organizing the project.

(Juliana Martins, Events Manager Festival Villamix Lisboa)

"It was great to return to Talkfest and Iberian Awards and realize that after two tough years, the events are here to stay and stronger than ever. Congratulations to APORFEST for the excellent organization. Thanks also to our incredible partners who make it very easy and enjoyable to work in this area. Next year there will be more".

(Ana Ladeira, Senior Customer Relationship Manager Festicket)

"It was a very enriching day with lots of knowledge sharing, where the world of culture and event organization were the main focus. Among many other topics discussed, I highlight sustainability, inclusion and resilience as the ones that impacted me the most. My congratulations to APORFEST and the entire organization of TALKFEST and also to all the speakers and participants who contributed so much to a memorable day.

(Joana Oliveira, Delegate, Univ. Porto)

"Today was a day to talk about TALKFEST, an amazing event by APORFEST. Thank you to the organization and everyone who showed up, long live music festivals, long live the culture economy!"

(Monyca Motta, MM Rights Attorney)

"One week ago today, at the invitation of TALKFEST, I had the opportunity to talk about the importance that photography and image have in the communication of Music Festivals - even more so, this increased importance after 2 years of pandemic. Thanks for the invitation and the opportunity to be able to share my perspective is experience with a panel of incredible speakers."

(João Pedro Padinha, Digital Manager Everything Is New)

"I was speaking about technology at TALKFEST. Thank you for inviting me as a speaker and jury member of the Iberian Festival Awards. I am grateful to see many technology projects that help grow the live music industry like we do at Break-Event."

(Lucia Martinez Prado, CEO Break-Event)

"TALKFEST - thank you for allowing me to be part of this edition and for being a wonderful meeting point for the industry"

(Natalia San Juan, CEO Femnoise)

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