All You Can Swing (PT)

A live musical journey, composed of four elements (Voice - Óscar Romero, bass - Carlos Ribeiro, keyboards - Tó Moreira and drums - Nuno Macara) that transports current themes, the golden years of Swing in fusion with Pop, in a new style, betting on originality and communication with the public, in an elegant repertoire. In the Iberian Festival Awards gala they’ll present the history of the main artists that have passed through the Iberian festivals, like Prince, Sting or Amy Winehouse.


Artix (PT)

Artix, an eighteen year old kid's artistic name, that has been chasing a dream from a young age. With years of drumming experience, about five years ago Duarte (Artix) decided to go on a journey that ended up becoming his dream. To be a DJ/Producer is a life goal and there is nothing that can stop him from chasing it.

Desakato (ES)

The band was formed in the year 2003, by Pablo and Mario after having been through several bands without finding a style that matched the both of them. The inicial band formation began performing in the Escuela Municipal de Música de Lllanera, where they learned how top play together and therefore embarking on a new musical adventure. The band’s first concert took place in the Escuela de Música a mere three months after they began reharsing together. In 2004 they recorded their first album. After their second record they started touring the music festival scene, performing at festivals such as Derrame Rock, Rock in Lougo, Ribeseya Rock, Navia Rock and others. In 2008 they signed a management contract with El Garage Producciones. Since its original formation Desakato have established themselves as one the country’s best rock bands.

Quartoquarto (PT)

Look at the verses. Take the pen. Listen. Drop the pen. Look at the verses. Fill in the blank that asks for ink. Each empty filled by who wants to fill it. Empty that is mine and of who wants to have it too. Words that try to call things the way they should be called. Sons, who give themselves for what they are and not for what they were or can be. Whose quartoquarto is it anyway?


Madrepaz (PT)

Many legends tell the story of Dragonfly, which was once Dragon. Dragon had scales as the wings of Dragonfly, possessed great wisdom and filled the night with light with its fearsome breath. It was the most magical beast and its greatest power was the great art of illusion, or shapeshifting. One day, the wily Coyote convinced Dragon to change shape. By accepting the challenge to prove its power and prowess, the Dragon was trapped in the body of Dragonfly in a place we call reality. Today, with its movement and its colors, the Dragonfly reminds us of a time and a place where magic reigned. Madrepaz is a band from Portugal, inspired by Pop and this magic.


Miguel Araújo (PT)

Miguel Araújo is a Portuguese musician, singer, writer and composer. Born in 1978 in Águas Santas. He is responsible for some of the biggest portuguese hits of the 21st Century; Anda Comigo Ver os Aviões, Os Maridos das Outras, Quem és tu Miúda, Nos Desenhos Animados (Nunca Acaba Mal), Pica do Sete, Dona Laura, Balada Astral, and many others. Besides his solo work and his band Os Azeitonas, with whom he was until the end of 2016 and is a founding member, he has also written for some of the biggest portuguese singers, such as António Zambujo, Ana Moura, Carminho, Raquel Tavares and Ana Bacalhau. He writes a biweekly chronicle for Visão magazine since 2017.


Whales (PT)

Winners of the 2016 edition of Festival Termómetro, Whales are one of the most recent revelations of the new music from Leiria and Portugal, already having a list of concerts in tour in several show halls and performances in festivals like Bons Sons or Clap Your Hands Say F3st!