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1. How can I apply to take part in Talkfest, Concerts or Iberian Festival Awards as a speaker, artist or staff?

Please send us an email with your proposal, until September 30th 2023, so we can try to insert you or your project in our event and programme for this edition or the next one (

2. How can I attend Talkfest, Concerts or the Iberian Festival Awards?

Please go to the Tickets page and select the ticket you want. The ticket sale starts each year in October (Early Bird) and ends at the event - Talkfest, Concerts and Iberian Festival Awards. APORFEST Members with valid quota on the event date have free admittance but must indicate their interest in attending beforehand.

3. What does my ticket include?

Please check the information associated to each ticketing option, in the Tickets page.

4. Can I attend the event if I am disabled?

Yes! When purchasing a ticket (both to Talkfest or the Iberian Festival Awards) we provide another to a guest. In order to retrieve this, you must contact the production team at so we can arrange everything.

5. What are the conditions for children and minors to attend the event?

Children (under 12) can attend the event (Main Event) free of charge as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult when they enter, provided the event has seats available. Children under 16 are not allowed to attend the evening events (Iberian Festival Awards and Night Event). The regular price applies to all other ages.

6. What is the Mecenas Ticket? 

When purchasing a Mecenas Ticket for yourself we offer another one to someone who cannot afford one. This ticket will be given to people who are currently unemployed or an entity that has not made any income within five months.

7. Does anyone receive free entry to Talkfest and the Iberian Festival Awards?

APORFEST - Portuguese Music Festivals Association attributes a free entrance to all its members (students, professional or company/festival) for Talkfest, Concerts and Iberian Festival Awards who have a valid quota on the event date. Some partners, sponsors and guest speakers may also receive free entries or discounted tickets.

8. I'm a journalist - what are the requirements for press accreditation?

Journalists play an essential role in the analysis and sharing everything discussed in the event. Talkfest acknowledges this by offering a press accreditation (writing - for online access; photo or video - for presential activities) to Talkfest and/or the Iberian Festival Awards for national and international professional media, subject to approval. If you're interested in covering the event please email us at with the following information - name of the media outlet; type of accrediation; proof of registration; name of journalist(s) to be accredited; and a brief of the expected coverage - up to 15 days before the date of the event.

9. How do I know who is coming to Talkfest or Iberian Festival Awards, and how can i arrange, ahead of time, to meet them?

One-two weeks before the event starts it will be possible to all the attendees (with purchased tickets, Aporfest members or guests) to enter the event's online app and check all the information about the delegates and partners; then you can schedule meetings on site.

10. Is it possible to sponsor, exhibit, activate a project or brand at the Talkfest or Iberian Festival Awards?

Yes it is! For both events. For marketing proposals and further information please reach out to us at

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