Talkfest’2020 - starts on Friday. Full programme and latest news!

The 9th edition of the Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum will take place between 16 and 17 October, which includes the gala of the Iberian Festival Awards. An edition previously scheduled for March and nowadays will be held now in a online format, but with new opportunities for connecting professionals in the area of ​​events and culture in Portugal, Spain and Portuguese-speaking countries.

A platform his available to the public, guests and partners since last week, where they can already carry out their networking, take advantage of offers from partners, visit the Virtual Stands and make the event's agenda for the event days, since there will almost always be 4 streams in simultaneous of the various programming areas: conferences, professional and scientific presentations, workshops, documentaries, concerts and the gala.

This is a solidary and special edition to support the professionals and companies in the sector, focusing on music festivals where individual and collective patrons in the purchase of tickets donate another to those who are unemployed or cannot be present due to the lack of funds in the last 6 -7 months and there is a Support line - 760450200 that will go to União Audiovisual, Audiogest and Fundo Social Aporfest in a tripartite way.

We leave the complete program (composed of almost 100 speakers from Portugal, Spain and Brazil) below and the desire to count with everyone in this action that we want to be of work and preparation of 2021:

🔜 October 16


Ricardo Bramão (Director | Talkfest / Aporfest)


9h15-10h15 | Employability in the cultural sector. Human resources protection?

Moderator: Ana Batalha (Journalist | Jornal de Negócios)

1.Diogo Braz (Artistic Director | Festival Carviçais)

2.DJ Patife (DJ / Producer)

3.Francisco Madelino (President | Fundação Inatel / Ciclo Mundos)

4.Rui Galveias (Musician / Leader | Cena-Ste)

5.Tiago Cortez (Executive Director | Cofina Eventos)

10h25-11h25 | Media, Audiences and Copyright - new solutions for music and artists. Are live events the only resource?

​Moderator: Daniel Fontoura (Host | RFM)

1.Álvaro Díez (Deputy General Secretary | Instituto Autor - SGAE)

2.Alicia Toboso (New Business / Development Director | PRISA Radio)

3.António Severino (Vice-President | Gavião Municipality / Beat Fest)

4.Eduardo Cintra Torres (Opinion Maker / Teacher | Correio da Manhã / UCP)

5.Francisco Rebelo (Guitar player / Music producer | Orelha Negra)

6.Manuel Osório (Director | Wine & Music Valley)

11h35-12h35  | Brands: what value a brand adds with its association with a music festival or artist? Differences in before and after 2020

​​Moderator: Ana Martins (Journalist | Rádio Comercial)

1.Carlos Pedro Pereira (Head of Brand & Sponsorships | Galp)

2.Dj Ride (Dj / Producer)

3.Gil Correia (Creative Director & Head of Digital | MSTF Partners)

4.Nathalie Costa (Clipping / Social Media & Audiencies Director | Media Monitor)

5.Paulo Pulido Valente (Director / Booking Agent | Praça das Flores)

12h45-13h45 | Create a global concept and public loyalty. Before and after 2020 

​Keynote Speaker: David Jordan (CRO | elrow)

14h00-15h00  | New festival formats - create other business models, local and public. (Re) inventing only in times of crisis?          

Moderator: Inês Henriques (Radio Host | Vodafone FM)

1.Francisco Ribeiro (Director | Storm Productions) 

2.Gonçalo Miranda (Artistic Director | Dreambeach Festival / DJ) 

3.Luís Soares (International Marketing Manager | Rock in Rio) 

4.Luis Sousa (Marketing Director | Festicket)

5.Paulo Silver (CEO | Newsheet / Revenge of the 90's)

15h10-16h10 | How to create and monetize new sources of revenue for events and thereby increase engagement with the audience? 

Moderator: Maria Sá e Melo (Host |  RTP / Antena 1)

1.Gonçalo Camacho (CEO / Co-Founder | Summer Opening) 

2.Damián Leyva Cortés (Int. BizDev Lead | Beamian)

3.Rui Morais (Director Cistermúsica | Academia Música de Alcobaça)

4.Tiago Fonseca (Head of Sales & BizDev | See Tickets) 

5.Victoria Fenoll (Assistant Tour Manager | Andrea Bocelli) 

6.Vítor Batista (Director | Atmosensation / Festival do Atlântico)

16h20-17h20 | Last Tour (e.g Bilbao Bbk Live, Bime, Azkena Rock Festival): The Great Reconstruction – how festivals will turn around in today's world 

​Keynote Speaker: Gaby Salaverry (Marketing Director | Last Tour)

17h30-18h30  | Is it possible to decrease or eliminate risk with (re)program and (re)booking for events and festivals?

Moderator: Catarina Canelas (Journalist | TVI / TVI24)

1.Ana Miranda (Founder | Arte Institute)

2.Anjos (Artists)

3.Jorge Sobrado (Director | Viseu Marca / Feira de São Mateus)

4.Luís Represas (Artist)

5.Luís Salgado (Founder | Amazing Events / Vagos Metal Fest)

18h45-19h45 | Coronavirus at festivals: The headliner of 2020. What future holds for this sector?

Keynote Speaker: Ricardo Mexia (Epidemiologist | Instituto Nacional de Saúde Doutor Ricardo Jorge)


10h00-10h30  | Sexism Free Night EU - Project to promote equality with application in festivals

  • Kosmicare – Cristiana Pires

10h40-11h10 | Psychological Techniques for Artists, Djs and Music Producers

  • M. I. Therapy – Rosana Corbacho 

11h10-11h40 | Reusable cups: a problem or a solution for the future of festivals?

  • Copos Reutilizáveis by ArtCor Light – Ricardo Costa / Gustavo Couto

11h50-12h10 | Secondary ticketing market - desmystifying earnings for the promoter and the consumer

  • Reticket – Daniel Peron, CEO

12h20-12h50 | Why independent portuguese artists should be in Brazilian musical market?

  • Loop Reclame – Edu Santos

13h00-13h30 | Diversity and social inclusion in the music industry case -study

  • Music For All / Cooltural Fest – Diego Ferrón / Pablo Galindo

13h40-14h10 | New legal framework for the use of music in public spaces  

  • ​PassMúsica – Sílvia Sá

14h20-14h50  | The efficient use (and added value) of radio communications in the production of major events

  • AlertaMais – Eric Santos

15h00-15h30  | 5G challenges in telecommunications and that will be available to the public and mass events

  • Anacom – José Pedro Borrego

15h40-16h10 | How mobility can be useful in the "New Normal" 

  • 2East – João Fernandes

16h20-16h50  | Moving Out 2020's Weight: how to improve the costumer XP with technology and innovation

  • MOW - Tiago Ferreira

17h00-17h30 | Adaptation to the new reality and requirements, in times of pandemic, for concert halls

  • Coliseu Porto AGEAS – Mónica Guerreiro

17h40-18h10 | “Beba com Cabeça” – the app that will help the attendees of events and festivals

  • Associação Nacional de Empresas de Bebidas Espirituosas (ANEBE) – João Vargas, Bruno Silva and Bruno Costa

18h20-18h50 | Monitoring drug use in Europe - how music festivals fit in the picture

  • European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) – João Matias

19h00-19h30 | Uniting the cultural sector and all its entities

  • Convergência pela Cultura - Alexandre Morais 


09h30-10h00 | Blockchain Technology: Opportunities for Media and Creative Industries

  • UPorto, Vânia Sousa, Paper, 2018

10h10-10h50 | Artistic practices in rural context - culture for the development of rural territories

  • ESAD.CR, Rute Sousa, Thesis, 2019

11h00-11h30 | “Maratona dos Festivais de Verão” - Measurement of: Clipping, audience and favorability analysis

  • Cision, Uriel Oliveira, Project, 2020

11h40-12h20 | Exploring drivers of consumer well-being in music festivals: a relationship marketing approach

  • ISCTE-IUL, Sara Duarte, Thesis, 2019

12h20-12h50 | The impact of perceives quality on customer satisfaction at music festivals

  • ISEG, Joana Gonçalves, Thesis, 2019

13h00-13h30 | Sponsorship in the consumer engagement and attitudes: Somersby Out Jazz case - study

  • ESCS-IPL, Margarida Rangel, Thesis, 2018

13h40-14h10 | The contribution of music festivals to nation-brand promotion

  • ESCS-IPL, Francisca Castro Lousada, Thesis, 2018

WORKSHOPS (room 4)

9h45-11h15 | Think, plan, prepare and run sustainable events

[BCSD Portugal – João Meneses]

11h30-13h00 | The evolution of an agency for a record label

[Milk Music - Filipe Teixeira]

14h00-15h30 | Influencers and bloggers - new types of communication at the disposal of events

[Keep it real – Francisca Costa Gomes)

15h45-16h45 | Cultural and Creative Industries - Internationalization Support

[Aicep Portugal Global – Cristina Góis Amorim]

17h00-18h00 | Portuguese Music Festivals Annual Report (Festival-goer Profile, Economic Impact, Preferences Analysis and X - Ray)

[Aporfest, Ricardo Bramão, 2020]


Escola do Rock – Paredes de Coura (51’ – PT, 2018) 14h50-15h45

Pop Dell’Arte – Ainda tenho um sonho ou dois (55’ – PT, 2018) 15h55-16h45

Blasted Mechanism – New Milita (51’ – PT, 2018) 16h50-17h45

First Breath After Coma – NU (39’ – PT, 2019) 17h55- 18h35

Wheels of Madness – Sziget Festival (29’ – EN, 2019) 18h45-19h15

Zé Pedro Rock´n´Roll (110´– PT, 2019) 19h25-21h15

CONCERTS (room 6)

Chico Malo (ES) | 21h00-21h45

Goldcobra (PT) 21h50 - 22h35

House Plants (PT) 22h40 - 23h25 

Mary N (PT) 23h30 - 00h15

Museless (ES) 00h20 - 01h05

Urfabrique (ES) 01h10 - 01h55

🔜 October 17

21h30-00h00 | Iberian Festival Awards

  • Awards and Live Acts

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