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More than talk and networking we have a lot of fun waiting with the core support of our partners

More than the regular programme of the event, either Talkfest, Concerts or the Iberian Festival Awards gala, the events depends more and more on the interaction between all those who participate in it. In 2022, we will celebrate the 10th edition and, for that reason, we will enhance the delegates' experience with more activities, many of them only possible due to our partners' availability:

a) Throughout the event we will have: coffee breaks always available at the Main Event on March 25th (premium experience by Delta Q; cocktails by ArtCor starting at 6pm; and a special area where drinks, fruit, snacks and sweets will always be available); at the post-gala we will also have a tasting;

b) The Main Event room (Conferences) will have an atmosphere powered by Sagres and La Redoute in a mixture of what we want to feel in a backstage or in the front row of a summer festival;

c) To the shy personalities we will have a foosball table (from Días Diversões) at their disposal to start networking. We believe that the best partnerships for 2022 will come out of this;

d) In addition to the concerts and music played at the gala, there will be DJs creating the best atmosphere in the lounge area (with rest zone). On the first day several DJ's will play background music (powered by i4DJ) and on the second day it will be the cumbia of Ritmos Cholulteka to get everyone dancing in the pre, break and afterparty of the Iberian Festival Awards gala;

e) There will be two exhibitions: a physical one, dedicated to the history of Portuguese festivals with the "Poster of the 1st edition" of festivals from the 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, 10's; the other one digital, dedicated to the Iberian Festival Photo finalists of the "Best Festival Photo" category;

f) The moments will remain for future memories through our Photobooth and the photos taken by Photoflyer at the gala;

g) A piano bar and open bar powered by ArtCor, Copos Reutilizáveis and the best beverage brands;

h) The Iberian Festival Awards winners will be entitled to an experience by Odisseias (choosing between stay, spa, dinners or adventure), a wine bottle by Cartuxa and a special Welcome Bag;

i) More dynamic/immersive activations oh the exhibitors;

j) Visual impact created by Culto da Imagem, from the moment of entry to the interior of the rooms.

All this and much more leveraged between us and partners to whom we are very grateful so that these experiences are free for all who are at the event!

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