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The concerts section returns in this edition to Talkfest - will take place in the cities of Lisboa and Porto with 3 concerts each night - with Portuguese and Spanish bands.
Known for their synthesizers and all their electronic production, Holy Nothing had their launching pad in 2015 with their debut album “Hypertext”. With a wide artistic composition, due to the different naturalities of the group members, they have influences in their music from various parts of the world. The debut album eventually led the group to the stage of international festivals such as Eurosonic in the Netherlands and Waves Vienna in Austria, and nationals such as NOS Primavera Sound, Vodafone Paredes de Coura or in Bons Sons. They are now preparing to play in live the new album "Plural Real Animal" that brings to the public new trends, namely manifestations of Brazilian electronic music.
Behind Museless we find Laura Llopart, a young Barcelona creator who began studying classical piano and has become a kind of electronic music diva who pays as much attention to production as to melody and whose songs are born between Grimes and Daft Punk. With “Gray Boy” (Luup Records, 2016), a presentation EP that combines the warmth of synth-pop with the mystery of trip hop. Played at festivals like Monkey Week or Primavera Club with excellent reviews. A few months later, and just two weeks before performing on the Pitchfork Stage at Primavera Sound festival, Llopart released her debut album “Dichotomic History” (Luup Records, 2017), an album that explores night scenery and compelling electronic music. She has participated in major festivals such as Primavera Sound (ES), Eurosonic (THE NETH), SXSW (USA), MaMa Festival (FR), Arezzo Wave (IT), Focus Wales (UK), VIDA Festival (ES) and Sónar Festival (ES) confirming her debut as one of the best of Spanish electronic music so far.
Is a 5-member band created in late 2013 in Zaragoza. Their neo-psychedelic rock style has strengthened their performances inducing the audiences to near a hypnosis, through the distortions of the instruments and the intense rhythms that lead listeners to create a story of their own in their mind. Since the release of their first EP “Uroboros” in 2014, the band's intention has been to convey sensations, taking them to big festival stages such as Monkey Week, Barcelona Psych Fest, Ebrovisión and Sound Isidro.
Is a David Santos musical creation conceived in 2005. From the simple demos to the great national stages, such as the Coliseu dos Recreios, Coliseu do Porto or the Musicbox, Noiserv increasingly surprises the audience with its alternative features that turns his music into a very special trip. Debuted his first album in 2008, “One Hundred Miles From Thoughtlessness”, “Almost Visible Orchestra” in 2013 and “00: 00: 00: 00” in 2016. It will be in the Estúdio Time Out that he will perform, for the first time in Lisboa, several songs from his new album that already contains the first single released “Meio”. The composer's evolution has been a constant, which has made his music more rhythmic and less melodic over the years.


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