Iberian Festival Awards 2020 - and the winners are...

Updated: Oct 19

Tonight, the 5th edition of the Iberian Festival Awards gala took place, which recognized and rewarded the entire music festival industry. We leave below the list of winners and some records of this moment, which this year took place online. Congratulations to the winners but also to everyone who participated in this action and who was able to finally see their result.

1. Best Major Festival powered by Sgae

Winner - Meo Sudoeste (PT)

National Winner - Bilbao BBK Live (ES)

2. Best Medium-Sized Festival

Winner - Bime Live (ES)

National Winner - Bons Sons (PT)

3. Best Small Festival

Winner - Artes à Vila (PT)

National Winner - 17º Ribeira Sacra Festival (ES)

4. Best New Festival powered by Sgae

Winner - Wine & Music Valley

National Winner - Polar Sound Festival (ES)

5. Best Indoor Festival

Winner - Revenge of the 90's (PT)

National Winner - Bime Live (ES)

6. Best Line-Up

Winner - Resurrection Fest (ES)

National Winner - Edp Cooljazz (ES)

7. Best Touristic Promotion

Winner - Festival Jardins Pedralbes (ES)

National Winner - Festival Med (PT)

8. Best Hosting and Reception powered by GatRooms

Winner - Sinsal Estrella Galicia (ES)

National Winner - Bons Sons (PT)

9. Best Infrastructure

Winner - Bilbao BBK Live (ES)

National Winner - Edp Cooljazz (PT)

10. Best Cultural Programme

Winner - FMM Sines (PT)

National Winner - La Mar de Musicas (ES)

11. Best Communication & Marketing Strategy

Winner - Festival Iminente (PT)

National Winner - Dreambeach Festival (ES)

12. Best Service Provider

Winner - Cada Lata Cuenta (ES)

National Winner - brace in® (PT)

13. Best Use of Technology

Winner - Critec Creative Agency / AgitÁgueda (PT)

National Winner - Volkswagen Driving Music (ES)

14. Best Brand Activation powered by Culto da Imagem

Winner - Estrella Galicia (ES)

National Winner - Prio (PT)

15. Best Festivity

Winner - Festas de São João do Porto (PT)

National Winner - Festival do Queixo (ES)

16. Best Academic & Youth Festival

Winner - Festival Académico de Lisboa (Winner)

National Winner - Paellas Live Festival (ES)

17. Best Live Performance (PT/ES)

Winner - Berri Txarrak / Resurrection Fest (ES)

National Winner - Ornatos Violeta / Festival F (PT)

18. Best Live Performance (INT)

Winner - Bryan Ferry / Wine & Music Valley (PT)

National Winner - Andrés Calamaro / PortAmérica (ES)

19. Contribution to Sustainability powered by Copos Reutilizáveis ArtCor

Winner - Sonidos Liquidos (ES)

National Winner - Tradidanças (PT)

20. Best Lusophone and Hispanic Festival

Festival Med (PT)

21. Best Festival Photo

Winner - Daniel Cruz / Resurrection Fest (ES)

National Winner - Midamideta / Vodafone Paredes de Coura (PT) 

22. Best Media Partner

Winner - RFM (PT)

National Winner - Mondo Sonoro (ES)

23. Best Non-Music Festival

Winner - Comic Con Portugal (PT)

National Winner - Eidos Fest (ES)

24. Best Pro Event

Winner - Bime Pro (ES)

National Winner - Exib Musica (PT)

25. Prémio INATEL 


26. Excellence Award

Jordi Lauren (Playplan)

We returned in October 2021 to celebrate the festivals that same year. An event included in the TALKFEST - International Music Festivals Forum and which is organized by APORFEST - Associação Portuguesa Festivais Música and which takes place by the dedication of its staff, partners and associates.

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