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The legendary band from Granada formed in 1995, with their first album Mundo Bullanga, laid the foundations of the "Mestizo" movement, fusing styles as diverse as Latin music, rock, ska, funk and African rhythms. A sound that its 7 members: Tony Moreno (Vocals), José Uribe (Drums), Jose Gustavo Ppgu (Bass), Manuel Collados (Guitar), Zeke Olmo (Percussion), Pruden Valdivieso (Trombone) and Jimi García (Trumpet); elaborate to offer unique live performances.

With more than 1,000 performances throughout their career, 7 albums to date and more than 20 years of musical trajectory, ESKORZO has become a reference point for fusion music and is considered the best representative of mestizo rock in Spain.



Marquise is an alt-rock band from Porto made up of Mafalda, Miguel, Matias and Miguel. Formed in 2021, the initiative was born out of the conviviality of four friends who wanted to bring out their musical ideas, crossing various genres such as Indie Rock, Post Punk, Funk and Pop, with both national and international references in these genres.

This results in a strong sound with tearing guitars, grounded bass and beats, and melodies that delicately pierce the energetic instrumentation.



Talking about Robert Morr is talking about the pioneer and maximum exponent of the Urban-House movement in Spain. Thanks to his acclaimed mash-ups and remixes, where he mixes urban music with electronic music, he is able to revolutionize the main dance floors of the country, managing to create an outstanding trend, unique and indispensable for each session.

'Farsante' with more than 2,000,000 views between Spotify and Youtube has become one of his most internationally notable hits, being an indispensable theme in the repertoire of all deejays. His shows, full of energy and exclusive mash-ups, supported by the micro at all times, generate an atmosphere capable of hooking the audience from the first moment of the performance, creating frantic and emotional moments throughout the show that are part of the essence of his performance.

He was the protagonist of the first Urban-House Boiler Session in the world, with which he was able to demonstrate the quality of the live session. In addition to performing at the most important festivals and venues in the country such as Medusa Beach Festival, Dreambeach, Weekend Beach Festival, Animal Sound, Elektrofallas, Colorstribe, Fabrik, Pelicano, Pacha or Industrial Copera, his music has been supported on numerous occasions by artists such as David Guetta, Martin Garrix or Oliver Heldens.



Javi Torres is an international DJ from Seville known for his versatile sessions, combining urban and electronic with great tribal sounds. His set is full of pure energy, much thanks to his "Percussion Live", which makes him number 1 in this type of DJ show.


He has been touring national and international booths and festivals for more than 16 years.

We highlight his tours in Latin America, Turkey, Dubai, Morocco...


He has released his tracks on important labels such as "Happy Techno" (Lexlay), "BlackHole Recordings" (Tiesto), "NoFace Records" (Max Vangelli)...


His productions and remixes with Wade, Jose AM, Víctor Magan, Robert Morr, Óscar Martínez... have had a great impact and a considerable number of reproductions, getting to play at Tomorrowland 2023, with his remix to Finder by Ninetoes.

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