Talkfest and Iberian Festival Awards: numbers and conclusions

Last week, the 6th edition of Talkfest ended, with three days of activities taking place in Lisbon (Conferences, Professional and Scientific Presentations, Seminars, Documentaries and Concerts) and Barcelona (Iberian Festival Awards).

Iberian Festival Awards had their latest edition in what was the first time of Talkfest outside Portugal. A night to remember, where an sold out auditorium was ready to enjoy the live performances (DAMA, Belako, Holy Bouncer, UDJAT and Bearoid) while the 19 national and Iberian winners were nominated and an excellence award. The night was of celebration, meetings, reunions, hugs and reinforcement of partnerships with the intention of increasing the competitiveness of this area. FMM Sines, Bons Sons, Lisbon Dance Festival, Med Festival, Musa Cascais, Lisb-On and Edpcooljazz were the Portuguese festivals distinguished. Javier Ajenjo (Director Sonorama Ribera) was also selected as the personality of the year for his effort in the implementation and persistence in the sustainability of his project over the last 20 years.

Talkfest was once again the showcase of current themes related to festivals, as well as presentation of projects that serve to optimize processes in this area. Promoters, presidents, mayors, artists, journalists and service providers together inside and outside the various auditoriums / rooms for the acquisition of tools and enhancement of their network of contacts. Lots of news where revealed in first hand, such as the support of Turismo de Portugal to music festivals in a re-branding called "Portuguese Festivals", which serves to continue to attract more foreign audiences to Portuguese festivals. The profile of the festival goer (APORFEST study) indicated an increase in the buying power of the public that attend the festivals in our country. The days were dedicated to the professional audience and the evenings had special sessions with documentaries and concerts.

The 2018 edition of Talkfest is already confirmed for March in Lisbon. The first day will end with the dinner and gala of the Iberian Festival Awards and the second day will be filled by an extensive number of activities in order to discuss and work the future of music festivals in Portugal. Special thanks to the APORFEST associates (they are the main support of the event, belonging to the association more than 80% of the cost of the event), speakers and moderators in the various programming sections, jury members, sponsors and partners, human resources (Aplauso, Polishows and ECL) and, of course, the public that participated in the event and that we hope that acquired skills and information for this year's work. NUMBERS > 905 spectators: Talkfest [day 1 - 295 pax; day 2 - 205 pax; concerts - 155 pax] + Iberian Festival Awards [250 pax – SOLD OUT) > 483 inserts in mass media + online (Portugal and Espanha > month of the event), with a radio program on Radio 3, fully dedicated to the event > 221 Entities present > 8% foreigners Talkfest + 30% portuguese Iberian Festival Awards > 117 Portuguese in Barcelona > 92 speakers (4 international) > 51 sponsors and media partners OPINIONS D.A.M.A (winners in Iberian Festival Awards) " This award is another recognition for our work! We were competing with big names and bands, so this prize tastes even better" (20.03.2017, RTP) Pedro Cluny (speaker) " And so it was my first time at Talkfest, I had fun and met new people!" personal facebook (14.03.17) Luís Talete (moderator) " For history. A unique experience." Personal instagram (11.03.17) Ticketea " Great to participate in Talkfest. A pleasure to share with you our experience " Instagram (10.03.17) Música em DX " Talkfest, the great exchange of ideas" (19.03.17) Dinheiro Vivo "Music owners discussing the festival industry " (12.03.17)

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