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Aporfest - Associação Portuguesa de Festivais de Música, within the scope of the 11th edition Talkfest - Music Fest Summit, presents Intersection - Talkfest Mix & Match.

An event curated by the acclaimed Portuguese artist Deejay Kamala, in which the intersection of musical styles and cultural backgrounds leads us to this artistic mixture and junction.

We have DJ Tefi to open the night. An artist at the beginning of her career, who has been making a name for herself within electronic music circuit.

Afterwards, DJ/MC Demo (member of Expensive Soul) will take Estúdio Time Out's stage to take those present on a “sound journey”.

Finally, Deejay Kamala presents us with a set that will feature the rapper NBC as a guest artist. Certainly a collaboration not to be missed, between two of the most renowned artists in their musical spectrums at national and international level.

The party continues and over at Radio-Hotel, where Talkfest participants and Intersection event ticket holders will have guaranteed entry to dance the night away in one of Lisbon's renowned night spots.

Talkfest - Music Fest Summit will take place on March 17th, at Hotel Meliã Aeroporto Lisboa and the Intersection - Talkfest Mix & Match from 22:00h, at Estúdio Time Out.

Entry is limited to the capacity of the venues.

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