13 MARCH | Iberian Festival Awards
Teatro Afundación - Vigo

20h30 - Opening doors & Opening party | Hall Teatro, open bar

21h30 - 1st Half - Gala | Auditório

22h45 - Half Time | Hall Teatro, open bar

23h00 - 2nd Half - Gala | Auditório

00h00 - Afterparty | Hall Teatro, open bar


Ana Cristina Câmara (PT)

Pedro Luzindro (PT)



Alex Stevens (Dour Festival) (INT)

Almudena Palacios (Prisma Proyecto) (ES)

Beatriz de la Guardia (Planet Events & Ruta 66 Mag) (ES)

Daniela Queirós (Theatro Circo) (PT)

Ivo Purvis (Partners) (PT)

Jarmeson de Lima (Coquetel Molotov) (INT)

Javier Herrero (EFE) (ES)

Luís Sousa (Música em DX) (PT)

Pierre-Marie Oullion (Nuits Sonores) (INT)



  • Best Major Festival 

  • Best Medium-Sized Festival

  • Best Small Festival

  • Best Touristic Promotion

  • Best New Festival 

  • Best Line-up 

  • Best Indoor Festival 

  • Best Cultural Programme

  • Best Communication 

  • Best Hosting and Reception

  • Best Infrastructure

  • Contribution to Sustainability 

  • Best Lusophone and Hispanic Festival

  • Best Academic Festival

  • Best Non Music Festival 

  • Best Festivity 

  • Best Service Provider 

  • Best Brand Activation

  • Best Use of Technology

  • Best Media Partner 

  • Best Live Performance

  • Best Live Performance (Int.) 

  • Excellence Award 



Bezegol & Rude Bwoy Banda (PT)

Disco las Palmeras! (ES)

Filipe Sambado (PT)

Joana Espadinha (PT)

Kings of the Beach (ES)

Vudú (ES)

Diana Oliveira (PT - opening & afterparty)


Smart Casual

22 MARCH | Talkfest

Museu das Comunicações - Lisboa

08h30 - Opening doors

09h00/20h00 - Programme

20h30 - Closure

23h00 - Afterparty*


(Auditorium I | 165 seats)
Opening session (9h00-9h10): Graça Fonseca (Portuguese Minister of Culture); Teresa Salema (FPComunicações - board member); Ricardo Bramão (Talkfest director)
A. 9h10 - What is the efficient social message that a festival should have?

Moderator: Marta Leite de Castro (journalist N360 / RTP)

1. Alfredo Vasconcelos (production manager Good Mood Org. / Boom Festival)

2. Gonçalo Lopes (city council Leiria municipality)

3. Lu Araújo (director Mimo Festival)

4. Luís Carvalho (artístic curator EA Live)

5. Paulo Santos (city council Faro municipality)

B. 10h10 - Are the festivals able to follow all the actual rules and legislation today?

Moderator: Idevor Mendonça (repórter RTP)

1. Edson Santos (vice-president Águeda municipality)

2. António Miguel Guimarães (director AMG Music - O Sol da Caparica)

3. Francisco Rocha Gonçalves (vice-president Oeiras municipality)

4. José Aguiar Silva (producer Laurus Nobilis Music Famalicão)

5. Rui Pedro Dâmaso (director Out.Fest)

C. 11h25 - Brands: sponsors, lobbying, trust relations and a closed market for new festivals and promoters?

Moderator: Ana Filipa Nunes (journalist SIC/O Programa da Cristina)

1. Miguel Silva (culture marketing director Red Bull Portugal)

2. Maria João Matos (com. & mkt. director SCML)

3. Ricardo Costa (director ArtCor Light)

4. Jorge Rodrigues Silva (executive director Bons Sons)

5. Rita Pinho Branco (mkt. director  Ass. Mutualista Montepio Geral)

D. 12h25 - Rototom Sunsplash: the history of the world's reggae festival

Keynote Speaker: Claudio Giust (com. director Rototom Sunsplash)

Moderator: Joan S Luna (journalist Mondo Sonoro)

E. 14h10 - What problems converge in the various artistic disciplines (e.g. music, cinema, humour) when we build a festival?

Moderator: Catarina Dias Ribeiro (journalist RTP)

1. Hugo Nóbrega (owner H2N/Phenomena maker & humour shows)

2. Luís Garcia (cultural programmer Évora municipality)

3. Gui Garrido (artistic director Festival A Porta)

4. Pedro Souto (director Motel/X)

5. Rui Costa (director of resources and special projects Fundação de Serralves)

F. 15h10 - The demands of artists for a concert: an addiction, a courtesy or a headache for the promoters - a story with good and bad examples

Moderator: Iryna Shev (journalist Sic Notícias/Expresso)

1. Marco António (manager/singer The Lucky Duckies)

2. Fernando Cabral (director/booking agent Soundsgood)

3. Ingrid Berger (backstage manager Rock in Rio)

4. Nuno Laranjo (director Expofacic)

5. Fernando Daniel (artist)

G. 16h30 - The production required in the context of festival: a view to increasing quality and differentiation of competitors or not?

Moderator: Carolina Valadas (journalist SIC)

1. Adilson Lima Auxiliador (Co-founder Festival Iminente)

2. Terry Costa (director Cordas World Music Festival)

3. Steven Brito (mechanical eng. Nortaluga)

4. Fred Martinho (guitar player HMB)

5. Leocádia Silva (general director Fx Road Lights)

6. Isabel Candeias (producer Edp Cooljazz/Id_no limits)

H. 17h30 - Amsterdam Dance Event: case study

Keynote Speaker: Mariana Sanchotene (director Amsterdam Dance Event)

I. 18h30 - Live Music: Is Choreography / Scenography inherent as part of a concert only for great artists?

Moderator: Sara Lima (reporter RTP)

1. Mundo Segundo (artist)

2. Blaya (artist)

3. Paulo Magalhães (artístic director/choreographer PMP Eventos)

4. Joaquim Silva (partner Feeders)

5. Mickael Carreira (artist)


(Auditorium II | 100 seats)
A. 10h00 - EcoEvents - what can festivals do to become more sustainable? (Ana Loureiro, com. director EGF)
B. 10h30 - BusUp - more mobility to the festival-goers (Rui Fernandes, CEO)
C. 11h00 - Artes à Vila - heritage, music and culture - 2nd edition (Eduardo Jordão, director)
D. 11h30 - PortInsurance - New insurance solutions for promoters and public that purchases tickets for events (Rodrigo Esteves, mkt. director)
E. 12h00 - Academia de Música de Alcobaça - Cistermúsica, Gravíssimo! and how festivals communicate to niche audiences (Dulce Alves, mkt. & ext. relations coord.)
F. 12h30 - Guitarras ao Alto - musical expression in alentejo and presentation of the 2019 edition (Vasco Durão, director)

G. 14h00 - Multidados - how to give numbers and make a festival tangible? (Florbela Borges, partner)

H. 14h30 - Health at mass gatherings: regulations to be implemented (Ricardo Mexia, Public Health Doctor INSA)

I. 15h00 - Associação Salvador - how to improve the experience of people with reduced mobility at festivals? (Joana Gorgueira, project manager)

J. 15h30 - All Music Fests - the dream of having festivals around the world on a platform (Francisco Pereira, director)

K. 16h00 - Sou Quarteira - the way to one more edition (Naomi Guerreiro and Inês Oliveira, production)

L. 16h30 - Exib - how to put music and artists in the lusophone and hispanic markets? (Adriana Pedret, director)


M. 17h00 - A Palhinha de Massa - sustainable solutions for events and induction of new behaviors (Luís Monteiro, director)

N. 17h30 - Deco - consumer protection in the experience of a festival (Paulo Fonseca, legal dept. coord. )

O. 18h00 - Give Me 4 - where even the attendees are volunteers (Bernardo Capucho, director)

P. 18h30 - Fever - how to use data to create better events (Isabel Solano, Head of Fever Originals)

K. 19h00 - Glownet - Cashless solutions for events (Irina Grade, Head of Operations Europe)

(Meeting room 1 | 40 seats)
A. 9h45 - Cities regulated by cultural events: tracking music festivals in Lisbon and São Paulo (Paulo Nunes, thesis, Universidade de Coimbra, 2019)
B. 10h15 - Leveraging brands at music festivals: Nos Alive sponsorship (Gonçalo Trindade, thesis, ISCTE-IUL, 2017)
C. 10h45 - Stategies for internationalization of music festivals (Rodrigo Ferreira, thesis, Universidade Porto, 2018)
D. 11h15 - Creating shared value in Rock in Rio business model - an evolution study (Tatiana Ribeiro, paper, ISCTE-IUL, 2018)
E. 11h45 - Compostable bioplastics in the circular economy: possibilities for festivals  (João Costa, paper, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2018)
F. 12h15 - The punk-rock effect: an archive of the role of music in the expression of design (Rita Prates, thesis, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2018)
G. 12h45 - Annual report and festival-goer profile - the x-ray of festivals in Portugal (Ricardo Bramão, study, Aporfest, 2019)


(Meeting room 1 | 40 seats)
A. 15h00 - Sean Riley & Slowriders - Farewell (2018, PT, 48")
B. 16h00 - Paus - Madeira (2018, PT, 60") (Q&A with the band)
C. 17h15 - Slave to the Grind (2018, CN, 100")
D. 19h10 - The Legendary Tiger Man - Fade into nothing (2018, PT, 70")


(Meeting room 2 | 25 seats)
A. 9h45 - Data protection:  application of the new regulation and legal regime for entities associated with cultural activities (Rumos - Carlos Figueira and João Leitão)
B. 11h45 - How to sell out my events, shortly and all by myself (Arenal Sound - Case-study) (See Tickets - Antoine Biehler)
C. 14h00 - Music didn’t kill the data star! -  the digital communication in music festivals (SA365 - Maria Manuel, Marina Faria e Margarida Pinto)
D. 18h00 - How to sell my show and/or artist internationally (WDB Management - José Manso)
Studio with interviews throughout the day with the attendees in the event and broadcast on YouTube
A. 9h00 - 20h20 - Exhibition | "Refrão" by Hugo Adelino
B. 16h00-17h45 - Portugal festivals meeting: center region [exclusive to promoters, municipal and cultural entities] / Meeting Room 2

Joaquim Ruivo (Diretor Mosteiro da Batalha)

Eduardo Jordão (Artes à Vila)

Rui Morais (Cistermúsica)

Gui Garrido (Festival A Porta)

Filipa Fernandes (CM Tomar)

Edson Santos (Cm Agueda)

Alexandre Rodrigues (Fós Santarém)

Sérgio Paulino (Cm Ourém)

Rui Fernandes (CM Soure)

Raquel Martins (Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Centro)

C. 23h00-02h00 - Afterparty | Lisboa Night Tour

Meeting Point: Time Out Market
(23h00 - we offer the first drink to all attendees with wristband to the event)
CITY TOUR (Lisboa: concerts)*
23 mar, 10h00-15h00 / 21h00-00h00
Meeting Point: Aula Magna
(Includes: Aula Magna guided tour; Music Venus tour; Buffet Lunch; Night concert; 24 transport & map of Lisboa - * necessary to purchase a ticket)

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