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We now provide access to the Iberian database of the music festivals sector (not only festivals but also key service providers for their realization) to enhance and optimize the daily work of the professionals and sponsors.

Each lead will have specific information:

a) Festivals (name, website, email, city base, number of editions, start/end date, promoter, music gender, headliner, venue, entry, size, camping);

b) Service Providers (name, website, email, city base, festivals experience)


- Database permanently updated [2022 version – available until December 31st]
- GDPR law/regulation (we only provide public or/and authorized direct contacts)
- Access by authorized email (to consult online 24/7 - give us a valid Gmail/Gsuite)
- Areas (Music Festivals; AV’s; Food & Beverages Court; Private Security; Sustainability; Ticketing; Payments; Technology; Press; Medical; Photographers; Other Services)
- 20% discount (use the promocode from September 19th on the tickets for the next Talkfest and/or Iberian Festival Awards)


1) Portugal Database (39.99€)

2) Spain Database (39.99€)

3) Portugal and Spain Database (49.99€)

Option to buy:

1) Paypal:

2) Bank Transfer: PT50 0035 0011 00010601830 92 / BIC SWIFT CGDIPTPL

3) Festicket:

Note: After the payment send to our email > name, address and Vat number to invoice

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