Talkfest'16 - Latest news (Programme)

Today we will announce the last news about Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum (5th edition | 3 and 4 march | Lisbon).

Next Talkfest edition will have Portuguese, Spanish and internacional speakers that will participate at the different conferences that will make an approach to the music festivals industry in Portugal and Spain – taxes, licensing vs public funding, sponsorship and profit; Notoriety and gains of a brand present at the music festivals; New systems of ticketing and use of cash at the festivals; The impact of music festivals on tourism; Drugs: how to control and educate the public at the festivals; Architecture vs. scenography at festivals; The role of Online media.

All conferences will have 5 speakers and will be moderated by a journalist that will defy the discussion and interact with the audience and promote share of knowledge. The first names are: Miguel Fernandes (director Lisb/On); Raúl Duro (director Neopop); João Goulão (director SICAD - Intervention Service in additive behaviors and Addiction); Pierre Aderne (musician); Rita Amado (e-commerce manager Ticketline); Roberto Mulassano (architect Live Experiences) and the journalists Paulo Bastos (TVI); Teresa Nicolau (RTP) and Alexandra Ho (Sol).

At the professional presentations, some project will be presented and a specific theme will be the focus of discussion. The first confirmations are: ASAE - Food Safety and Economic Authority (supervisory action), Planet Core (managing a live band), Ponto d'Observação (Emergency Management for music events).

Regarding documentaries, "This is Our Work" is the first confirmation and the documentary depicts one of the most renowned Portuguese Youtubers going to the festival of his dreams, Coachella, including all the preparation, the event and the return back home.

The closing event of Talkfest will be a night with concerts at Musicbox, Lisbon. The first name confirmed is Benjamim that will promote the album.

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