The first 16 speakers confirmed to Talkfest'18

The 7th edition of Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum will take place in Lisbon on March 15 and 16, 2018. It is with pleasure that we announce the first 16 speakers for different areas of Talkfest’s professional programming.

The Iberian Festival Awards gala, has already a record of applications, with less than 20 days to complete the registration from festivals, brands and media partners.

The 2nd day of Talkfest'18 will be marked by a professional program with more than 100 speakers for the areas: conferences, presentations (professional and scientific) and seminars, plus other complementary areas: documentaries, afterparty and exhibitions.

Today we present the first speakers for the event that work at national and international level directly in the management of festivals, in the creation of successful artists and in the comfort and information for the audience that goes to this type of events. They will certainly be modern and current witnesses to a new paradigm of this typology of events that will come in the next few years.

1) Conferences


Miguel Franco de Andrade (journalist Sic / Cartaz Cultural)

Pedro Esteves (journalist Observdor)

Catarina Marques Rodrigues (journalist RTP / blogger Chicas Poderosas)

International speaker

Zack Sabban (CEO Festicket)

National speaker

Eurico João (engineering coord. Rock in Rio)

Pedro Machado (president Turismo do Centro)

Paulo Amaral (COO Neopop / The Bpm Festival)

Tiago Martins (director Leiria Dancefloor)

Selma Uamusse (singer)

Catarina Cabral (head of marketing Cabify)

2) Professional presentations (themes and speakers)

A new market for lusophone artists (Karina Barbosa, director Step Music)

Touristic facilitation in festivals - the cloakroom service (Juliana Torres, manager The Biggest Cloakroom)

Internationalization of an artist - synonymous of success (Bruno Horta, founder YouArtist)

3) Scientific presentations (themes and speakers)

Millenials: new consumer behaviors applied to the alcoholic beverage sector in Portugal (Thesis ISCTE-IUL, João Amaral Brito, 2017)

4) Seminars (class and speakers)

360º Communication to the artists (Catarina Matos -Louder Music Branding / Alexandre Cardoso - Klasszik)

We also report that there are less than 20 days to complete the registration for the Iberian Festival Awards, there is already a record of applications, because of the new categories added. The gala that now has other points of interest for a moment that is for all and not only for winners, more impressive, with visibility and networking among all, where the past work is discussed and the future is projected with more Iberian synergies.

APORFEST - Portuguese Music Festivals Association gives free access to all its professional and company / festival associates with a valid quota on the days of the event (Iberian Festival Awards - VIP access, with open bar; Talkfest - access to all activities)

Tickets for Talkfest and Iberian Festival Awards are on sale at the usual places.

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