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Gala Hosts

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Ana Galvão - PT/ES

Born in Spain (Madrid), in the midst of caramels and flamenco, where she lived until she became a teenager or, as they say there, una chica mayor. At that time, her father, who is a musician, came to Portugal to record records and brought his wife, three children, and a dog in his suitcases, and he stayed here. It took a while for him to learn the language and, from time to time, a more Spanish vowel comes out. And this is where they let her venture into radio, where she never left. On Rádio Renascença she presents the morning segment.

fernando alvim_edited.jpg

Fernando Alvim - PT

Portuguese announcer and TV presenter. He was the founder of Festival Termômetro Unplugged, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019. In 2002, he founded the company Cego Surdo e Mudo. He is also the creator of Revista 365, the Monsters of the Year, the Rowing Boat Regatta, the Padel and Golf tournament for noobs, the Idiota Festival, the New Awards, among many other events. He was also the founder of the television show 5 para a Meia Noite, in 2009, where he continued until 2011, together with Filomena Cautela, Luis Filipe Borges, and Pedro Fernandes. Currently, he hosts Prova Oral on Antena 3 on a daily basis and the musical top A3.30 on Antena 3 on a weekly basis.

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Rute Braga - PT

She has been working as a model since she was 14 years old. Graduated in Communication Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto and Master in Image Design. She worked for a year in the Design area, but in that period, a casting came up in Porto Canal that ended up changing the course of her professional life. Since then, she has worked in television. She was initially in Lisbon, at ETIC, carrying out training in the area of TV and ended up joining the Casting of Curto Circuito (Sic Radical) and being among the finalists of the show. There were many programs on which she has already appeared - from live ones, to reports, she has gone through fashion, animal, cooking, health, tourism, territory programs and in recent years she has been on N'agenda, a weekly magazine where she covers current cultural events and where every week she interviews a different person from the field of culture. Parallel to television, she presents events, book launches and participation in documentaries. In addition to this professional path, she is addicted to books and enjoying as much time as possible with her family, husband and daughters, trying to be as happy as possible every day!

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