Iberian Festival Awards: jury panel and one more live act announced

The 8th edition of Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum will occur between the cities of Lisboa and Vigo, on March 13 and 22, respectively. At a time when more than 45 speakers and some live acts have already been announced for the professional day we reveal today the jury panel of the Iberian Festival Awards (Portugal, Spain and International) and athe first live act from Spain.

Ended on December 31 the vote process of the categories decided by the public related to to the Iberian Festival Awards nominees. The 15,000 vote barrier was passed and the shortlists (Top10) will be announced shortly in these categories and in the categories decided by jury.

Jury Panel

The jury panel is composed by 9 elements (3 Portuguese, 3 Spanish and 3 of international context) | Alex Stevens (Dour Festival); Pierre-Marie Oullion (Nuits Sonores); Jarmeson de Lima (Coquetel Molotov); Almudena Palacios (Prisma Proyecto); Beatriz de la Guardia (Planet Events & Ruta 66 Mag); Javier Herrero (EFE); Daniela Queirós (Theatro Circo); Ivo Purvis (Partners) and Luís Sousa (Música em DX).

A group of elements from different sectors and multi-professional backgrounds of the culture from different countries which will bring an effective evaluation of the information of the festivals and companies nominees to the competition.

Live Act

The band Disco Las Palmeras! is the first Spanish confirmation for the Iberian Festival Awards gala. Composed by Julian L. Goicoa, Martiño Salgado and Diego Castro the Disco Las Palmeras! is a band from Galicia that promises to provide an amplified and rock-filled performance.

APORFEST - Associação Portuguesa Festivais de Música provides again free access to all its members (all modalities with valid quota in their occurrence) in both events. Be part of it!

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