Talkfest'19: Elaboration of the Portugal Festivals Guide

The 8th edition of Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum will take place between the cities of Vigo and Lisbon, on March 13 and 22, 2019 respectively. At a time when more than 40 speakers and some live acts have been announced, we announce today a new way of publicizing the Portuguese festivals by having those present at the event and others where APORFEST - Associação Portuguesa Festivais de Música will be present in 2019.

APORFEST - Associação Portuguesa Festivais de Música will announce and publish a physical registration "Portugal Festivals Guide" (in booklet format), of the music festivals to be held in Portugal in the calendar year 2019, complementing the annual information already available to the members (membership area - online). This document will serve to promote the internationalization of the same and make them reach more public, namely professionals, government entities, press and public abroad.

The following actions are confirmed: • 500 units - Portuguese and Spanish press (direct mail to journalists - last 15 days of February) • 500 units - Afial Iberico (6-7 March, Lisbon) in the brand activations court • 700 units - Iberian Festival Awards (March 13, Vigo) in the brand activations court​ • 700 units - Talkfest (22 March, Lisbon) on welcome bags of the attendees • 600 units - Bime Pro (30 October - 1 November, Bilbao) in the activation area

New events can be added to promote this guide (and impressions too). If you want to be represented in this document you only have to fill in the items HERE.

• Free for members (with valid quota) • 150 € (with offer of access Talkfest'19 or Iberian Festival Awards)

Known the nominees of the Iberian Festival Awards, the voting process of the categories decided by the public is running until December 31. So far 9000 votes have already been exceeded. Participate - HERE.

APORFEST - Portuguese Music Festivals Association provides again free access to all its members (all modalities, with valid quota in their occurrence) in both events. If you aren't associated the tickets have the 2nd phase full access available only until December 31st. Be part of it!

All the confirmed speakers, programme, partners and information available at:


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