Talkfest'17: final programme - with announcements, themes, conferences, schedules and speakers

February 14, 2017

The 6th edition of Talkfest'17 (9th and 10th March - Lisbon and 16th March - Barcelona) announces the total programme of the event. There are more than 90 speakers involved in the main sections of the event - conferences, presentations (professional and scientific) and seminars. Know all the topics to be discussed at the conferences, the speakers' lineup and final schedule.



9th of March (Lisbon - day | Museu das Comunicações; night | Stairway Club)


A. Conferences (Auditorium I)

09h30-11h15 | The brand's and festival's creativity on social networks as a process to increase audience loyalty
M: Rui Oliveira Marques (Deputy Director Meios&Publicidade)
1) Pedro Pires
President Clube Criativos de Portugal / Communication Director Festival Iminente
2) Fábio Lopes
Director Buzz Tv / Instagrammer and YouTuber
3) Gonçalo Morais Leitão
Advertising RTP / Filho da Pub
4) António Pedro Lopes
Artistic director Tremor
5) Ricardo Rodrigues
Mkt & Communication Casal Garcia
11h30-13h30 | Festivals as a touristic product and the public flow of the "new" cities
M: José Carlos Araújo (Journalist Tvi/Tvi24)

1) Luís Mendes Alves
Manager Porto Lazer
2) Luís Araújo
President Turismo de Portugal
3) Vasco Cornélio da Silva
Director Shows and Events Campo Pequeno
4) Salvador Sobral
5) André Rebelo
Director Brunch Electronik Lisboa
14h30-16h30 | The (un)predictability of the weather factor for the management of an outdoor music festival
M: Tiago Ribeiro (Radio host Antena 3)
1) Pedro Carvalho
Director Transform-Arte/ Zna Gathering
2) Diogo Marques
Partner Dot Global/ Prod. Vilar de Mouros
3) Miguel Miranda
President IPMA – Instituto Português Mar e Atmosfera
4) Miguel Guerra
Sponsors & Events Manager MEO
5) Jorge Figueiredo
CEO Digitalframe
17h00-18h45 | Audio-visual (r)evolution at festivals
M: Rui Pedro Reis (journalist Sic / Sic Notícias)
1) Carlos Carmo
Coordinator Festival Med Loulé
2) Pedro Cluny
Sound Technician Festivals
3) Von di Carlo
Music Producer / Artist
4) Ângelo Lourenço
Sound Technician Paus/ Linda Martini
5) Hugo Reis
Artistic Director Fahr 0213
19h00-20h00 | Masterclass
How to (consecutively) implement a successful music festival!

Thomas Jensen
Director Wacken Open Air


B. Professional Presentations (Auditorium II)

10h00-11h00 | Sofar Sounds Lisbon - new solutions regarding musical offers
By Inês Pires (City leader) and João Alvarez (City Manager)
11h00-12h00 | Rodellus - a festival for those who are not afraid of the countryside
By Jorge Dias (director) and Maria Manuel (producer)
12h00-13h00 | GDA - collective management of copyright and related rights of artists
By Pedro Oliveira (managing director)
14h00-15h00 | SGS - Sustainability at music festivals: case study in Portugal
By Cláudia Rocha (technical manager)
15h00-16h00 | S.P.O.T. - The importance of the food area at a festival - the example of the NOS Primavera Sound
By Ana Neto and Joana Lima (directors)
16h00-17h00 | Go For Music - one flight, discover a festival, enjoy Portugal
By Ana Luísa Costa (founder)
17h00-18h00 | Polishows - technological evolution and light, sound and visual quality
By António Ponte (director)
18h00-19h00 | The "state of the art" of music festivals - by Artists
M: Mário Rui Vieira (journalist Blitz)
1) Margarida Pinto
2) O Martim
3) Mimicat
4) Emmy Curl
5) Dynamic Duo (Dj Cruzfader + Stikup)

C. Scientific Presentations (Meeting Room 2)

09h30h-10h30 | From the stage to the audience: the key players of music festivals communication in Portugal and Spain 
(2016, Marco Silva, UMinho)
10h45-11h45 | Behaviour of brands and the influence of Sponsorship in the act of purchase - case study: EDP Cool jazz
(2016, Margarida Rigueira, UCoimbra)
12h00-13h00 | Portuguese Festival Goer Profile and Social Environment at Festivals in Portugal 
(2016 - 4th Edition, Ricardo Bramão, Aporfest)

D. Seminars (Meeting Room 1)

11h00-13h00 | Applications for community funds
By Paulo Pereira (director Neomarca)

14h00-16h00 | What is the recipe for successful booking / management? At the right time, creative and profitable!
By Joana Souza Dias (RedMojo)

17h00-19h00 | The secret of a perfect photograph
By Nélson D'Aires (Photographer)

E. Documentaries (Meeting Room 2)

15h00-19h00 |
The Isle of Freedom (2016, PT, 45'') PREMIERE
Benjamim: auto-rádio (2016, PT, 90'')
O Dia em Que a Música Morreu (2016, PT, 25'')
Mahala (2015, PT, 37'')
Guitarras ao Alto (2015, PT, 60'')

F. Night Session

Stairway Club (Doc + concert)
21h30 | "Enterrado na Loucura - Punk em Portugal 78-88, II Vaga"
23h30 | Patrulha do Purgatório



10th of March (Lisbon: day - Museu das Comunicações; night | Musicbox)

A. Conferences (Auditorium I)

09h30-11h15 | Terrorism and sexual violence - taking preventive measures at festivals!
M: Diana Palma Duarte (Journalist RTP)
1) Felipe Pathé Duarte
Professor/ Researcher International Relations & Security / Consultant VisionWare
2) Bruno Brito
Manager APAV - Associação Portuguesa Apoio à Vítima
3) António Nunes
President OSCOT - Security Observatory, Organized Crime and Terrorism
4) Ricardo Freitas
Marketing Director Monte Verde Festival
11h30-13h30 | Will the internationalization of communication mean an increase of audience numbers and revenue in the future of festivals?
M: Ricardo Borges de Carvalho (journalist Sic Notícias)
1) Luís Salgueiro
Director Genius Y Meios/ RfmSomnii)
2) Sara Espírito Santo
PR & Com. Manager The Gift/ WhyPortugal
3) Miguel Oliveira
Int. Label Manager Sony Music Portugal
4) João Ataíde
President of the Municipality Figueira da Foz
5) Rita Morgado
Communication director Bons Sons
14h30-16h30 | Legal, loyal or disloyal competition of festivals in Portugal?
M: Sandra Rodrigues dos Santos (Journalist Correio da Manhã)
1) Luís Salgado
Producer Vagos Metal Fest/ Vanilla Events
2) Hélvio Braga
Director Festival Maré de Agosto
3) Miguel Carretas
Managing director Audiogest
4) InêsMagalhães
Director MagaSessions & MagaFest
5) Miguel Alves
President of the Municipality Caminha
17h00-18h45 | Agencies vs. Booking - what to expect in the future!
M: Marcos Pinto (journalist Tvi/Tvi24)
1) Mariana Couto
Booker We Are Music
2) Márcio Laranjeira
Founder Milhões de Festa / Lovers&Lollypops
3) Carlos Silva
Artist Karetus
4) Carla Simões
Management & Booking Director Universal Music Portugal
5) Pedro Valente
Founder Azáfama
19h00-20h00 | Masterclass
Are more networking and partnerships necessary between Iberian promoters?

Enrique Helguera de la Villa
Music critic/ Journalist Radio 3


B. Professional Presentations (Auditorium II)

10h00-11h00 | Ticketea - the new role of ticketing companies: not service providers, but partners. 
By Ismael Garcia (CMO)
11h00-12h00 | Coolture - Web platform, in Market Place format, for the promotion and dissemination of cultural and entertainment events
By João Perdigão and Filipe Magalhães (partners)
12h00-13h00 | Marginal Voluntariado - evolution of volunteering in the next two years?
By Miguel Lopes (director)
14h00-15h00 | Next 360 - the new streaming for events
By Michael Pimenta (COO)
15h00-16h00 | Aporfest - two years. New goals and objectives
By Ricardo Bramão (president)
16h00-17h00 | Ecofestes - Have reusable cups become mandatory for festivals?
by Hugo Moreira (director)
17h00-18h00 | Cordas - World Music Festival (a trip to Portugal's highest mountain)
By Terry Costa (artistic director)
18h00-19h00 | The “state of the art” of music festivals - by new Opinion Makers
M: Luís Talete (Speaker Radio Meo Music)
1) Sofia Teixeira (Owner blog BranMorrighan)
2) Peperan (YouTuber / Designer)
3) Cátia Tomé (Owner blog According to Panda)
4) José Silva (Director Wide Future)
5) Sofia Fernandes (Owner blog Às 9 no meu blog)

C. Scientific Presentations (Meeting Room 2)

09h30-10h30 | The influence of experiential marketing in building brand awareness - case study:  Nos Primavera Sound 
(2016, Tânia Cerqueira, IPAM)
10h45-11h45 | The Importance of Consumer Based Brand Equity of an Event for Destination Branding
(2016, Vítor Roque, UCoimbra)
12h00-13h00 | The experience at Music Festivals 
(2014, Filipa Queirós, UAveiro)

D. Seminars (Meeting Room 1)

11h00-13h00 | First Aid - What to do if something happens to the person next to me while in a concert?
By Márcio Coutinho and Nuno Guerreiro (AFSS)
14h00-16h00 | Media buying - how to find the right place to reach the target audience of an event
By Deolinda Sousa (brand media & digital Manager Vodafone)
17h00-19h00 | How to activate effectively? 360º Perspective: promoter, brand and public
By Manuel Roque (CEO Pitch)

E. Documentaries (Meeting Room 2)

15h00-19h00 |
The Isle of Freedom (2016, PT, 45'') PREMIERE
Benjamim: auto-rádio (2016, PT, 90'')
O Dia em Que a Música Morreu (2016, PT, 25'')
Mahala (2015, PT, 37'')
Guitarras ao Alto (2015, PT, 60'')

F. Night Session

21h30-01h30 | Musicbox (3 concerts)
21h30 | Ditch Days
22h30 | Maze
23h30 | Throes + The Shine (dj set)


16th of March (Barcelona | MACBA – Iberian Festival Awards)
19h30-21h30 | Dinner - Restaurant En Ville
21h30-23h45 | Gala

Jury Panel (3PT + 3ES + 3 INT)

  • Francisco Cabral (Brand Activation Fire Comunicação)

  • Pedro Primo Figueiredo (Journalist Lusa)

  • Fernando Alvim (Radio Host Antena3)

  • Almudena Palacios (Production and communication cultural projects)

  • Katy Lema (Journalist El País)

  • Sergio Figueiras (Digital director Prisa Radios Música)

  • Pedro Nonato (Partner Ultra Brasil / Executive board AFEM - Association for electronic music)

  • Jeske Eekelaar (Sustainability coordinator Green Events)

  • Janis van Lokven (Project manager Buma Rocks!)


  • Pedro Luzindro (PT)

  • Victoria Moyano (ES)


  • Best Major Festival

  • Best Medium-Sized Festival powered by Ron Negrita

  • Best Small Festival powered by Wegow

  • Best Touristic Promotion 

  • Best New Festival

  • Best Line-Up

  • Best Camping Site

  • Best Indoor Festival

  • Best Service Provider powered by Polishows

  • Best Cultural Programme

  • Best Communication 

  • Best Brand Activation

  • Best Use of Technology

  • Best Hosting and Reception

  • Best Media Partner

  • Best Infrastructure

  • Contribution to Sustainability 

  • Best Live Performance (PT/ES)

  • Best Live Performance (International)

  • Excellence Award


See the summary of the 2016 edition (HERE - Talkfest ; HERE - Iberian Festival Awards).




APORFEST - Portuguese Music Festivals Association is the organizing entity, making its associates (professionals / company) have free access to Talkfest (the whole event) and to the gala of the Iberian Festival Awards (16, Barcelona, ​​Macba).

All the updated info: or
Tickets: Official Site, Ticketline and Ticketea
Contacts: | (+351) 217904720




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