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22 March . 9h00 - 20h00

Raw, violent, aggressive, rude. These are the words we commonly associate with Heavy Metal and its fans. Showcasing Heavy as you've never seen it before, experience the love and emotion lived during live shows - for the music, for the fellowship, and for being alive.

A series of photos captured along the year of 2023 at iconic venues in Porto such as Hard Club, Woodstock 69, and the recently opened Bourbon Room, that highlight the Heavy Metal scene in the area, as well as in festivals like River Stone Winter Fest in the small town of Rio de Moinhos (Penafiel), Laurus Nobilis in Vila Nova de Famalicão and Vagos Metal Fest in the municipality of Vagos.

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22 March . 21h30

Every year we aim to surprise the public. This year we will have a special evening program with the live broadcast of the well-known podcast “90+3” by the “Fora de Jogo” team. This podcast, which is characterized for weekly welcoming individuals linked to the world of football – e.g. footballers, journalists – accepted the challenge and will make a special broadcast on the year of 2004, which highlighted Portugal in the world of football, year in which the national team made it to the final of the UEFA European Championship and the entire nation wept after the defeat, keeping the national flags hung in the balconies during that entire summer. The same year that Rock in Rio (Lisbon) was introduced, raising the bar for the production of music festivals held so far in Portugal. Ricardo Quinteiro (consultant), Afonso Couto (doctor) and José Rabaça (lawyer), who have a great love for football, will receive Dani who will be the master of ceremonies of the night and where the first confirmed guests will be Jorge Andrade and Nuno Gomes who lived Euro 2004 on the field. We're now joined by Fernando Ribeiro from Moonspell, one of FC Porto's biggest fans, and Rita Red Shoes, daughter of Carlos Pereira, a former Sporting, Belenenses or Estoril player who spent many years as a coach at Alvalade and also at Alverca. And niece of Aurélio Pereira, the man responsible for Sporting's prospecting for decades. Don't miss it!


. Free access to all Talkfest delegates with access to the Main Event

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Talkfest has a lot to offer! Besides conferences, workshops, documentaries, there's also other important moments that will highten your experience at the event. Let's make it a memorable event, yet again!


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