1. How can I apply to take part in Talkfest or Iberian Festival Awards as a speaker, artist or staff?

Please send us an email with your proposal so we can try to insert you or your project in our event and programme (talkfest@talkfest.eu).


2. How can I attend Talkfest or the Iberian Festival Awards?

You can register online on our website and select the ticket you want (See Tickets area). The ticket sale starts each year in September (Early Bird) and ends at the event - Talkfest (full access) and Iberian Festival Awards (gala + open bar).

3. What does my Talkfest ticket include?

If you purchased a Talkfest ticket (full access) we give: certificate of participation + welcome bag + booklet & festival guide + coffee break + networking badge + wristband.

4. Does anyone receives free entry to Talkfest and the Iberian Festival Awards?

APORFEST - Portuguese Music Festivals Association attributes a free entrance to all the associates (students, professional or company/festival - with valid situation) for Talkfest (full access) and Iberian Festival Awards (gala).   

5. I'm a journalist - what are the requirements for press accreditation?

Journalists play an essential role in the analysis and share all the things discussed in the event. Talkfest acknowledges this by offering a press accreditation (write, photo or video) to all the events for national and international professional media, subject to approval. If you're interested to cover the event please email talkfest@talkfest.eu with the following information - name of media; type and registration proof; name of journalists and resume the coverage.

6. Do the venues have disabled access?

Please contact us before the event at talkfest@talkfest.eu if you have any special access needs, to make your time at Talkfest or Iberian Festival Awards as comfortable as possible. People with disabilities may be accompanied by their personal assistant free of charge.

7. How do i know who is coming to Talkfest or Iberian Festival Awards, and how can i arrange, ahead of time, to meet them?

Before the event, Talkfest sends a 'Who's in the Room' code list (name, company and email contact) to all the attendees (with purchased tickets or Aporfest associate - professional or company/festival). At the event there will be a floor for the event, coffee break and meetings.

​8. Is it possible to sponsor, exhibit, activate a project or brand at the Talkfest or Iberian Festival Awards?

It is possible for Talkfest, Iberian Festival Awards and BTL Festivals. For marketing proposals and further information please contact talkfest@talkfest.eu


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