10 days remaining for the closing of the Iberian Festival Awards applications

The 4th edition of the Iberian Festival Awards, part of Talkfest - International Music Festival Forum, will take place on March 13rd in Vigo, which is the third city that receives the gala of these festivals industry awards.

Teatro Afundación will be the place that receives the gala composed by: 22 categories + 1 excellence award interspersed by six live acts. The event is more than the recognition of Iberians and national winners, finalists and non-winners. This moment (beyond the gala) will have a space with open bar for all the presents and a afterparty to come out the best synergies for the festivals.

1. Who can apply?

Depending on the category can apply for winners: Iberian music festivals, festivals of other artistic disciplines, festivals, artists, service providers and brands present at festivals and even media partners with intervention on the area time in 2018. Each category (besides the Excellence Award and Best Lusophone and Hispanic Festival) will have an Iberian and a national winner.

2. Which categories are in competition, who wins and who decides the winners?

  • Best Major Festival (PT / ES festivals)

  • Best Medium-Sized Festival (festivals PT / ES | public)

  • Best Small Festival (festivals PT / ES | public)

  • Best Touristic Promotion (festivals PT / ES | public)

  • Best New Festival (festivals PT / ES | public)

  • Best Line-up (festivals PT / ES | public)

  • Best Indoor Festival (festivals PT / ES | public )

  • Best Cultural Program (festivals PT / ES | jury)

  • Best Communication (festivals PT / ES | jury)

  • Best Hosting and Reception (festivals PT / ES | jury)

  • Best Infrastructure (festivals PT / ES | jury)

  • Contribution to Sustainability (festivals PT / ES | jury)

  • Best Lusophone and Hispanic Festival (lusophone and hispanic festivals | public)

  • Best Academic Festival (academic festivals PT / ES | public)

  • Best Non Music Festival (artistic festivals PT / ES | public)

  • Best Festivity (festivities PT / ES | public)

  • Best Service Provider (PT / ES | jury)

  • Best Brand Activation (brands PT / ES | jury)

  • Best Use of Technology (brands PT / ES | jury)

  • Best Media Partner (media partners PT / ES | public)

  • Best Live Performance (PT / ES) (artists PT / ES | public)

  • Best Live Performance (Int.) (artists Int. / public)

  • Excellence Award (jury nomination and Aporfest)

The description of these categories and previous winners can be seen on the official event website.

3. Deadlines?

Applications can be made on the official website (Iberian Festival Awards menu) until November 23rd at 23:59 (Continental Portugal time). See the specific regulation and form.


With the approach of the gala are being given news and if two live acts (Joana Espadinha and Filipe Sambado) have already been announced, we indicate now the official hosts of the gala: Pedro Luzindro (actor and stand-up comedian) who has been with us since the 1st edition and is already a true "master of ceremonies" . Luzindro will be co-helped by Ana Cristina Câmara (actress and director) who through here experience of working in Spanish context. Both will form a double with the purpose of generating good mood and true entertainment.

APORFEST - Portuguese Music Festivals Association provides again free access to all its members (all modalities with valid quota in its occurrence). Be part of it and make the the difference with your stakeholders!

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