Talkfest new website and news!

A new site is now available for TALKFEST - International Music Festivals Forum that will have its 5th edition, is occurring in Lisbon next year (3 and 4 March 2016).

Talkfest is the only forum dedicated exclusively to music festivals in Portugal and at the last editions the event had more than 4000 attendees, 161 speakers (14 international), 22 concerts and nearly 70 different sponsors and media partners.

At the new website you can follow the news of the event, location and access conditions and ticketing.

APORFEST- Portuguese Music Festivals Association associates (professionals or companies/ festivals) have guaranteed free entry to the event (with reservation until 15 February).

Talkfest programme will have Conferences, Professional and scientific Presentations, Seminars and Documentaries. The Iberian Festival Awards ceremony will happen on the first night of the event (3 March) at the Main Auditorium of FIL – International Fair of Lisbon and the second night Talkfest will close with concerts at Musicbox (Lisbon).

The Iberian Festival Awards first edition is promoted and regulates by Festival Awards, Ltd, that also promote annually the UK & Conference Festival Awards and the European Festival Awards. All information is available at the oficial website.

The programme will also have a special conference that will occur at BTL – Tourism International Fair.

Soon there will be available the first news about the programme as well as all the Iberian Festival Awards categories and opening of the applications.

FIL (International Fair of Lisbon), BTL – Tourism International Fair, Accion Cultural Española and Festival Awards, Ltd. are the main strategic partners of the event.

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