Bilbao BBK Live as Keynote Speaker; First Workshops Speakers and new Confirmations for the Programme

Updated: Sep 8

The 9th edition of Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum, which includes the Iberian Festival Awards gala was postponed due to the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and will be held between the 16th and 17th of October, mostly online. Today, we present the firsts Speakers and the Themes of the WORKSHOPS section; the new Speakers for the PITCHSTAGE and CONFERENCES section - from different countries/areas of the Culture and Festivals sector.

The WORKSHOPS section consists of several sessions, with a practical, interactive, current and diversified component, always connected to the area of the cultural or musical industry and its formation. It has a panel of speakers linked to the business and scientific environment, which will certainly contribute to the debate of issues in vogue in our society.


  • Think, plan, prepare and run sustainable events.

  • How to create a roaster of artists that works collectively?

  • Cultural and Creative Industries - Internationalization Support.


  • 🇵🇹 João Meneses (General Secretary | BCSD Portugal)

  • 🇵🇹 Afonso Ferreira (Co-Owner | Bridgetown)

  • 🇵🇹 Bernardo Miranda (Co-Owner | Bridgetown)

  • 🇵🇹 Cristina Góis Amorim (Expert | AICEP Portugal Global)


  • New legal framework for the use of music in public spaces.

  • Adaptation to the new reality and requirements, in times of pandemic, for concert halls.


  • 🇵🇹 Sílvia Sá (Executive Director | PassMúsica)

  • 🇵🇹 Mónica Guerreiro (President | Coliseu Porto Ageas)


  • Last Tour (e.g Bilbao Bbk Live, Bime, Azkena Rock Festival): The Great Reconstruction – how festivals will turn around in today's world.


  • 🇪🇸 Álvaro Díez (General Secretary | Instituto Autor - SGAE)

  • 🇪🇸 Gaby Salaverry (Marketing Director | Last Tour)

  • 🇵🇹 Rui Galveias (Musician / Leader | Cena-Ste)

The artistic community, and not only, has adapted to this new reality and is waiting for this meeting of professionals in a new format.

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