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Zé Pedro, the great guitarist of the group Xutos e Pontapés, is a reference figure in Portuguese rock. His role in Portuguese music was extremely important, promoting the rock 'n`roll musical genre and as a music critic. This documentary made by Diogo Varela Silva is a tribute to the artist's life, combined with images and videos from his own personal archive and from Xutos e Pontapés.

Escola do rock_Prancheta 1.png

Documentary about the Escola do Rock in Paredes de Coura, a formation program with a working model consisting of a short residency for young people with some musical training. Through rehearsals, jam sessions, demonstrations and workshops, the residence culminates in the presentation of a mega concert in which about 50 musicians gather on stage. The Escola do Rock of Paredes de Coura was born in 2014, in the land of the iconic Festival Paredes de Coura.

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With More than 30 years old, Pop Dell´Arte are marked by a strong eclectic and subversive component. They incorporated in their music references such as Cinema, Performance, Poetry and a whole range of themes that, until their creation, had never been addressed in Portuguese music. The documentary summarizes what this Lisbon band's more than three decades of existence have been, from the first steps in the mythical Rock Rendez Vous, to the creation of the independent publisher Ama Romanta, to the present day

NU_Prancheta 1.png

NU" is a visual album by the portuguese band First Breath After Coma. The film explores the concept of the maze as an intricate path to the depths of human nature. The fragility of the human being, his biggest fears and strenghts, are exposed in the most raw and unique way. A tale about birth, life and death.

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“New Militia” reveals the vibrant sound of the reborn Blasted “New Militia”, Blasted's latest album and concert film, that is the result of a death and rebirth process experienced by a 25-year-old band. It all started on a trip when occurred the idea of ​​a soundtrack for a movie, or in this case, a festival, NOS Alive. This original idea from RedMojo producer Emerson Ferreira was passed on to Blasted Mechanism which together with producers Stego, Bruno Mota, Filipe Survival and Diogo Guerra managed to find a path, a sound and a direction that matched the band's identity, more than at any time in the past. “New Militia” is the concert movie of Blasted Mechanism's July 2018 performance at the NOS Alive festival. It's 50 minutes of amazing music and celebration by Paulo Prazeres from Droid Id. That's how Riic Wolf (voice), Guitshu (voice, synthesizer, sampler), Valdjiu (guitars, ribbon), Ary (bass, synthesizer) and Fred Stone (drums) were reborn into Blasted.

DOC- Wheels of Madness_Prancheta 1.png

Following Gal to his favourite music festival, Sziget in Hungary, he shows that everyone has the ability to find their passion in life. Through the course of the festival, his story unravel and we get to know the wheels of madness, the power of music and the good in people.

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