Summary of 2020 edition of Talkfest and Iberian Festival Awards

After several versions and schedules, the 2020 edition of the Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum and the Iberian Festival Awards gala took place on the 16th and 17th of October, in a 100% online version! This new format was attended by almost 100 programming points between conferences, presentations, workshops, concerts, or documentaries. A version where the connection between professionals and service providers from the various areas of the cultural sector in Portugal, Spain and Portuguese-speaking countries has been expanded. Today we announce some numbers and figures for this edition!

Some numbers:

  • Participants on the platform: 846

  • Questions for the speakers: 140

  • Chat interactions: 190

  • Visits to Virtual Stands: 1748

  • Number of clicks on links within the platform: 624

  • Speakers: 85

  • Concerts and Live Acts: 12

  • Prizes: 48 + 1 (Inatel Prize)

  • Documentaries: 6

  • Shares and mentions on social media: 214

  • Hours of sleep lost: we were unable to count

An edition, with a new normal, marked by interactions on social media, through sharing images of the various participants watching the event from their homes:


The main section of Talkfest had 9 conferences and 42 speakers were present. This year's themes emphasized the role of the festivals and the role they play in society. And how the professionals in the field had to find new sources of revenue, reinvent means and resources, through new technological ideas to be able to continue their professional activities.

A cross-cutting theme all Talkfest sections was the pandemic situation and how this was reflected in the difficulties and lack of support in this sector. These will be available soon in the official YouTube channel.

“Festivals are the new media" David Jordan

“It is important that the cultural sector become organized in the future” Jorge Sobrado

PITCHSTAGE Promotion for equality at festivals; new legislation for the reproduction of music in public spaces; reusable cups; 5G challenges at mass events were just some of the topics presented by specialists and entities responsible for this themes. “It is for us a unique opportunity, this event, to be able to show our project” Cristiana Pires


Blockchain Technology; Sponsorships; Rural events; Festival case-studies are some themes from theses, scientific studies that offered specific data for analysis.

"Thanks for the invitation, it was a pleasure, I liked the event and I hope everyone liked, congratulations!" Vânia Sousa


Plan sustainable events; Influencers and bloggers - a new type of communication at the disposal of the events were some of the themes in this edition. Where the participants had practical presentations.

"Thank you for this day and sharing knowledge" Eliana Berto


Zé Pedro Rock´n´Roll, Pop Dell’Arte, Blasted Mechanism, First Breath After Coma and Escola do Rock were are the protagonists of the documentaries present in this section. Where the participants had the opportunity to watch incredible documentaries in the musical area throughout the late afternoon and early evening.

CONCERTS The audience watched six performances by various bands and artists from Portugal and Spain, Chico Malo, Goldcobra, Hause Plants, Mary N, Museless and Urfabrique. Having been a remarkable moment of the night, a celebration of the music industry that unfolded a live acts for the gala too.

IBERIAN FESTIVAL AWARDS In this very special edition, more categories to reward and more live performances were added, presented by the masters of ceremonies - Ana Cristina Câmara and Pedro Luzindro. A moment of exclusive union between promoters, artists, brands, photographers, service providers and Iberian media. A gala marked by the spirit of gratification between festivals, which were throughout the Gala congratulating colleagues in the chat on the Talkfest platform.

"Good event, great way to get around current limitations :)" Luís Duarte "Congratulations to everyone involved in organizing the event and a special greeting to all who work on festivals in the Iberian peninsula." Rui Pedro Pimenta

This event could not exist without the support of all stakeholders, from the internal team to the technical team (namely those who allowed bands to be comfortable and those who triggered streaming and video without delay), partners, speakers, Aporfest members, public present and hosts. An edition in a totally different format, but where there was no lack of harmony and a positive spirit that always marked this event and that leaves everyone's desire to be together to celebrate and discuss the festival area very soon.

We will be return in October 2021, for the 10th edition of this unique event at the Iberian level. Thank you!

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