Director of Roskilde Festival and 12 new speakers announced; Photography Exhibition "The Power

The 7th edition of Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum will be held in Lisbon on March 15-16th 2018, announcing today: 13 speakers for different areas of professional programming, which makes a total of 48 speakers already communicated and an exhibition dedicated to “The Power of Festivals".

The votes for the 3rd edition of the Iberian Festival Awards are already closed in the categories decided by the public with a record number of 15k votes.

The 2nd day of Talkfest'18 will be marked in its entirety by a professional programme with different areas: conferences, presentations (professional and scientific) and seminars, plus other complementary areas: documentaries, afterparty and exhibitions.

This new set of confirmed speakers will bring to discussion different themes - the future of cultural entertainment, brand activation in a festival to obtain notoriety or internationalization of the Portuguese music - in an edition that has already confirmed 6 international speakers.

1) Conferences

International Speakers

Signe Lopdrup (director Roskilde Festival)

Theme: Reasons for the sold out

Momo (artist)

International Moderator

Katy Lema (journalist El País)

National Speakers

Bruno Lopes (Int. Brand Manager Super Bock)

Jimmy P (artist)

Maria Antónia Saldanha (Brand & Com. manager Sibs / Mb Way)

Maria Manuel (producer Party Sleep Repeat)

2) Professional Presentations (theme and speaker)

Media Advisory: Differences between national and international events (Rodrigo Moita de Deus, director NextPower)

3)Scientific Presentations (theme, university and speaker)

A tremor of sounds in São Miguel. Extensive case study about Tremor Festival and its impacts on São Miguel Island (André Belchior Sousa, thesis FLUP, 2017);

Digital distribution and business models in the music industry (Filipe Pinto Leite, thesis UMinho, 2016);

Impact of brand equity and word-of-mouth received on satisfaction and purchase intent: co-branding case study Vodafone FM (Hugo Fernandes, thesis FEUP, 2016);

Reevaluation of the economic impacts of SWR Barroselas Metalfest and it’s relevance in the tourism development of the region (Jorge Coelho, Research Instituto de Estudos Superiores de Fafe, 2017).

4) Seminars (theme and speaker)

The social message that the festival must have and transmit (Elisabete Serra, consultant Sair da Casca)

In the next edition of Talkfest there will be a photography Exhibition dedicated to “The Power of Festivals" - 21 Portuguese festivals, which can be defined only by a moment in a photo. The exhibition seeks to show and value a positive and expressive vision of the history of music festivals in Portugal, based essentially on the year 2017. The photos were taken by its audience and by amateur photographers. The challenge given to the visitors of the exhibition is to analyze each of the 21 displayed photographs that are always accompanied by their history, regardless of whether the festival is larger or smaller, new or already established with several editions, what matters is the energy, the power.

APORFEST - Portuguese Music Festivals Association gives free access to all its professional and company/festival associates that have a valid quota on the days of the event (Iberian Festival Awards - VIP access, with open bar; Talkfest - access to all activities).

Tickets for Talkfest and Iberian Festival Awards are on sale at the usual places.

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