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This is the area of Talkfest - Music Fest Summit where ideas and experiences are passed through film form.

The screening of documentaries has a fundamental role in the way we evaluate, analyse and observe experiences and events within the cultural spectrum and the festivals and festivities context.



5 Documentaries

CORDAS - Cordas World Music Festival

By Diogo Rola, Terry Costa (15’ | PT | 2022)

Building the music festival on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, maybe the last highest peek of Atlantis. Artistic Director talks about the process; musician creates new work; artists visit from around the world; musical moments are presented. An island paradise for creation and new experiences with art in harmony with nature - creative tourism at its best. 


By Diogo Rola, Terry Costa (13’ | PT | 2023)

More than 2400 artists from 64 countries participated in the first decade of the largest arts festival in the Azores islands, Azores Fringe. In the tenth edition of the MiratecArts project, the events, at the epicenter of the festival on Pico island, were visited by collaborator Diogo Rola, who filmed and edited the documentary "Let's go to Fringe!". The Azores Fringe Festival, in addition to producing and presenting events, supports artists to develop their work, and acts as an agenda for the collaborators of the MiratecArts organization and what is being produced in the Azores, in the cultural sector and in any artistic area. Cinema, short films and videos, literature, theater, dance, music and performance art, conferences, crafts and fine arts are part of the annual programming on the 9 islands of the Azores.

O Meu Campinho Dança Assim - Andanças

By Gabi Benedeti, Flávia Costa (25’ | PT | 2023)

Filmmakers Gabi and Flávia went to experience Andanças 2023 in the village of Campinho, in the municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz. They spoke to the participants, the organisation, the volunteers and coordinators, the musicians, the trainers, children and their families, the regular visitors and the new “andantes” (festival-goers), not forgetting the locals “Campinhenses” among the various generations. The result was the story "O Meu Campinho Dança Assim", a story that tells us about a festival, a territory and two communities coming together to experience "a living energy".

Entrudo Lagarteiro

By Ricardo Pesqueira (23’ | PT | 2023)

Recovering the ancestral pagan traditions related to the change of the Seasons, the beginning of a hopeful new life cycle closely related to land cultivation is celebrated annually.

The increase in weather temperature and in hours of daylight make it the right time to plant new crops and there is an inherent joy in these circumstances.

At this time of year the eyes are set on the fruitful Spring leaving behind the rigorous and cursed Winter, personified in the figure of the Entrudo that will finally perish on that night of celebration.

His various wives are widowed and mourn his death. Playing with death, we celebrate life, making it the motto of this party.

In the village of Vilar de Amargo (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo), the Lagarto Association organizes this festive event typical of the Portuguese rural imagination, the ephemeris of Entrudo, promoting the contact with Nature and the traditional Portuguese culture.

This film is a documentary record of the 2023 edition.

Um Punk Chamado Ribas

By Paulo Antunes (107’ | PT | 2019)

"A Punk called Ribas" tells the story of João Ribas, a leading figure in some of Portugal's most influential and historic punk rock bands. The documentary features testimonies from musicians, friends, family and broadcasters, portraying the musician and paying homage to him.

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