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Talkfest will have, for the third year, the "Iberian Festivals Guide" - evolution of the previous "Portugal Festivals Guide", in booklet format (Online and Physical - Size A5), of music festivals and service providers in action in 2022 in Portugal and/or Spain.

This information, to be released on Talkfest, can also advertise concert venues, brands and artists based on the festivals. This tool aims to promote the dissemination of projects and initiatives, foster business, promote networking between professionals, creating synergies between various audiences, namely decision-makers, government entities, the press and service providers.

In this edition, registration is free for APORFEST members and for all Iberian Festival Awards nominees.

festival guide vf-02.png

The following actions are confirmed:

  1. 1000 units - Talkfest + Iberian Festival Awards (25-26 March, Lisbon) in the welcome bag;

  2. 1000 units - APORFEST (during the 1st semester 2022) in the welcome bag of the public of training actions or other events for the general or corporate public;

  3. 750 units - spread over various cultural and university spaces throughout the 1st semester 2022;

  4. Online units - distributed to journalists from the cultural media (tv, radio, newspaper and online) and municipalities in Portugal and Spain throughout the 1st half of 2022.

If you want to be represented in this document, all you have to do is fill this FORM

> Free registration for APORFEST members (with valid quota, in the event of Talkfest'22)
> Free registration for Iberian Festival Awards 2022 nominees
> 49€ (with Talkfest'22 and Iberian Festival Awards access offer)

Valid for registrations completed until February 15, 2022!

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