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Festival Artes à Vila 2021: a origem das músicas bonitas

(2021, PT, 97’)

A summary of the previous editions of the event that was broadcast online adapted for TV, At this edition Festival Artes à Vila had the performances of Dulce Pontes, JP Simões or Benjamim.

Uma Árvore no Largo – o retrato da comunidade no Bons Sons

(2021, PT, 31’)

A festival that has its own mysticism and that already influences a new generation of tradition lovers and Portuguese music appreciation.

We Were Floating High

(2021, PT, 45’) - Q&A with the director Tiago Gomes

Leiria's band First Breath After Coma had a busy 2019. The excitement came not only with the recording of an album, closed in a house, with concerts and collaborations, but also with the fact that their movements were followed by a film crew.

Já estou farto!

(2021, PT, 69’) - Q&A with the director Paulo Antunes

Considered by many as a master of ceremonies and a true stage animal, João Pedro Almendra is the unmistakable vocalist of bands such as Ku de Judas, Peste & Sida or PunkSinatra. He was also in the genesis of Censurados. He is a lyricist and one of the most influential voices of national punk rock and is at the heart of this record.

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