Ana Goméz de Castro (Conferences/Keynote Speaker)

With a PhD in Advertising and Public Relations and a degree in Audiovisual Communication, Ana works as a Product Manager in the Marketing Department of Live Nation Madrid and is in charge of communication and marketing for tours of Fito&Fitipaldis, Malú, Metallica, Arcade Fire, among many others. Ana has worked in the organization and communication of major cultural events such as Goya Awards, José María Forqué Awards or the EMAS, and music festivals such as Download, Dcode or ASummerStory. Her professional career also includes teaching. Ana currently co-directs the Live Music Master - Live Nation at the Complutense University of Madrid and teaches at different universities such as Nebrija, Rey Juan Carlos, UCM, among others, and has participated in numerous international and national congresses. She also co-directs the platform shesaid.so in Spain, which promotes the visibility of women in the music industry.

Catarina Molder (Conferences/Speaker)

Born in Lisbon, Catarina has a degree in singing from ESML and a post-graduate degree in singing from the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg, with a scholarship from the German government and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Her voice moves with a repertoire ranging from Verdi and Puccini to cabaret and contemporary music. Catarina has performed in the main Portuguese theatres, festivals and orchestras and has participated in and created cross-disciplinary projects. Catarina has created her own project, the Ópera do Castelo, where she launches and performs innovative formats for all audiences, including audiovisual, creating numerous shows with disciplinary crossovers, site-specific opera projects, investing in shows for younger audiences, in Portuguese opera and in Portuguese, commissioning new compositions of major repertoire operas, launching opera festivals in an urban outdoor context, close to the audience. Creator of Operafest Lisbon in 2020 and 2021.

Claudia Pilar Obando (Conferences/Keynote Speaker)

Claudia studied in Paris, specializing in Management and Communication of Cultural Enterprises. Claudia is a developer of musical projects at an international level, not only of artists, which she has promoted through the circulation and positioning in different territories, but also of organizations, generating alliances and business between the American continent and Europe, as well as between different structures and institutions. Claudia has worked in the production and artistic direction of festivals, as well as in the development of the catalogue of French agencies and record labels. In 2013, Claudia founded her music services agency “Somos Fuego”, which currently manages an eclectic and qualitative catalogue of artists from Europe, Canada and South America, as well as consulting and mentoring. Currently Claudia is also the director of the internationalisation and professionalisation area of MUSAP, Chile, Ambassador of KEYCHANGE, in Latin America, official delegate in Chile of the BIME PRO Festival in Bilbao, Spain and the Communications Coordinator of Conception as Creative City of Unesco.

Dj Kamala (Conferences/Speaker)  

Passionate about vinyl, Dj Kamala has been to the best clubs and festivals in Portugal and abroad. He got involved with artists from the most diverse quadrants of Portuguese music, in their shows and in their curatorships, giving body to what he has always been passionate about: urban music. Dj Kamala graduated in Communication Sciences, but his priority has always been music. Invited to curate festivals and reference events such as NOS Alive or Rock in Rio Lisboa, which reveal him to collaborate with the most varied icons of national music such as Carminho or Dillaz, HMB or Agir, Virgul, Blaya, Richie Campbell, Mishlawi, Sam The Kid, Boss Ac, Regula, Dino D'Santiago among many others. In 2018, to celebrate his two decades of career, Kamala became the first DJ to sell out the Coliseu dos Recreios. With an entrepreneurial spirit, DJ Kamala also became an entrepreneur, being in charge of clubs such as Radio Hotel, Bosq, Rive Rouge, the mythical Hip-Hop Sweet parties, 360 or Party At Home. In 2021, Kamala throws himself into the biggest challenge of his career: presenting himself as an author, the artist and a musical producer.

Filipe Sambado (Conferences/Speaker)

Filipe Sambado inaugurated his musical path in 2012 with the release of the EP "Isto Não É Coisa Pra Voltar a Acontecer". Then "1,2,3,4" and "Ups... Fiz Isto Outra Vez", which paved the way for "Vida Salgada", their first full-length released in 2016. This was followed by "Filipe Sambado & Os Acompanhantes de Luxo" released in April 2018 on the NorteSul/Valentim de Carvalho label. Acclaimed by specialized critics and the public, it was considered the best national album of the year by Antena 3, Radar, Vodafone FM, among other publications, and nominated for the SPA Awards 2019 in the category of Music - Best Popular Music Work. In the first quarter of 2020 Filipe Sambado participated in the Festival da Canção, performing the original theme "Gerbera Amarela do Sul" which consecrated him winner of the Jury vote and earned him 3rd place on the podium of the final. This song is part of his latest album "Revezo", his second for NorteSul/Valentim de Carvalho and third work under the agency and promoter Maternidade.


Gary Smith (Conferences/Keynote Speaker)                     

Gary worked as a curator, moderator and programmer for the Amsterdam Dance Event since its inception in 1996, and is now the Daytime Program Coordinator, overseeing the B2B aspects of the event's daytime offer. He also works as International Programmer for the Brazil Music Conference, overseeing the panel program and the presence of international panelists. Alongside that, Gary works as a copywriter for ADE and Eurosonic, and is a specialist in both the business, technological and creative aspects of the entertainment industry. For the last 25 years he has moderated and participated in panels covering a wide range of topics including good business practice across every aspect of the industry including the role of technology in the music industry, and advanced marketing techniques around artists. Specialist subjects include smart technology, tactical social networking, advertising, online media, sport and business strategy."


Gil Ferreira (Pitchstage/Speaker)

Gil Ferreira has graduated in Music in the variant of Guitar (Performance), mastered Music Teaching by the University of Aveiro and enjoyed the Intensive Management Programme by the Católica Porto Business School. Gil is connected to cultural volunteering projects since 1994 and, between 2007 and 2013, he has performed management functions in non-profit cultural organizations, namely as President of the Centro de Cultura e Recreio do Orfeão da Feira and Vice President of the Federação das Colectividades de Cultura e Recreio do Concelho de Santa Maria da Feira. Since 2013, he performs public functions as Councillor in the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, in charge for Culture, Education, Youth and Tourism. He belongs to the Executive Committee of the Medieval Journey in Land of Santa Maria and is the Executive Director of Imaginarius - International Street Theatre Festival of Santa Maria da Feira. He was considered the "Events Personality 2016" at the 9th Events Gala in Lisbon.


João Pedro Padinha (Conferences/Speaker)

Joáo Pedro was born in Lisbon, in 1990, and grew up in Quarteira. At the age of 15, João started photographing. Studied Political Science, has a post-graduation in Content Marketing and today João is digital marketing manager at Everything Is New. In between these three experiences that don't seem to make sense in the same sentence, João lived seven months in Macau, worked for Ogilvy and Partners agencies, where he was social media manager for MEO, working on all the brand's digital assets, and was also responsible for digital area at Sony Music Portugal. Meanwhile, João has been collaborating with photographic projects for publications such as ELLE Portugal, Parq and GQ Portugal, and today he is a guest writer for Vogue Portugal.


Jorge Padeiro (Conferences/Speaker)

Trained in Photography and Journalism at ETIC, ISCTE and CENJOR, Jorge started in 1993 has a photo journalist. Jorge collaborated with Surf Magazine and Vert Magazine and soon moved to other media offices like Diário de Notícias and O Jogo newspapers. In 2003 Jorge started photographing as an independent, edits Doze magazine and collaborates with Sporting Clube de Portugal. In the same year he started a partnership with 3 other photographers from which was born the project Agência Zero Fotografia that allows him to publish his pictures in almost all news agencies, magazines and national and international newspapers. In Agência Zero Fotografia Jorge co-produces photographic coverage of events for companies, brands and products, which allowed him to be the official photographer of major events, including Rock in Rio-Lisbon since its first edition in Lisbon in 2004. Since 2010, Jorge Padeiro is qualified by IEFP to exercise the activity of Photography Trainer.


Jorge Veloso (Conferences/Speaker)

Mentor of Vibes & Beats for which Jorge brings an experience of over 25 years of musical events production, as well as management of artists and bands and national and international bands. Jorge stands out as a daring person and a visionary, always willing to contribute to the development of new concepts and the desire to continue to be a reference and to leave his personal mark. Vibes & Beats means to carry all the knowledge and experience and continue to cement the projects he sets out to do.


Lara Seixo Rodrigues (Conferences/Speaker)

Lara assumes herself proudly as a mountain-dweller and reveals that the fact that she has grown up between 2 cultures and customs, only by herself, justifies the constant curiosity that drives her. That took her to Lisbon to study Architecture (FA-UTL and UPC-ETSAB), but it also awakened her interest for other artistic areas and intensified one of them: the Urban Art. Her passionate work is also reflected in the participation in various lectures/seminars of the specialty, both in Portugal and abroad. The interest in Arts in general remains mirrored in the curatorship/production of several cultural actions and exhibitions. Lara was also responsible for curating and organizing the ATTERO exhibition by the artist Bordalo II (2017) which had over 27,000 visitors. In April 2020, in response to the pandemic crisis Covid-19, Lara launched the Quarantine Sebenta | 40 ideas to make the most of the time. A compendium of illustrations built with contributions from 40 authors, which proposes activities with encouraging and dynamic messages, helping the elderly to be creative and to feel that there are people who care about them, at this particular time. Since 2018, Lara is part of the Reflection Group on the Future of Portugal, composed of 45 Portuguese cadres born after 1974, without party affiliation, in close and exclusive dialogue with the President of the Republic, Professor Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.


Laura Ravéra  (Conferences/Moderator)

At the age of 18 she ventured into the academic life in Lisbon, where she studied Social and Cultural Communication at the Faculty of Human Sciences at the Portuguese Catholic University and was awarded an honorable mention for her participation with the theme "Ethics in times of crisis", following the harsh aftermath of the "Troika" years. She has been a TVI journalist for 7 years as she started her first tender years as a TVI correspondent in Algarve. It was there that she learnt that a journalist “never sleeps” and that curiosity is life and that great stories are told and shown always and only with justice and dignity.


Leonor Castro Nunes (Conferences/Speaker)

With a degree in Artistic Studies from FLUC, Leonor started her professional life in a communication agency, where she had several roles, from ghostwriter to video content producer. In 2015, Leonor volunteered as a production assistant at Arraial Lisboa Pride and has been part of the production team of ILGA Portugal's events since then. She is currently responsible for the communication and production department at ILGA Portugal, among other freelance work. Leonor feels deeply suspicious of events where everything goes well.


Lucía Martinez Prado (Conferences/Jury Speaker)

Founder & CEO of Break-event, a platform that helps live music professionals to reduce uncertainty and predict concerts success. As an entrepreneur, she dedicates her efforts to building and growing the company. Previous to Break-event, she worked at Doctor Music, one of the biggest live-music companies in Spain. She spent a great deal of the past 6 years bringing digital products and services into the market, in both B2B and B2C, in sectors such as sustainability, food, consultancy and the music industry.


Marco Polónio (Conferences/Speaker)

Marco was born in Mangualde but he’s living in Aveiro since 2004. In 2012 he founded Malpevent, an event production company that initially focused only on the production of events for municipalities, but since 2017 began to bring international artists/bands for his own concerts. Marco considers himself a straightforward, ambitious and a dreamer, never forgetting that honesty and humility are essential for success. As the good dreamer he is, Marco never gives up on his dreams.

Marta Pallarès Olivares  (Conferences/Jury Speaker)

"I am a music journalist from Barcelona with a masters degree in cultural journalism, who has developed a career beyond newspapers, magazines and radio stations to dive into the music business. Back to Barcelona after some years in Mexico City, and following two editions leading the Primavera Sound festival live stream in collaboration with Red Bull TV, I am now in charge of the international comms strategy for the event. I handle the relationships with national and international outlets and journalists, develop media partnerships and also coordinate our seven international PR agencies abroad. I am the festival’s official spokesperson for campaigns such as ""The New Normal"" (which championed Primavera’s 50/50 gender equal lineup) and the corporate social responsibility actions, specially the ones involving sustainability and environmental projects. Since 2019, I also coordinate the partnership within the festival and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals campaign. I am a music journalist from Barcelona with a masters degree in cultural journalism, who has developed a career beyond newspapers, magazines and radio stations to dive into the music business.”


Mia Tomé (Conferences/Moderator)

Born in 1994. Actress and author, Mia was awarded a scholarship by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to study at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. Mia has a degree in Theatre from the National Theatre Conservatory and a master's degree from FBAUL where she researched the theme "Cinema and Education". She works regularly with her voice, whether in advertising, dubbing or even in music. Mia is the author and presenter of the show "Querem Drama?" on Canal Q, but also "Por uma canção" on Antena 3. In cinema, as an actress, Mia has filmed with directors such as Eugene Green, Julius Berg, Manuel Mozos and Mário Barroso. Mia was the author of the chronicle "Miallennial" on Expresso.


Miguel Atalaia (Conferences/Speaker)

Born in Cem Soldos (Tomar). Miguel is a graphic designer, editorial designer, artistic director of BONS SONS and president of SCOCS - Sport Club Operário de Cem Soldos - the cultural association that organizes BONS SONS. He has a strong connection to associativism and, in 2014, he joined the board of SCOCS, standing out especially in the areas of communication, education and involvement of the Cem Soldos community. In 2020, he became the president of SCOCS and artistic director of BONS SONS.

Natalia San Juan (Conferences/Speaker)

Journalist by training, with a postgraduate degree in music industry management. Natalia defines herself as a #CultureHacker. With more than 20 years of experience in the Latin American and European industry, Natalia is currently Founder and Director of Femnoise Association for gender equality, who have developed the first Feminist Digital Economy platform in music and culture globally. Femnoise, has been pre-incubated by the Barcelona Local Development Agency (Barcelona Activa) and funded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport with the support of SAE Institute Spain. At the same time, Natalia has been promoted as an innovator and belongs to the roster of the Keychange programme.


Nelson Ferreira (Conferences/Moderator)

Radio host since the age of 15, graduated in Communication Sciences with a post-graduate degree in Multimedia Communication. Nelson was a music journalist but embraced radio hosting and now presents the panel from 15h to 17h in Observador Radio, where he is also a musical coordinator. Nelson signs the cultural programme Cabeça de Cartaz. Nelson is a lover of the arts, pop culture, motor sports and fresh beer, preferably craft beer.


Nuno Gonçalves (Conferences/Speaker)

Musician, composer and founder of the band The Gift in 1994. Between then and today Nuno has done a bit of everything in the production of records, like recording, mixing, mastering, designing, distributing flyers, pasting posters, and writing scripts for videos. Nuno wrote for some newspapers, wrote forewords for books and created a magazine called “Verniz”. He is a DJ whenever he can. Nuno opened an on-line radio in 2006 - Radio Clinic, he took photographs and he has a degree in journalism. He also is a football commentator on a weekly TV show. He re-recorded songs by Amália Rodrigues with Amália Hoje and they were on the Top 1 for more than 8 months. Nuno lives between Oporto, Alcobaça and Madrid. He has a daughter called Mia Alexandrina. Nuno met Brian Eno in a street in Rio de Janeiro. Since then he is the producer assistant to The Gift. In 2019 Nuno thought of an App for The Gift and, so, in January 2021 he debuted REV, the first App exclusively dedicated to a band. Nuno has done more than 500 concerts, planned parties and music festivals.

Ricardo Farinha (Moderator // New In Town - Conferences, PT)

Journalist in the cultural area. Executive editor of NiT magazine, member of the Rimas e Batidas project, he has collaborated with different publications over the years. He had a podcast dedicated to hip hop in Portugal, gives classes on the same theme at ETIC, has participated in the production of cultural events, has been a panel member in awards, a speaker in debates and has launched a compilation of music.

Rui Maia (Speaker // Mirror People, X-Wife – Conferences, PT)

Musician, producer and DJ based in Lisbon known for the electronic-disco project Mirror People, for the Porto band X-Wife and for their most recent environmental electronics duo Storm Factory. In addition to also editing records in his own name, since 2004 he maintains a regular schedule as a DJ. He considers himself eclectic, maintaining a strong connection with electronic music, from disco-sound to new wave, naturally passing through house music and techno. In addition to his projects/bands, Rui Maia accompanies the pop band GNR live and is also part of the Radio Radar team.


Terry Costa (Pitchstage/Speaker)

Producer, director and programmer of cultural events. After two decades in North America, Terry founded MiratecArts in Pico Island, Azores, and as an artistic director, Terry led several international projects and festivals such as Cordas Festival, Azores Fringe, Animapix, Montanha Pico Festival and more.