Talkfest'17: 14 program news and topics of the conferences

Fresh news, another 14 program features will be added to Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum (6th edition - 9/10 March, Lisbon | March 16, Barcelona) program, as well as some of the themes that will be covered in the main conferences - main section.

In the conferences, each roundtable will be moderated by a journalist: Rui Pedro Reis and Ricardo Borges de Carvalho (SIC), Sandra Rodrigues dos Santos (Correio da Manhã) and Tiago Ribeiro (Antena 3) are the new confirmations for the event. As speakers festival promoters, we confirm: Márcio Laranjeira (founder Milhões de Festa) and Hélvio Braga (director Maré de Agosto). Other speakers confirmed are Bruno Brito (Manager APAV - Portuguese Association for Victim Support), Carlos Silva (artist Karetus) and Fábio Lopes (director Buzz TV / Instagrammer and YouTuber).

One of the objectives behind the selection of these speakers is to not repeat names and to bring new testimonies and experts in each of the topics that will be discussed in 2017. Terrorism and Sexual Violence - taking preventive measures at festivals; Festivals as a tourism vehicle and public streams of the "new" cities; Legal, loyal or disloyal competition of festivals in Portugal? will be the most controversial and current topics but they will serve has lessons for all players in the field of music festivals.

The presentations, divided into two areas also have new confirmations:

> Professional presence of two Iberian projects: Ticketea - the new role of ticketing: not only service providers, but partners by Ismael Garcia (CMO) and Ecofestes - Have reusable cups become mandatory for festivals? By Hugo Moreira (director);

> Scientific with the purpose of giving data from dissertations and academic studies: The influence of experiential marketing in building brand awareness – Nos Primavera Sound case study (2016, Tânia Cerqueira, IPAM)

For the concerts, Throes + The Shine (dj set) are the newest confirmation and for the documentaries, Mahala, which portrays the history of the first Afrobeat band in Portugal, Cacique'97.

Currently 36 program points have been confirmed for different sections of Talkfest, there’s still a lot to be announced, namely international speakers.


Conferences (9 and 10th march)

  1. Moderators

José Carlos Araújo (journalist TVI)

Marcos Pinto (journalist TVI)

Ricardo Borges de Carvalho (journalist Sic Notícias)

Rui Pedro Reis (journalist SIC)

Sandra Rodrigues dos Santos (journalist Correio da Manhã)

Tiago Ribeiro (Radio Host Antena 3)

2. Speakers

André Rebelo (director Brunch Electronik Lisboa)

Bruno Brito (manager APAV - Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima)

Carlos Carmo (coordinator Festival Med)

Carlos Silva (artist Karetus)

Diogo Marques (partner Dot Global / Producer Vilar de Mouros)

Fábio Lopes (director Buzz TV / Instagrammer and YouTuber)

Filipe Pathé Duarte (professor / researcher Int. Relations & Security - consultant Visionware)

Hélvio Braga (director Festival Maré de Agosto)

Inês Magalhães (director MagaSessions & MagaFest);

Luís Salgado (producer Vagos Metal Fest / Amazing Vanilla Events)

Márcio Laranjeira (founder Milhões de Festa / Lovers & Lollypops)

Mariana Couto (booker We Are Music)

Pedro Carvalho (responsible Transform-Arte / Zna Gathering)

Pedro Cluny (sound technician)

Pedro Pires (president Clube Criativos de Portugal / responsible Festival Iminente)

Susana Sequeira (Owner MTSF Partners)

Von di Carlo (music producer / artist)

Professional Presentations (9 and 10th march)

a) Ticketea - the new role of ticketing companies: not providers, but partners. By: Ismael Garcia (CMO)

b) Ecofestes - reusable cups have become mandatory for festivals? By: Hugo Moreira (director)

c) Sofar Sounds Lisbon – new solutions of music supply. By: Inês Pires (City leader) and João Alvarez (City Manager)

d) Go For Music - one flight, discover a festival, enjoy Portugal. By: Ana Luísa Costa (founder)

Scientific Presentations (9 and 10th march)

a) The influence of experiential marketing in building brand awareness – Nos Primavera Sound case study (2016, Tânia Cerqueira, IPAM)

b) Portuguese festival goer profile and social environment in festivals (Aporfest, 4th edition, 2016)

c) From the stage to the public: the protagonists of the communication of music festivals in Portugal and Spain (2016, Marco Silva, UMinho)

d) Affective Connections with Brands - analysis of consumer relationships with summer festivals in Portugal (2015, Filipa Guimarães, UMinho).

Seminars (9 and 10th march)

How activate effectively? 360º Perspective - promoter, brand and public. By Manuel Roque (CEO Pitch)

Documentaries (9 and 10th march)

Benjamim: auto-rádio (2016, PT, 90'')

O Dia em Que a Música Morreu (2016, PT, 25'')

Mahala (2015, PT, 37'')

Concerts (10 march, Musicbox)

Throes + The Shine (dj set)

Ditch Days

The 6th edition of Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum will happen in Lisbon (9 and 10th March) at the Museum of Communications (Museu das Comunicações) and in Barcelona (Macba, 16thMarch). This year Talkfest will have many professional activities such as Conferences (main section); Presentations (Scientific and Professional); Seminars; Job fair and Documentaries. One of the goals for this edition is to create more technical tools for professionals and enhance their networking as well as to create more convenience to visitors. Talkfest is considered an event of cultural interest by the Portuguese Government.

See the aftermovie of 2016 edition HERE.

Vote now for Iberian Festival Awards

Iberian Festival Awards will have a new edition but this time in Barcelona (Spain). The award ceremony will happen on the 16th of March at the MACBA - Museum of Contemporary Art. The gala event (that will have performances and the awards ceremony) will also include a dinner at the restaurant En Ville. See the nominees HERE and vote HERE or in the FestivAll App (valid for only one response per electronic device). See the aftermovie HERE. Iberian Festival Awards are a partnership with the UK & European Festival Awards, promoted by Festival Awards, Ltd.

APORFEST - Portuguese Music Festivals Association is the organizer of both events. Aporfest Associates (professionals/ companies) have free access to Talkfest and the Iberian Festival Awards ceremony. All info: or Tickets: For more information/ marketing proposals: | (+351) 217904720

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