Following the mission of APORFEST - Portuguese Music Festivals Association, in search for the evolution, recognition and professionalization of all those who directly and indirectly contribute to the appreciation of the Music Festivals in Portugal, so wehad the desire to have a show that could identify the best of several Portuguese festivals, and the best way to show that is through photography.


This photographic exhibition seeks to show and value a positive and expressive vision of the history of music festivals in Portugal, based essentially on the year 2017. The photos were shot by the audience and by amateur photographers, and it will be on display in various spaces and festivals all over the country. The tour started in the Municipality of Almada, which has in its space one of the biggest festivals in the country (O Sol da Caparica) and now arrives to the Talkfest.


The challenge given to the visitors of the exhibition is to analyze each of the more than 20 photographs that are always accompanied by their history, no matter if the festival is larger or smaller, new or already established with several editions, what matters is the energy, the power it can transmit and its distinctive factor.


The intention is: to value this form of art, giving visibility to these works; giving opportunities to young people and new talents in the field of photography and, lastly, foster a spirit of cultural aggregation that will have future dividends.


Afonso Ponto | Ana Pereira | António Carrilho | Deck 97 | Diogo Costa | Fernando Ngola | Francisco Barros | Hella Peble | Iolanda Pereira | Joana Camilo | Joana Sousa | João Azevedo | Jorge Miranda | Mafalda Temudo | Mariana Lopes | Mário Pereira | Marta Louro | Miguel Santos | Pedro Roque | Rui Santos | Sara Costa 


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