CONFERENCES (Keynote speakers, speakers and moderators)

Ana Moreira (Moderator - Host M80)

She came from Viana do Castelo to study social and cultural communication at Universidade Católica. After a short passage as a journalist, it was in the entertainment industry that she found her place. It all started in 2004 working for Cidade Fm. She is currently host for M80 (8 years ago), but within Media Capital she has already embraced other projects, such as the mornings of Radio Comercial and “Janela Aberta" program of Rádio Clube Português. In addition to radio, she is also a television presenter at Benfica Tv.

André Henriques (Speaker - Guitar player Linda Martini)

At 13 years old he was already holding a tennis racket as if it was a guitar in his parents living room, singing Metallica and Pantera with a broom serving a microphone. Dreaming of Stadiums and huge crowds. At 14 he met X-axto and Bad Brains and dreamt of smoky clubs and occupied houses. Meanwhile life happened.He worked as a consultant, subdirector of human resources and as a full time communications director in big companies, those with benefits and health insurance. On the weekends he played music with his friends and during the week he was unhappy.  Fearing for his mental health he left it all behind and chose to focus on his passion. Nowadays he still plays and sings with Linda Martini, writing for other artists and working as a copywriter during his free time for brands looking to have their own voice.


Antoine Biehler (International Speaker - Project manager Paylogic)

Antoine has been working in the music industry since 10 years. He is passionate about music. He used to organize parties and festivals in Paris. Then we was responsible for launching the joint venture between Groupon and FNAC in France and Benelux. In 2017 he was hired by Paylogic as country manager for France, Spain and Portugal to reinforce their position in these countries.

Bernardo Corrêa Barros (Board Member Cascais Dinâmica) 

Bernardo Correa Barros is Turismo de Cascais’ Vice President since 2014, responsible for the promotion of Cascais both in Portugal and internationally as well as for promoting and organizing major events in the council . An Executive Administrator at Cascais Dinâmica, a company responsible for managing touristic equipments in Cascais, such as Cascais Airport and Centro de Congressos do Estoril, concession of the Cascais Marina and Cascais Citadel. With  a degree in Journalism, he has been connected to Tourism in Cascais and its main events for a long time, particularly the organization of Festas do Mar and Conferências do Estoril, as well as many others.

He is currently a member of the General Council at Escola Superior de Hotelaria do Estoril (ESHTE) and the President of the organization Sailors for the Sea Portugal.

Bruno Lopes (Speaker - Int. Brand Manager Super Bock)

Born in Porto in 1981 and music has always been a pillar that has motivated different experiences throughout his life. From the Queen vinyls he listened to in parents' house 10 years ago to the Summer Festivals he attended every year since he was 18 - "I try to get to know and cultivate the taste for bands and djs". For about 10 years he was also a DJ in places like Porto, Lisbon, Coimbra and Amsterdam. The music accompanies for many years, luckily also in the professional challenge that he currently develop in Super Bock as International Brand Manager, where alternative music and brand activation in music events are an integral part.

Bruno Tristão (Speaker - Brand Activation and Events Specialist)

Bruno Tristão is a brand lover with knowledge and experience in Telcos and IT sectors, passionate about establishing strong personal relationships with stakeholders and focused on thinking outside the box with a mindset to add value to the service provided and customer satisfaction. Some of his professional strengths include great communication skills, brand management, and in the events area as well and sponsorship management, leadership and team building. With degrees from Universidade Catolica’s School of Business and Economics he has worked in companies such as NOS Comunicações and has a close engagement with managing music events through Optimus Telecom and NOS, developed projects for food and beverage outlets, and pharmaceutical companies.

Catarina Cabral (Speaker - Head of Marketing Cabify)

Degree in Communication Sciences from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Executive Master in Relational Marketing and Communication from ISCTE. She was fortunate enough to work at companies such as Lewis PR, Zilian and The Lisbon MBA - Catolica | Nova. In 2016, she accepted the challenge of collaborating in the launch of Cabify, a new urban mobility solution in Portugal, assuming the role of Marketing Manager. The best congratulatory message for the change? "Bem Vindo a Selva!".

Catarina Rodrigues (Moderator - Journalist RTP / blogger Chicas Poderosas)

She was two and a half years in Observador. Specialist in Human Rights, such as women's rights, LGBTI and minorities. Winner of two Media Awards from the Ex Aequo network (2014 and 2015) and the ILGA Portugal  Arco-íris Award (2016). Ambassador of Chicas Poderosas project in Portugal and author of the podcast Chicas Poderosas, a partnership with Antena 3.


Cláudio Martins (Ass. Producer Monte Verde Festival)

He's finishing a degree in Basic Education at the Universidade dos Açores and worked as assistant producer at Monte Verde festival for about 6 years where he's connected to several areas.

Cristina Moreira (Conferences Speaker City Councilor Lousada)

Born in Porto Cristina has degrees in Child Care and Special Education and Educational Support. Since October 2005 she is Lousada’s Municipality Councilwoman and currently responsible for the following areas: Social Work,Housing, Family, Youth, Promotion of Equality, Health, Consumer’s Defense, Social and Economic Development ( Tourism, Agriculture, Handcrafting, Commerce, Industry,Employment,Entrepeneurship and Inovation). She is also since 2013 the Vice-President of Lousada’s Municipality.

Daniel Boto (Producer FMM Marvão International Music Festival)

Born in 1984 in Santarém, Daniel has a master’s Degree in Artistic Studies from the University of Coimbra where he collaborated with several journalism and scientific publications in the areas of culture, art and investigation. A writer, critic and translator he worked as a client’s manager and business director and is currently working in Toursim. He is a consultant in several different areas and collaborates with the organization of the Marvão International Music Festival, providing support to directing and production.

Eduardo Alvares (Co-founder NetPDV)

At the age of 28, he is an entrepreneur and develops different projects, graduated in Production Engineering. He is one of the co-founders of NetPDV, the largest technology company in Latin America in cahsless payment using NFC technology, worked also for Net4help, Convect and Rede Digital.


Emília Simões (CEO & Founder Last2Ticket)

Graduated in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering from Aveiro University, is currently the CEO of Last2Ticket. For over 10 years, she has worked in a well-known multinational company in the telecommunications area. Nevertheless, her desire to embrace new professional challenges led her to the Executive MBA programme of Porto Business School, where the idea of creating Last2Ticket has emerged.  Catarina’s innovative and creative attitude dealing with challenges, along with her excellent customer relationships and project management skills, are key in Last2Ticket success.


Eurico João (Engineer Rock in Rio) 

Eurico João is Rock in Rio’s Engeneering Coordinator. An architect with a degree from the Universidade das Artes de Coimbra, he has been through seven editions of the festival and three countries – Portugal, Brazil and United States. Before starting his journey in the world’s biggest music and entertainment event, he worked at an architecture office where he was a Technical Director. He also developed projects in construction, fashion and social projects. In 2012 he started working with Rock in Rio and until 2014 was responsible for internal operations such as tubular structures, container operations, tents and and low floors – both in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro. After the 2014 edition he was invited to coordinate the Engineering team in a new market – Rock in Rio’s first edition in the USA, in Las Vegas. In 2017 he returns to Brazil and the challenge becomes even bigger with the event taking over the Parque Olimpico. In this edition he is responsible for the architectural project and internal layout, also putting in place one of the festival’s most significant changes – the stages – with a bigger focus on Palco Mundo, nowadays with double the capacity, easier to put together and also more economically conscious. At the moment he is coordinating the Engineering team in preparation for Lisbon’s 8th edition, not only just another edition but “The edition”.

Gen. Fernando Governo Maia (Speaker - Vice-president Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa)

Born in 1942 (Lisbon), he completed his studies at Gil Vicente High School, having entered the Military Academy, having several courses (e.g. Cavalaria da Academia militar, Geral de Comando e Estado-Maior, Altos Estudos Militares or Mísseis TOW course). Throughout his career he has served in several Army Units, as Director General of the Polícia Judiciária Militar, joined Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa in 2005, also received several praises and medals of merit.

Francisco Rebelo Andrade (Speaker - Producer Lisb-On)

At 31 years old, he graduated in 2009 from Law at the Universidade Católica and completed his master’s Degree from the same University, interning at SLCM. Specializing since 2010 as a lawyer in the leisure and restaurants area, he started along with his friends the brand Hot Dog Lovers, the first Portuguese street food brand, followed in 2012 by the project Ministerium, at the time of the rehabilitation of the Terreiro do Paço. A growth in business activity, made him dedicate his interest to business in 2013, investing in areas such as tourism, real estate, restaurants and entertainment. In 2014 he opened the restaurant Marisqueira Azul at Mercado da Ribeira and in a partnership with Lisbon’s City Hall he developed the project LISB-ON #JardimSonoro, currently embarking on its 5th edition. In the beginning of 2015 he opened two new restaurants, Duplex and the pizza restaurant La Puttana in Cais do Sodré. Currently, he dedicates his time exclusively to running the group that manages two record companies (Assemble Music and Ministerium Record). In 2017, Lisboa Electronica Musiculture was born, an annual meeting with conferences, designed to receive in Lisbon all kinds of electronic music agents.

Jimmy P (Speaker - Artist) 

Jimmy P, Joel Plácido’s alter ego, was born in Barreiro but his personal history is connected with many geographical places, including Angola,his parents’ homeland, Paris, where he lived as a teenager, and Porto where he took his first steps in music. It was precisely his taste for Rap music acquired during this time, and the influence of other musical styles, inherited from his father (Samba,Morna,Coladera,Salsa,Reggae,Jazz) that awakened his passion for writing,putting to paper the things he lived and the way he saw the world. A natural process of maturity and musical growth soon followed, and originated Jimmy P as a solo artist. He is currently preparing his 4th project (not particularly an  album but more of a Mixtape) to be released in March,2018. “Dramas como tu”, “Num dia mau” and “Sempre que acordares” are three of the singles from the project that are already out.

Joan S Luna (International Speaker - Chief Editor Mondo Sonoro)

Born in Gràcia, in the city of Barcelona, Joan is a musical journalist with more than 18 years of experience in the world of pop and rock critic. All around this time his writings were published in a lot of spanish magazines and journals, and sometimes in international magazines. You could find his work each month in MondoSonoro Magazine, one of the most important music magazines in Spain and the first one in free monthly mags, but at the same time he writes for some of the most important general journals in the country, such as El País or El Mundo. Other journals and magazines were he wrote were Avui, Los 40 Principales, Play, Rockdelux, Time Out or international as Riff Raff (Belgium) or Hit It Or Quit It (United States). His career started as writer in the underground metal mag Metali-K.O. Since 1996 he is the editor in chief of MondoSonoro, where he works with different styles of music and dozens of writers.   On the other side, he wrotes usually about comic books and manga in different websites and in the collective book “Jotdown. Cómic Esenciales 2016”. He is member of the Asociación de Críticos y Divulgadores de Cómic de España and vicepresident of PAM (Críticos Asociados de Música). His first book was “Los colores del underground”, published by Astiberri and the first spanish book about the pop surrealism movement in painting.  Other work in books includes the hardcore punk chapter in “Teen Spirit: de viaje por el pop independiente”. You could see him very often acting as a Dj in a lot of clubs all around Spain and in different festivals in the country (from Sónar Festival to Arenal Sound, including Primavera Sound, Low, SOS 4.8, Gasteiz-Calling and a lot more). He use is name to Dj pop, rock and hardcore and he have an special aka for his work in electronic music, Ville Rowland.

João Modas (Speaker - Director Black Bass - Évora fest / Pointlist)

40-year-old Eborense, along with architecture, devotes his time to music, namely to the production and management of bands. After three years at the forefront of the musical program of Sociedade Harmonia Eborense, in 2014 he founded Pointlist, a producer and agency based in Évora, which has already gained its place in the new Portuguese music scene, vigorously practicing a super DIY posture. In these years of life, this family, composed of 5 friends, has produced more than hundred concerts and already has a Festival on its menu - the Black Bass Évora Fest.

João Pinho (Speaker - Director Presslink)

João Pinho is a senior press consultant with over 20 years of experience in communication and press relations. He worked for 12 years at Sonaecom amongst other companies and in 2012 created his own company, Press Link.

He has been involved in launching several successful events with NOS (NOS Alive, NOS Primavera Sound, NOS em D'Bandada, NOS em Palco), Mimo Festival (Mimo Amarante), Atelier OCubo (Lumina Festival da Luz, Circo de Luz – Londres, Cerimónia de abertura do Ano Internacional da Luz – Paris); Câmara Municipal de Braga(Noite Branca Braga), We Love Events (Carlsberg Where's The Party, Happy Holi); Domingo No Mundo (Groove Cascais, Fatacil); Paris Hilton Portugal (Algarve e Ofir), Festival Termómetros ; OG &Associados (ArtBeerFest Caminha, The Beer Promenade Cascais, Beer Generation Lisbon Festival and  GTP- Global Teacher Prize.

Joaquim Fonseca (Speaker - Director Glam / Booking Agent)

Professional with more than 25 years in the recording industry. He began his professional career, in what is unanimously considered as one of the best national 'schools', EMI-Valentim de Carvalho, where he remained for three years as promoter and later label manager. He moved to Sony Music, remaining there for 17 years, among the countless world-renowned artists that he worked with, names such as Shakira, Julio Iglesias, Beyoncé or Pearl Jam. He left Sony Music in 2010 and opened the agency Glam Music Management, which featured artists such as Quim Roscas & Zeca Estacionâncio, Paulo de Carvalho or Agir. In 2013 he signed a promising group of young people then unknown - D.A.M.A, and the rest is already part of the history of Portuguese popular music. In the catalog of his agency, there are nowadays new promises such as Mia Rose, Ivo Lucas or Fábia Rebordão, as well as well-known names of the public, such as Jorge Fernando, Anabela or Monica Ferraz.

Jordi Lauren (Speaker - Director SonRías Baixas)

Jordi is the Director of Playa Plan Cultural,the promoter behind SonRías Baixas Festival, a manager and founder of Fundación Emerxe Morrazo. A partner at Asociación Galega de Empresas Musicais and  Asociación y AIE Festivais de Galicia he has a degree in Contemporary Art History and a Master’s in Cultural Management.


José Luís Gaspar (Speaker - President Municipality of Amarante)

Born in France, he finally arrives in Amarante at the primary education stage. He completed secondary education at Colégio de S. Gonçalo and joined Lusíada University, where he completed a Bachelors Degree in Management. Later completed a postgraduate degree in International Financial Management. He worked in the Associação Empresarial de Amarante, being in charge of the Business Support Office; consultant and coordinator of the SME Training program in the editions between 1997 and 2013; coordinator of the Innovation Program in Baixo-Tâmega Region; director of the CNO of AEA; technical and pedagogical coordinator of Vocational Training with Professional and School Certification; Qualification and Professional Insertion of the unemployed; Vocational Training for Employment and Training Policies and Lifelong Learning. In 1996, he founded Consultâmega, a company that works in the area of ​​consultancy and training. Between 2002 and 2005, he was a member of the Executive Council of Hospital de S. Gonçalo as Administrator. During this time he attended the Advanced Program in Hospital Business Management, by ISCTE. At the beginning of the 1980s he joined the Partido Social Democrata, and was in representation of this that held the position of councilman, non-permanently, in the City Council of Amarante in the mandates 2001-2005 and 2009-2013. At the age of 46, married, father of two, he was elected Mayor of Amarante on 2013, as a result of the victory of the Afirmar Amarante Coalition, which led the municipal elections in September of that year and was re-elected in 2017. He was vice-president of Tâmega e Sousa Intermunicipal Community and he is president of the Associação de Municípios do Baixo Tâmega, Fiscal Council of Resinorte and member of the Board of Directors of Águas do Douro e Paiva, SA.

Julio Gómez (Speaker - Director Festival Sinsal)

Born in Vigo, Julio is a cultural manager and a Superior Technician in Prevention of Labour Risks. In 1994 he started his career as a musical programmer and founded the promoter and record shop Sinsalaudio, promoter of Sinsal Festival in Vigo since 2011, responsible for the special edition of Sinsal in Isla de San Simón, Rias Baixas, Galicia that received in the 2015 edition of Fest Awards, the award for Best Small Festival in Spain. Julio also participates in the colective soundscape, with which he has directed, amongst others the European Acoustic Heritage project and colaborates with the sound web art at

Katy Lema (Moderator - Journalist El País)

Digital journalist and broadcaster working for El PAÍS and Miss Festivales blogger (music festivals site).

Luís D'Eça Pinheiro (Speaker - CMO Brisa / Via Verde)

With 55 years old, it has been in Brisa - Autoestradas de Portugal since 2013, being the current CMO of the institution alongside the brand Via Verde, beign partners of music festivals in recent years. He has had other work experiences in companies such as: Banco Mello, União de Bancos Portugueses and Marconi. He took the Advanced Marketing Program at ISCTE-IUL, and Business Master from University Navarra (Spain) and BA Economics from Fairfield University (USA). Married and father of three.


Maria Antónia Saldanha (Speaker - Brand & Com. manager SIBS)

She manages SIBS Brand and Communication activities and is also responsible for "SIBS PAYFORWARD", the first acceleration program in the area of payments and fintech in Portugal. Previously, she held the position of Director of Corporate Communication at the communications consulting firm Porter Novelli. She joined the area of communication in 1997, having gone through different entities such as José Maria da Fonseca, Texto Editora and Diário Económico. She was also a lecturer in the Business Communication Course, ISCEM and Marketing and Communication Advisor, on a pro-bono basis, at theinternational IPSS Aldeias de Crianças SOS. Graduated in International Relations from Universidade Lusíada, she attended Public Relations and Advertising course at the Institute of New Professions and the Advanced Management Program for Executives of the Faculdade de Economia da Universidade Católica de Lisboa.


Maria Manuel (Speaker - Producer Party Sleep Repeat)

She holds a degree in Sociocultural Animation and a postgraduate degree in Communication and Cultural Management. She has developed work in the production area with several entities: Oficinas do Convento, Alma d'Arame, Associação de Jovens Ecos Urbanos, Associação Cultural Luís Lima (of which she is a founder), Teatro da Didascália, Associação de Turismo de Aldeia, among others. As production director or executive producer, she collaborated with several theater festivals, puppet theater, music festivals, contemporary circus, visual arts, namely: V Encontro Internacional de Marionetas de Montemor-O-Novo, Encontro Luso Brasileiro de Teatro Popular de Bonecos, Encontro Nacional de Teatro de D. Roberto, projeto Ruas Vivas, Cidade PreOcpuada, Vaudeville Rendez-Vous, D'Bandada, Concerto Ilustrado, to name a few. She currently works at Associação Cultural Luís Lima, as a treasurer of the direction and producer of Party Sleep Repeat, at Associação do Turismo de Aldeia, especially as a producer of "Há Festa na Aldeia" project, and as a freelancer in occasional projects.


Mariana Oliveira (Moderator - Journalist Antena 3)

The radio started at RUC (Rádio Universidade de Coimbra) - where, for 6 years, went to training, learned and experimented. She has been at Antena 3 since 2016. She currently works for the cultural magazine “Domínio Público", is one of the authors of "Razão de Ser" talk show and maintains, along with Isabel Lucas, the “Paraíso Perdido”.

Miguel Franco de Andrade (Moderator - Journalist Sic)

Born in Lisbon in 1974. Graduated in Social Communication from theInstituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas. He joined independent theater groups in Lisbon in the 1990s. He was the founder of the CNL - Canal de Notícias de Lisboa, and SIC Notícias, of which he is a journalist, host and coordinator, especially in the area of Culture. He covers national and international artistic events and hosts the Cartaz and Cartaz Cultural program at SIC and SIC Notícias.

Momo (Speaker - music artist)

Winner of several awards over six years of his career, Marcelo Frota, MOMO, has already conquered his space in the national and international music scene. Winner of the Multishow Music Prize 2011, he had his album "Serenade of a Sailor", considered the best album of the year by Jornal O Globo. His first album, "A Estética do Rabisco", released in 2007, was also considered the best of the year, only this time by the newspaper Chicago Reader. From 2009 to 2014, Momo toured the United States, participating in the World Music Festival in Chicago. Participated too in the celebration album of 70th anniversary of Caetano Veloso. In 2015 he moved to Lisbon and recorded his fifth album "Voá" with production by Marcelo Camelo. "Momo is gold of our generation," with his velvet voice and his sailor's guitar”, says Marcelo Camelo.


Nuno Sampaio (Speaker - Director Ghude)

Nuno Sampaio has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Organization from ISCTE and worked at União Lisboa, between 1992 and 2003, a management agency that works with artists such as Madredeus, Delfins, Resistência and Santos e Pecadores. At União Lisboa he was responsible for the Financial Department and Management Direction. Was also a Production Director of Portugal Ao Vivo II Festival and several shows at Expo 98, being invited in 2003 to take the Directing position at Media Capital Entertainment. He coordinated the Euródromos Project and several musical and theatrical productions, managed the band D’Zrt and and worked on the concept and implementation of the project 4 Taste for TVI. He was also Paulo de Carvalho’s manager amongst others and currently manages António Chainho and represents several projects and artists under the chancellery of Ghude, the company he founded in 2003 and that amongst other productions, developed and implements the concept Soam as Guitarras.

Paco Martín (Speaker – Director La Mar de Músicas)

Paco Martín was born in Cartagena and dedicates his life to cultural management. He has been runnig Cartagena Jazz Festival for 38 years, and is responsible for the planning of Nuevo Teatro Circo de Cartagena for 30 years and is the Director of La Mar de Músicas dfor 24 years, a festival celebrated in Cartagena in July. Paco has also worked as a programmer of the “Otras músicas” seccion in the Auditorio Regional Victor Villegas de Murcia, as a Director of MuDanzas-Encuentros com La Nueva Danza and as a parto f Mestizo, an association created in Murcia in the 90’s for the diffusion of culture.

Paulo Amaral (Speaker - COO Neopop / The Bpm Festival)

Born in Angra do Heroísmo, where he started to produce events very early, he went to Porto 12 years ago and was invited to join the Ofir Prod team. With a background in computer science, but with proven experience in the financial, administrative and event production fields, he was the obvious choice to take on the position of executive producer on the 1st edition of Anti-Pop Festival, held in August 2006, and then in charge of the company's international DJs department. Already in 2009 he became co-founder of Connect - a multifaceted project responsible for national / international DJs, event production, management of bars and clubs - also assuming the position of partner of the renamed Neopop Festival. With the extinction of Connect in 2011, he now dedicates himself exclusively to Neopop, being today the pillar on which is based much of the production structure of the Festival. In 2017, with the entry of Neopop Festival as a partner of BPM Festival, he was the Producer at the first edition of this international event in Portugal.


Pedro Esteves (Moderator - Journalist Observador)

He started doing Radio 30 years ago, always connected to music. In 2004, he started “Lado B" ( and started being a radio host at TSF. Graduated in the area of Health Sciences and Science Teaching, postgraduate in Clinical Immunology and in Music Marketing, he was a teacher and trainer, advertising speaker and television host. It was this mixture of experiences that made him reach Observador and Público to communicate music and technology.


Pedro Machado (Speaker - President Turismo do Centro)

PhD in Tourism by Universidade de Aveiro, since 2013, Master in Educational Sciences by the FPCE of Universidade de Coimbra. Graduated in Philosophy from another college of the same University. He has been a member of the General Council of the Instituto Politécnico de Viseu since 2017, a co-opted member of DGEIT and ESTH / IGP, president of Entidade Regional de Turismo do Centro de Portugal since 2013 and President of ARPT - Agência Regional de Promoção Turística Externa.

Rafael Machado (Speaker - Director Semibreve) 

Born in Braga in 1971 he splits his time between musical projects such as Mão Morta (where he still remais), Um Zero Amarelo, Rua do Gin, Governo (with Valter Hugo Mãe), Estilhaços (with Adolfo Luxúria Canibal,Henrique Fernandes and Jorge Coelho) and most recently with NaNCollider (with João Martinho Moura) and composing for installations, theatre, documentaries and short films, working with Teatrosfera, C.T Brafa, Teatro Nacional de S.João, Sindicato da Poesia in the theater area, AO NORTE and Bando à Parte, in the documentary area with artists such as Rosário Forfaz and Tiago Estrada in installations. He is also one of the organizers of Semibreve festival, manager of Cobra Publishing, working regularly since 2003, and he is also a founding member of BRG Collective.

Rui da Rocha Ferreira (Speaker- Journalist Dinheiro Vivo)

Born in Penafiel, Rui is 29 years old and is a journalist specialized in new technologies since 2012. With a Master’s in Journalism from Universidade da Beira Interior, has worked and collaborated with several media outlets in Portugal such as TVI24, Tek SAPO, Jornal de Negócios, Semana Informátiva e Ntech News. In 2016 he founded Future Behind, a project focused on journalism in the area of new technologies. He is currently a journalist at Dinheiro Vivo, where he writes articles about technology.

Sara Karim (Speaker - PR & Com. Manager Cabify)

Born in Lisbon in 1991, has a degree in Communications Science from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and a Masters in Business Sciences from ISEG. Has always been connected to the communication and public relations area,including having working experience in communication agencies and the institutional and technologic area. In 2017 she accepted Cabify’s challenge to embrace completely the public relations, communication and public affairs area. Some of her favorite things are writing, going to concerts, following blogs and travelling.

Selma Uamusse (Speaker - Singer)

Selma Uamusse sings her own world, with a whole world inside of her. Her powerful voice, genius performances and versatility have led her to shine in diverse realms: from rock, to afrobeat, to gospel, soul and jazz bands, she has enriched her journey with different languages, always conscious of the social and political transforming power of music. Her first album, to be released in 2017, reflects her path and being: a young and energetic singer that was a teenager during the golden rock period in Portugal, knower of the traditional north American jazz and soul songbooks, an expert in her vocal references (like Nina Simone or Miriam Makeba). You can place Selma Uamusse’s music in a cross-path between the machambas (vegetable gardens) of Mozambique and the European night clubs with their rock ambiences, between the traditional African languages and rhythms and the psychedelic electronic production: a love story between timbilias (Mozambican balafon) and synthesizers!


Signe Lopdrup (Keynote Speaker - CEO Roskilde Festival)

Signe Lopdrup is the CEO of Roskilde Festival (since 2016), responsible for the strategic and organisational development of the festival - " The Roskilde Festival emerged from the counterculture of the late sixties and early seventies, a time of astonishing creativity and innovation". Signe has vast experience from the music and festival industry, including fields such as non-profit and volunteerism, as the former CEO of Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Copenhagen Jazzhouse.


Tiago Martins (Speaker - Director Leiria Dancefloor)

He completed his studies at the Escola Nacional de Comercio (Paris) and later did a master's degree in Business Management directed to tourism at the College of Marne la Vallée. He started his professional career in Portugal at AirLuxor and is currently Commercial Director at AigleAzur, where he has the mission of planning and supervising the company's goals and strategies in the commercial, marketing and flight management areas. In 2013 he created CATICOM and 2MEVENT, two companies in the area of communication and event production. In addition to President, he assumes the position of executive and coordinates the global strategies of the companies. At the age of 35, he is awarded by the media for the recognition of a dynamic and enterprising youth with great involvement in the Portuguese dissemination in France.


Tiago Pereira (Speaker - Founder A música portuguesa a gostar dela própria)

Director, documentary maker, and mentor of the project “A música portuguesa a gostar dela própria” [Portuguese music liking itself], that has currently expanded its activity to food and dance. Winner of the "Megafone" 2010 award in the “Mission” category, he has developed an unique style in documenting, gathering, and mixing moving images. His films follow manifestations of immaterial culture such as music, rituals and performances, that explore the concepts of tradition and collective memory. Among his films, the highlight goes to the award-winning “11 Burros Caem no Estômago Vazio" (2006),“Quem Canta Seus Males Espanta” (1998) and the recent “Porque Não Sou o Giacometti Do Sec. XXI” (2015). He is part of the musical project Sampladélicos, along with Sílvio Rosado, where tradition and technology merge in a complex mixture of past, present, and future. He is also the host of the Antena 1 radio programme “O Povo Que Ainda Canta”, that is also the name of a documentary series he directed for the RTP 2 public television channel. In 2015, he was considered “Man of the year” in the “Music” category by magazine GQ. He recently completed his last documentary, “Os Cantadores de Paris"  that premiered in the DocLisboa'17 film festival.

Vasco Durão (Speaker - director Guitarras ao Alto)

A professional working in the communication business for 20 years, going from writer to communication strategist, he moved with his family to Alentejo (Estremoz) in 2013. An incurable music-lover, he imagined that one day he could put together an exclusive and original music event in Alentejo. And thus Guitarras ao Alto was born.


Vasco Sacramento (Director Sons em Trânsito)

Director at Sons em Trânsito, he was born in Aveiro in 1977. He went to school and highschool in his Aveiro and moved to Lisbon to study Law at Universidade Católica. On the last year of his degree he fell in love with a Goran Bregovic record that changed his life. His interest in World Music began to grow and in 2002 he founded Sons em Trânsito. Through the past 15 years he has run the company, and become the leader in the Portuguese music management market, and it is one of the countrie’s most respected production companies.

He also took over artistic direction and programming of some of the countrie’s most relevant and important world music events and festivals such as Festival Med and Festival F. He is also the manager of some of the most well known Portuguese artists such as Ana Moura, Pedro Abruhosa, António Zambujo and Deolinda.

Zack Sabban (International Speaker - CEO Festicket)

While Festicket CEO Zack Sabban was a successful investment banker, he traveled the world to fulfill his passion for live music. After attending countless festivals, Zack realized the need for a music festival community website and founded Festicket in early 2013. Festicket empowers music fans with a seamless service to discover and book tickets and travel packages to music festivals worldwide. The platform has quickly grown to become world’s largest live music travel platform and the world’s largest seller of travel packages to music festivals. Based in London UK, Festicket recently opened an office in Berlin, Amsterdam, and Porto to accelerate its international expansion.


Alexandre Cardoso (Partner Klasszik)

Luso-descendant, was born in France, where he studied and began his professional career asessional engineer. In 2013 he set aside engineering and began to develop artistic projects, such as events for Lusoartist, Calema (afro-pop), Chris Ribeiro (popular) and Shina (fado). In 2015, he started the project Klasszik, a producer of music and video content focused on image and sound quality, creativity and technology, started a thorough analysis of the market and created development and internationalization strategies, with the opening of a headquarters in Lisbon. Klasszik began to be a reference in the Portuguese market. C4Pedro, Anselmo Ralph, Tony, Mickael and David Carreira are some of the names that begin to produce their content with Klasszik. Also the creation and internal growth is a key point, and therefore artists like Kataleya and Calema are the bet of Klasszik.

Catarina Matos (Director Louder Music Branding)

Catarina Matos was born in Lisbon (1986). In 2005 she joined the Marketing and Advertising course at IADE - Universidade Europeia. Three yeras later she started working in the advertising field with Interactive Design, as Account New Business. Later, in 2010, she continues to work as account at NEXT. Currently and since February 2016 she is responsible for Louder Music Branding, a communication agency directed to the musical area. She recently joined the Management and Booking department at Louder, currently with 2 artists.

Elisabete Serra (Consultant Sair da Casca)

Elizabete studied Environmental Engineering and currently works at Sair da Casca, a consultant  in a sustainability firm where she monitors strategic projects, stakeholders involvement, internal social responsibility, strategic philanthropy and social innovation.


Bruno Horta (Founder You Artist)

Director and founder of You Artist, an agency specialized in artistic careers management, agency and production of shows. The agency was created in 2006 and has 11 years of experience in the market (3 of them in international context, in the Anglo-Saxon market). Degree in Economics from the NOVA School of Business and Economics, and is very active in sharing knowledge and learning everyday. He is from Algarve and currently lives in Lisbon. He has lived in Madrid and London. He is married and has two children.

Carlos Cupeto (Journalist and Professor Universidade Évora)

Carlos Cupeto graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology and a PhD in Hydrogeology. He has been a Professor at Universidade de Évora for over 30 years and was involved in a variety of national projects with over fifty of his works having been published. He also has Journalism credentials and a blog where his shares his experiences and concerns.

Carlos Seixas (Artistic Director Ciclo Mundos)

Artistic Director and Producer at FMM Sines Festival since its initial edition in 1999. He began his career as a live music producer in the 80’s. Programmed or contributed to other festival’s programmes and was a part of the selecting jury in a few international music markets (Ame, Womex, MMM,Budapeste Ritmo). He is a Programmer at Ciclo Mundos since 2016 and co-founder of “Gindungo Artist Development”, a cultural association specialized in developing artistic careers.

Daniel Cordeiro (Founder Harmony)

Daniel has been involved in live events since 1994, Founder of (514) Productions the Montreal based concert, festival and night club producer. He was the driving force behind Canada's largest dance events, introducing artists like Daft Punk, Eminem, Chemical Brothers and many others to the Montreal market. In 2015, with that experience and knowledge he established a new company that would focus on improving the organization and marketing of live events. Currently he is the CEO of Doors Open Media a software company headquartered in Montreal that offers a suite of solutions for live music professionals, music festivals and live event spaces. His mission is to create software management solutions designed to maximize efficiencies in the live event industry.

Francisco Madelino (Director Ciclo Mundos)

Francisco Madelino is the President of Fundação Inatel as well as an economist and teacher at ISCTE. He is also the President of the Instituto de Politicas Públicas e Sociais ( IPPS-ISCTE), Assembleia Intermunicipal da Lezíria do Tejo, Assembleia Municipal de Salvaterra de Magos,and the General Council of the Instituto Politécnico de Santarém. Between 2005 and 2011 he was the President of Instituto do Emprego e da Formação Porfissional. He has been acting as and Investigator and consultant, with several published works in the employment and professional training area and economy. He has been with several institutions with important functions in the employment and professional training area, nationally and internationally, such as the Comité de Emprego da União Europeia, Comité Social da União Europeia, European Training Foundation, the European network of Employment and Public Services Presidents and the Agência Nacional para as Qualificações.

Juliana Torres (Manager The Biggest Cloakroom)

There is always a great doubt when you ask for a summary of my professional background. Or it gets boring as a CV or as extensive as a "Coq au Vin" recipe. The training in journalism was only an excuse because the passion has always been the publicity. In this area I realized that creating communication solutions for brands was the way. Over the last 18 years the work has been divided between Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and South Africa. Always focused and absorbing knowledge of all the countries I have been through and in all the brands that I have been able to get involved with. In 2016 I returned from the African season and decided to undertake. I created "The Biggest Cloakroom in The World". The megalomania of the name of the company is proportional to my commitment to create a benchmark of security, credibility and innovation in this market niche.

Joana Carvalho (Project manager KarTent)

Joana is the Project Manager of KarTent in Portugal&Spain since 2017. She used to work in projects related to Circular Economy and Sustainability. This project allows her to combine three main aspects of her interest: innovation, music and environment.


Karina Barbosa (CEO Step Music)

Born in Portugal with Guinea native parents, Karina Barbosa has a degree in Public Relations and Advertising.  As the first runner up of the “Elite Models- Look of the Year” in 1993 competition: She starts a successful career  as a professional model in Portugal that later led her to the small screen as the host of a weekly african music TV Show called “Made in Africa” for the Portuguese National TV network, RTP1. In 2000, STEP was created (artist management, booking company, PR and events management). Step by step she conquered the fashion and entertainment world in Angola scouting young girls such as Sharam Diniz and Maria Borges, while simultaneously producing Angola’sbiggest concerts with international artists such as Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, R Kelly, Ne-Yo or Ludacris. Launch many companies and was the host for several tv programs. Karina also produces two of the main annual music festivals in Angola - Festa da Música and Boas Festas Unitel.

José António Falcão (Director Terras sem Sombra)

José António Falcão graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and Architecture, a Master’s degree in Museology and a Phd in Architecture Theory and History. His focus has been mostly on studying cultural and museum patrimony. He has published over a hundred of his works, such as books and scientific articles, participating in congresses, most of them dedicated to Art History and Architecture. He is the President of the Associação Portuguesa dos Museus, Igreja Católica and Administration Council of Europae Thesauri, an European Union agency and the director of Terras Sem Sombra Festival.

Lígia Setúbal / Catarina Mascarenhas (Lawyers Vieira de Almeida & Associados)

Lawyers in the areas of Intellectual Property, Telecommunications, Media and IT. They actively work in various operations, in particular in the electronic communications, systems and information technology, following the regulation matters of these sectors. They provide legal advice on copyright, technology, advertising, data protection, patents and trademarks.

Luís Rato (President Ass. Street Food Portugal)

Currently with 46 years old, he is the founder of several projects (AT.M HorseTrucks - world leader in horse carriage, Verso Move Factory, KiosqueStreetFood, Associação StreetFood Portugal, Associação Portuguesa de Gadgets e Tecnologias em Portugal, O melhor Food Truck do Mundo and Street Food Magazine), co-authoring the book "Street Food & Food Trucks". His companies and brands are all over the world and currently he is developing businesses for investors. He was one of the great athletes of adventure races and trails.

Mário Azevedo (Founder Strike Tours)

Born in Porto in 1983, he always had taste for Sports and he followed that path, having a Master in Physical Education and Sports, spent ten years in Physical Education. In parallel appeared the second passion that was music and in 2007 began to organize excursions to music concerts and summer festivals. The bet in this area came to the encounter of the difficulty that was obtaining transport for the concerts that in majority began always being in Lisbon. In 2017 he helped creating Strike Tours, and started operating music tours in a professional way. 

Marco Lampreia (Director Photoflyer Portugal)

A man passionate about the 60’s and 70’s, a collector of music relics and retro decoration pieces that some would kill for. That same passion motivated him to create the brand Galto Maltês, that materialized between 2011 and 2012 in a collective space dedicated to design and the analog world in Faro. After spending four years in Germany he returned to Portugal as an official representative of Photoflyer, with official partners Fujifilm and Xerox. In just a few months in the Portuguese market his team already celebrated business agreements with several entities that understood the advantages that come with this type of product (a personalized photo frame and instant photo), making the brand’s Portuguese representation one of the most successful in Europe.

Nuno Moreira (Security Consultant Aporfest)

Nuno Moreira was for ten years a Sargent of the Portuguese army, where he worked in several areas related to Military Security and Intelligence Security. He also developed several military training courses for sergeants and Army officials. He is a part of Security Team with the Police Force, responsible to ensure the safety of the facilities and its employees, preventing terrorist attacks, robberies, fire and flood related problems as well as controlling the access to the facilities and protect its individuals, support criminal investigation and guarantee the safety of witnesses in the transport and hold of prisoners, apprehended material and valuable assets as well and collaborating in training actions and courses. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Safety Policies from the Faculdade de Ciências Humanas e Sociais of the Universidade Lusiada in Lisbon, and a post-graduation in Safety and Law from the Faculdade de Direito UNL, as well as several other degrees.  He also works as a trainer and consultant as well as authoring assessments related to Security.

Paula Lopes Vieira (Coordernação de Atividade Inspetiva ACT)

With a Law Degree and Post-Graduation in Labor Law, Paula is a Labor inspector and runs the ACT’s (Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho) Coordenação de Atividade Inspetiva Division since 2015. She represents Portugal in the WG Strategic Management/Enforcement in the scope of the Comité dos Altos Responsáveis das Inspeções do Trabalho, since 2012. She has collaborated as a Speaker in several of CEJ’s (Centro de Judiciários) courses, in OIT’s (Organização Internacional do Trabalho) conferences at ISEC (Instituto Superior de Educação e Ciências), amongst others. She is a regular trainer at ACT’s labor infractions area, at CEJ and INA (Direção Geral da Qualificação dos Trabalhadores em Funções Públicas).

Rodrigo Moita de Deus (Director Nextpower)

40 years. Three children. Communication Consultant, General Director of NextPower, RTP commentator, lecturer and one of the creators of the blog "31 da Armada". He is also director of the NewsMuseum in Sintra. A multimedia space dedicated to freedom of expression and the right to inform and be informed.

Salomé Serra (Senior Consultant Nextpower)

A senior consultant for 6 years, with a vast experience in areas such as corporate and institutional Tourism, she is specialized in Public Relations and Press Consulting. Some of the most emblematic projects led by her are Longines Global Champions Tour, Estoril Conferences, EPAL, CITRI and Netjets. She has a Master’s in Strategic Management and Public Relations and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science from ISCSP, co-authoring the book,” New dictionary of Communication”.


André Belchior Sousa (THESIS UPORTO, 2017)

At the age of 25 he came from Azores, more precisely from the island of São Miguel. Graduated in Sociology, with the aim of having a greater role in social, political and cultural issues. During his degree, he was a member of the board of the Núcleo de Estudantes de Sociologia da Universidade dos Açores, and collaborator of several international congresses. After this phase, he was a trainee at CIPA Novo Dia (IPSS), having collaborated in the project “Antes de me discriminares, conhece-me!”. In need to understand more about the cultural and music area, he did the master's degree with the support and guidance of Paula Guerra, with the dissertation "A Tremor of Sounds in São Miguel. Extensive case study about Tremor Festival and its impacts on São Miguel island".


André Peixoto (THESIS FEUP, 2017)

Born in Braga he got his Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Comunnication Technologies from the Performing Arts and Music School, where he supported the development of the documentary short-film “O Cinema Traz o que a Vida Tira”. In 2015, he began his Master’s Degree in Multimedia at the FEUP, developing his thesis titled “Design de Som num Projeto de Transmedia Storytelling” (Sound Design in a Transmedia Storytelling Project). Having already finished his studies he currently works in an audiovisual and multimedia company in Braga.

Filipe Leite (THESIS UMINHO, 2016)

He took his degree in Information Management from ISG. In 2014 he began his Masters in Marketing and Strategy at Universidade do Minho. The dissertation of the Master was dedicated to the theme of "Digital distribution and business models in the music industry". The choice of theme was mainly due to the long-standing interest in music and the industry that surrounds it, always following with interest what is done in these areas. From the study carried out in the dissertation a scientific article was published in The Service Industries Journal with the title "The digital distribution of music and its impact on the business models of independent musicians". Already in 2017 he began to work in the digital area of marketing in a Digital Marketing Agency.

Gabriel Cruz (THESIS ISCTE-IUL, 2017)

A 25-year-old native of Aveiro, graduated in Marketing from IPAM - Marketing School and Master in Management from ISCTE - Business School. In his professional career, he was responsible for the management of communication and governmental affairs of Siemens Portugal and is currently one of the people responsible for managing the EDP brand. With a great taste for the entertainment industry, his thesis dissertation was about the positioning of the brand Rock in Rio Lisboa, one of the biggest festivals in Portugal and in the world.

Hugo Fernandes (THESIS FEUC, 2016)

At the age of 27 and from Oliveira do Bairro is now an event producer, also responsible for the communication of events. Started in the Vinyl culture in the middle of 2008 when he entered the Economics course at FEUC, he had the opportunity to know the B-Side of musical culture. Insurgent and dissatisfied with what he was learning, he decided to change the area by completing his training with a master's degree in Marketing and a Post-graduation in Digital Marketing. The project "Mentes Convergentes", association for cultural heritage and event production, was the harbor that received him on this trip and introduced this taste for the show world. The branding of Vodafone Fm was the theme of his dissertation, with the aim of realizing how: combining music as an instrument and means of communication, influences the performance of brand marketing.

João Amaral Brito (THESIS ISCTE IUL,2017)

At 29 years old he possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, with a Master’s Degree in Marketing, with an executive specialization in Marketing Management from ISCTE. He currently works and Brand Manager for Vans, having also worked at L’Oreal, Licor Beirão, Jagermmeister and Bombay.

Jorge Coelho (RESEARCH, IESF, 2016)

PhD student at Tilburg University, Netherlands, has a Master graduation in Tourism, Innovation and Development by the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, Portugal, and also has a graduation in Tourism by the same institution. Professionally works as advisor and consultant in a tourism companies association and as invited teacher at the Institute of Higher Studies of Fafe, Portugal. At the same time, develops research in tourism, being author of several studies meantime published.

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