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5 Documentaries

This is the area of Talkfest - Music Fest Summit where ideas and experiences are passed through film form.

The screening of documentaries has a fundamental role in the way we evaluate, analyse and observe experiences and events within the cultural spectrum and festivals context. This is where discussions and debates are held, based on captured images and personal observations.



Da Weasel – Agora e para Sempre (2022 – PT, 33’)

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Da Weasel - Agora e Para Sempre - A documentary signed by Antena 3, which portrays the history of Da Weasel, one of the most important and influential groups in the history of Portuguese music. After their first reunion on stage in 12 years, Antena 3, the radio station so closely linked to the band, marks the return with the production of an "Antena3Doc" that tells the story of the group from Almada.

"Da Weasel: Agora e Para Sempre" recalls, in the first person, the key moments of the band's biography: from the beginning, when the Nobre brothers, João and Carlos, started making songs; going through the various elements that came together, in addition to the guests and friends who are part of the narrative of the group of Jay Jay, Pacman, Quaresma, Virgul, Guillaz and DJ Glue.

The documentary is signed by Bruno Martins, directed by Catarina Peixoto, produced by Filipa Torrado Ramos and has illustrations by António Piedade. "Da Weasel: Agora e Para Sempre" began to be worked on before the pandemic, during the band's first rehearsals, in 2020, for the concert at NOS Alive, which only took place in 2022.

Filhos do Tédio (2006 – PT, 49’)

Filhos do Tédio - Attitude is a detail that makes the difference. This is the time to talk about another side of Coimbra, the Portuguese university city. This is the story of one of the city's most famous exports – the Tédio Boys. The first to gain a certain visibility and, more than any other brand, a certain attitude. As a result, the city's visual landscape has changed since then.

Lava Jazz Festival (2021 – PT, 20’)

Lava Jazz Festival - Lava Jazz Festival is an itinerant jazz festival that takes place since 2019 on the island that guards the queen of the Azorean dynasty of nature and the highest point in Portugal, Pico Mountain on the island of Pico in the Azores archipelago. In this mini-documentary recorded in September 2021, at the end of the pandemic crisis, almost returning to normality, you breathe culture, you breathe jazz in a privileged environment with a sea view. The festival thus makes itself known in a first approach through the testimonies of the artists who pass through there.

Poéticas do Canto Polifónico (2021 – PT, 29’)

Poéticas do Canto Polifónico - Formally instituted groups safeguard a predominantly modal polyphonic repertoire, in two or three voices, in thirds or in parallel thirds and fifths. These women have the knowledge of a repertoire, musical skills and vocals that they want to see safeguarded and recognised. They want to share and transmit to subsequent generations the intersubjective and liminal experience of voice singing that reverberates in their bodies. They requested our collaboration for the inscription of this sensitive knowledge in the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage, with the expectation of a subsequent inscription on the UNESCO List. We created a team, went out into the field, and spoke with dozens of female singers, encouraging them to activate and value the “women's chant”, as some like to call it. This documentary is one of the faces of that encounter and study.

O Canto das Mulheres no Mar + Q&A (2022 – PT, 16’)

O Canto das Mulheres no Mar - This documentary is the result of an artistic residency that took place during the 2022 PicoZen Festival, on the island of Pico, Azores.

During 6 months (distance) and 7 days (in residence), 6 women and 2 men created 8 original themes, mostly based on texts by Azorean writers. The show was presented on Pico Island, on June 11, 2022.

Conceived by Rui Miguel Aires after a challenge by Luís Bidarra (organizer of the PicoZen Festival), it was born from the inspiration of an application to the Creative Europe program for the promotion of culture in the Outermost and Insular Regions, with a focus on women as professionals in the creative industry.

From this work emerged a larger mission: to honor the role of women artists in the islands past and present. Those who had the courage or the right conditions for the gifts to express themselves, but also those we never heard of and whose voice was silenced or their work was not recognised or celebrated.

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