Talkfest'18: Speakers and full programme (conferences, presentations, seminars and documentaries

The 7th edition of Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum will take place in Lisbon on March 15 and 16, 2018, announcing today all its programme (conferences, professional / scientific presentations, seminars and documentaries) as well as the respective moderators and speakers. An edition with more international speakers and programming points simultaneously, having almost always four rooms in permanent operation.

There will also be an exclusive meeting to Iberian promoters and the last conference will be broadcast live on radio Antena 3 through the program “Prova Oral".

The 3rd edition of Iberian Festival Awards already has its first announced finalists, in some categories decided by the public.

There are only 5 weeks left for Talkfest'18 and from here you can check what you want to see and do over the course of a day. The first day is dedicated to Iberian Festival Awards and the second, besides programming, will have networking moments, brand activations and exhibitions, culminating in an afterparty.

15 March

Iberian Festival Awards (Fórum Lisboa)

21h00 Opening

21h30 Award Cerimony

23 categories (iberian and national winners) + 6 live acts

00h00 Afterparty

Open bar + dj set

16 March

CONFERENCES (Auditorium I - Museu das Comunicações)

A. 9h00-10h00 | Management and treatment of audiences - the new needs

Moderator: Pedro Esteves (Journalist Público - PT)

1. Gen. Fernando Governo Maia (Vice-president Cruz Vermelha - PT)

2.Pedro Machado (President Turismo do Centro - PT)

3. Tiago Martins (Director Leiria Dancefloor - PT)

4. Vasco Sacramento (Director Sons em Trânsito - PT)

B.10h00-11h00 | Mobility, Cashless and technologic solutions – how to educate the festival’s audiences? powered by Embly

Moderador: Rui da Rocha Ferreira (Journalist Future Behind - PT)

1. Catarina Cabral (Marketing Cabify - PT)

2. Cláudio Martins (Ass. Producer Monte Verde Festival - PT)

3. Eduardo Alvares (Co-founder Netpdv - BR)

4. José Luís Gaspar (President Mun. Amarante - PT)

5. Vasco Durão (Director Guitarras ao Alto - PT)

C. 11h15-12h15 | 2018: New strategies in Spanish music festivals after a year with incidents

Moderator: Katy Lema (Journalist El País - ES)

1. Joan S Luna (Chief editor Mondo Sonoro - ES)

2. TBA (promoter from Spain)

3. TBA (promoter from Spain)

4. TBA (promoter from Spain)

D. 12h15-13h15 Roskilde - reasons for the sold out

Keynote Speaker | Signe Lopdrup (CEO Roskilde Festival - DK)

E. 14h00-15h00 | Brand Activation: Only to increase the notoriety?

Moderator: Carla Borges Ferreira (Director Meios & Publicidade - PT)

1. Bruno Lopes (Int. Brand Manager Super Bock - PT)

2. Bruno Tristão (Brand activation & events specialist - PT)

3. João Pinho (Director Press Link - PT)

4. Maria Antónia Saldanha (Brand & Com. Director Sibs - PT)

5. Luís D'Eça Pinheiro (CMO Mkt Brisa / Via Verde - PT)

F. 15h00-16h00 | Festivals Production: A simple or complex puzzle?

Moderator: Miguel Franco de Andrade (Journalist Sic / Cartaz Cultural - PT)

1. Daniel Boto (Producer FIMM - Festival Internacional Música Marvão)

2. Eurico João (Engineering Coord. Rock in Rio - PT)

3. Francisco Rebelo de Andrade (Partner Lisb-On)

4. Nuno Sampaio (Director Ghude - PT)

5. Rafael Machado (Director Semibreve - PT)

G. 16h30-17h30 | Ticketing options to the audience: primary vs. secondary market

Moderator: Catarina Marques Rodrigues (Journalist RTP / blogger Chicas Poderosas - PT)

1. Antoine Biehler (Project manager Paylogic - FR)

2. Emília Simões (CEO & Founder Last2Ticket - PT)

3. Paulo Amaral (CFO & COO Neopop / Partner The BPM Festival - PT)

4. Rui Dias (director Weegoto - PT)

5. Zack Sabban (CEO Festicket - UK)

H. 17h30-18h30 | "I sing in Portuguese" - What contributes to (for) its success?

Moderator: Mariana Oliveira (journalist Antena 3 - PT)

1. Frederico Martinho (guitar player HMB - PT)

2. Jimmy P (Artist - PT)

3. Joaquim Fonseca (Director Glam / agente artistas - PT)

4. Jorge Alexandre Dias (Director Rodellus - PT)

5. Tiago Pereira (Founder A Música Portuguesa a Gostar dela Própria - PT)

I. 18h30-19h30 | What's the future of cultural entertainment? Unique and exclusive live acts are a solution or a problem?

Moderator: Ana Moreira (host M80 / BTV - PT)

1. André Henriques (guitar player Linda Martini - PT)

2. João Modas (director Black Bass - Évora Fest / Pointlist - PT)

3. Maria Manuel (producer Party Sleep Repeat - PT)

4. Momo (artist - BR)

5. Selma Uamusse (artist- PT)

PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATIONS (Auditorium II - Museu das Comunicações)

A. 10h00-10h30 | Media Advisory: Differences between national and international events

Rodrigo Moita de Deus (Director NextPower - PT)

B. 10h30-11h00 | Work Accidents at festivals - current legislation and its prevention

Paula Lopes Vieira (ACT - Autoridade para as condições de trabalho - PT)

C. 11h00-11h30 | The Role of Business Intelligence in music Festivals - How to lower costs and increase ticket sales

Daniel Cordeiro (Founder Harmony - CA)

D. 11h30-12h00 | Event technology that turns festival fans into an effective sales channel - learn how Reading & Leeds sold 30,000 tickets through its biggest fans

George Follett (Head of Portuguese Sales Verve - UK)

D. 12h00-12h30 | Look from the outside: Alentejo as a destination of art and nature

José António Falcão (Director Festival Terras sem Sombra); Carlos Cupeto (Journalist and professor Univ. Évora)

E. 12h30-13h00 | Demystifying Intellectual Property at the service of the music festivals stakeholders

Lígia Setúbal / Catarina Mascarenhas (Laywers Vieira de Almeida & Associados - PT)

G.14h00-14h30 | Touristic facilitation in festivals - the cloakroom service

Juliana Torres (Manager The Biggest Cloakroom - BR)

H. 14h30-15h00 | Ciclo Mundos – How to make World Music a trend

Francisco Madelino (President Fundação Inatel); Carlos Seixas (Director criativo)

D. 15h00-15h30 | Internationalization of an artist - synonymous of success?

Bruno Horta (Founder YouArtist - PT)

E. 15h30-16h00 | Transport solutions available to the festival-goers

Mário Azevedo (Founder Strike Tours - PT)

F. 16h30-17h00 | Glamping - camping 2.0 for events

Joana Reis (Project manager Kartent - PT)

G. 17h00-17h30 | A new market for lusophone artists

Karina Barbosa (CEO Step Música - AO)

H. 17h30-18h00 | The remembrance for the next edition of your festival

Marco Lampreia (Director Photoflyer Portugal - PT)

I. 18h00-18h30 | Private security at festivals: what to do?

Nuno Moreira (Auditor Segurança Interna / Security Consultant Aporfest - PT)

J.18h30-19h00 | The Food Court At Festival - Is there room for innovation?

Luís Rato (President Ass. Street Food Portugal - PT)

APRESENTAÇÕES CIENTÍFICAS (Meeting room 2 - Museu das Comunicações)

A. 9h45-10h15 | Sound Design in a transmedia storytelling project

Thesis FEUP, André Peixoto, 2017

B. 10h15-10h45 | Millenials: new consumer behaviors applied to the alcoholic beverage sector in Portugal

Thesis ISCTE-IUL, João Amaral Brito, 2017

C. 10h45-11h15 | Portuguese Music Festivals (annual report 2017) | typology, conclusions and festival-goers opinion

Ricardo Bramão (president Aporfest)

D. 12h00-12h30 | Impact of brand equity and word-of-mouth received on satisfaction and purchase intent: co-branding case study Vodafone FM

Thesis FEUC, Hugo Fernandes, 2016

E. 12h30-13h00 | The Positioning of the brand in the consumers perspective: Rock in Rio Lisboa case study

Thesis ISCTE-IUL, Gabriel Cruz, 2017

F. 14h15-14h45 | A tremor of sounds in São Miguel. Extensive case study about Tremor Festival and its impacts on São Miguel Island

Thesis FLUP, André Belchior Sousa, 2017

G. 14h45-15h15 | Digital distribution and business models in the music industry

Thesis UMinho, Filipe Pinto Leite, 2016

H. 15h15-15h45 | Reevaluation of the economic impacts of SWR Barroselas Metalfest and it’s relevance in the tourism development of the region

Research, Instituto de Estudos Superiores de Fafe, Jorge Coelho, 2017

SEMINÁRIOS (Meeting room 1 - Museu das Comunicações)

A. 9h30-11h30 | Art and creation - because the music is not enough to go to a festival

Miguel Mesquita (Artistic director artístico Galeria Baginski)

B.11h30-13h30 | 360º Communication to the artists

Catarina Matos (Louder Music Branding); Alexandre Cardoso (Klasszik)

C. 14h30-16h30 | The social message that the festival must have and transmit

Elisabete Serra (Consultant Sair da Casca)


D. 17h00-18h30 | Iberian Promoters [Encontro Exclusivo G30]

Cooperation standards in two years

E. 19h00-20h00 | Prova Oral (live conference) moderated by Fernando Alvim

Festivals: where are we going?


Exhibition"O Poder dos festivais"

Job Fair

DOCUMENTARIES (Meeting room 2 - Museu das Comunicações)

16h00-17h20 | Fantasma Lusitano (2016, 56'', PT)

Q&A with David Francisco (director)

17h20-18h20 | Metal - Vagos Metal Fest e Santa Maria Summer Fest (2017, 30'', PT)

Q&A with Guilherme Henriques (director) and Carlos Vieira Pinto (journalist Arte-Factos)

18h20-20h00 | The Parkinsons: A Long Way to Nowhere (2016, 98'', UK)

AFTERPARTY (Topo Chiado)


APORFEST - Portuguese Music Festivals Association gives free access to all of its professional and company/festival associates that have a valid quota during the days of the event (Iberian Festival Awards - VIP access, with open bar; Talkfest - access to all activities).

Tickets for Talkfest and Iberian Festival Awards are on sale at the usual places.

All the information, confirmations and live counter available in:


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