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14 MARCH | Iberian Festival Awards

Sala: Suspenso Lisboa (NEW VENUE) - Lisboa
20h00 - 02h00

20h00 - Opening doors, Welcome Party, Piano & Open Bar

21h30 - Gala – 1st Half

22h45 - Break - Tasting, Fun activities

23h00 - Gala – 2nd Half

00h15 - Afterparty, Open Bar

Live Acts > Stereossauro | Museless | Freddy Locks | My Expansive Awareness | Mary N | Chico Malo


DJ > Colorau Som Sistema



11 mar | Football Networking

15 mar | City Tour

11 MARCH | Maus Hábitos (Porto)
22h00 - Opening doors
22h30 - Concerts
Artists: Holy Nothing (PT); Museless (ES); My Expansive Awareness (ES)
13 MARCH | Estúdio Time Out (Lisboa)
21h30 - Opening doors
22h00 - Concerts
Artists: Noiserv (PT); Museless (ES); My Expansive Awareness (ES)
13 MARCH | Talkfest
09h00 - 20h30

08h30 - Opening doors

09h00 /18h30 - Programme

18h30 - Cocktail & Open Bar powered by Aporfest / ArtCor


(Auditorium J.J. Laginha | Edifício I  - 250 seats) | 09h00-09H10
(Auditorium J.J. Laginha | Edifício I  - 250 seats) | 09h10 - 18h30

9h10-10h10 | How to manage, motivate staff and create relationships of trust in cultural events?

Moderator: Ana Batalha (Journalist Jornal de Negócios)

1.Diogo Braz (Artistic director Festival Carviçais)

2.Francisco Madelino (President Fundação Inatel / Ciclo Mundos)

3.Lena d’Água (Artist)

4.Pedro Pina (City Council Setúbal Municipality)

5.Tiago Cortez (Executive Director Cofina Eventos)


10h10-11h10 | Radio, Television, Copyright and Audiences - new solutions for music and artists in the main media

Moderator: Catarina Figueiredo (Host RFM)

1.Alicia Toboso (New Business Development Director PRISA Radio) 2.Álvaro Diez (General Secretary Instituto Autor - SGAE)

3.António Severino (Vice-president Gavião Municipality/Beat Fest) 4.Eduardo Cintra Torres (Opinion Maker Correio da Manhã / teacher UCP and ISCTE-IUL)

5.Francisco Rebelo (Guitar player/music producer Orelha Negra) 6.Manuel Osório (Director Wine & Music Valley)


11h25-12h25 | Brands: what value brings to a brand its association with a music festival or artist?

Moderator: Ana Martins (journalist Rádio Comercial)

1.Carlos Pedro Pereira (Head of Brand & Sponsorships Galp)

2.Dj Ride (Dj/ Producer)

3.Gil Correia (Creative Director & Head of Digital MSTF Partners)

4.Nathalie Costa (Clipping, Social Media & Audiencies Director Media Monitor)

5.Tiago Silva (Head of Production Festival Iminente)


12h25-13h25 | Live Nation: creating value in artists and own events

Keynote Speaker: Marisa Márquez Romero (Mkt director Live Nation Spain)

Moderator: Sebas E. Alonso (Co-director Jenesaispop)

13h30-14h00 | Coronavirus at festivals: The headliner that nobody wants

Keynote Speaker: Ricardo Mexia (President ANMSP - Nat. Association of Public Health Doctors)


14h10-15h10 | New festival formats - create other business models, venues and audiences

Moderator: Inês Henriques (Radio host Vodafone FM)

1.Francisco Ribeiro (Director Storm Productions)

2.Gil Belford (General Manager Iberia Fever)

3.Gonçalo Miranda (Artistic Director Dreambeach Festival/DJ)

4.Luís Soares (Int. Mkt Manager Rock in Rio)

5.Paulo Silver (CEO New Collective/Revenge of the 90's)


15h10-16h10 | How to create and monetize new sources of revenue for events and thereby increase engagement with the audience?

Moderator: Maria Sá e Melo (Host RTP / Antena 1)

1. Gonçalo Camacho (CEO/Co-Founder Summer Opening)

2. Joaquín Costa (Co-Founder Casfid)

3. Nuno Gomes (CEO Braver Media Group / Rfm Somnii)

4. Tiago Fonseca (Head of Sales & BizDev See Tickets)

5. Vítor Batista (Director Atmosensation / Festival do Atlântico)


16h30-17h30 | Last Tour: marketing strategy for major concerts and events

Keynote Speaker: Gaby Salaverra (Mkt director Last Tour)


17h30-18h30 | Is it possible to schedule and make a risk-free booking at events and festivals?

Moderator: Catarina Canelas (Journalist TVI/TVI24)

1.Ana Miranda (Founder Arte Institute)

2.Anjos (Artists)

3.Joaquim Diogo (President Crato Municipality / Festival do Crato)

4.Luís Represas (Artist)

5.Luís Salgado (Founder Amazing Events / Vagos Metal Fest)

(Auditorium Caiano Pereira | Edifício I -- 90 seats) | 10h00-18h30

10h00-10h30 | Sexism Free Night EU - Project to promote equality with application in festivals

[Kosmicare – Cristiana Pires]


10h30-11h00 | Technology and automation: new technologies at festivals and events

[ – João Lopes]


11h00-11h30 | Reusable cups: a problem or a solution for the future of festivals?

[Copos Reutilizáveis by ArtCor Light – Ricardo Costa / Gustavo Couto]


11h30-12h00 | Secondary ticketing market - desmystifying earnings for the promoter and the consumer

[Reticket – Daniel Peron, CEO]


12h00-12h30 | Why independent portuguese artists should be in Brazilian musical market?

[Loop Reclame – Edu Santos]


12h30-13h00 | Diversity and social inclusion in the music industry - case-study

[Music For All / Cooltural Fest – Diego Ferrón / Pablo Galindo]


13h00-13h30 | New legal framework for the use of music in public spaces

[PassMúsica – Sílvia Sá)


14h00-14h30 | The efficient use (and added value) of radio communications in the production of major events

[AlertaMais – Eric Santos]


14h30-15h00 | How to be legally protected as an artist or promotor, in Spain?

[Sympathy for the Lawyer – Manuel Angel López]


15h00-15h30 | 5G challenges in telecommunications and that will be available to the public and mass events

[Anacom – José Pedro Borrego]


15h30-16h00 | Security & safety - the challenges in major events

[Wisesafety – Carlos Nogueira]


16h00-16h30 | Biometric payements at events and major festivals

[Tactile Pay – Álvaro Montero]


16h30-17h00 | Booking: methodology and planning as a secret of success nowadays

[A-MA – Flávio Serpa]


17h00-17h30 | Festival Pé na Terra – History and official presentation of the 9th edition

[Festival Pé na Terra - Kelly Tonaco / Luana Bistane]


17h30-18h00 | “Beba com Cabeça” – the app that will help the attendees of events and festivals

[ANEBE – João Vargas, Bruno Silva and Bruno Costa]


18h00-18h30 | Monitoring drug use in Europe - how music festivals fit in the picture

[European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) – João Matias]

(Auditorium Mário Murteira | Edifício I -  90 seats) | 09h45-13h15

9h45-10h15 | The contribution of music festivals to nation-brand promotion

[ESCS-IPL, Francisca Castro Lousada, thesis, 2019]


10h15-10h45 | Artistic practices in rural context - culture for the development of rural territories

[ESAD.CR, Rute Sousa, thesis, 2019]


10h45-11h15 | “Maratona dos Festivais de Verão” - Measurement of: Clipping, audience and favorability analysis

[Cision, Uriel Oliveira, project, 2020]


11h15-11h45 | Exploring drivers of consumer well-being in music festivals: a relationship marketing approach

[ISCTE-IUL, Sara Duarte, thesis, 2019]


11h45-12h15 | The impact of perceives quality on customer satisfaction at music festivals

[ISEG, Joana Gonçalves, thesis, 2019]


12h15-12h45 | Sponsorship in the consumer engagement and attitudes: Somersby Out Jazz case-study

[ESCS-IPL, Margarida Rangel, thesis, 2018]


12h45-13h15 | Portuguese Music Festivals Annual Report (Festival-goer Profile, Economic Impact, Preferences Analysis and X-Ray)

[Aporfest, Ricardo Bramão, 2020]

(Room 1E10 | Edifício I  -- 30 seats) | 09h45-18h30

9h45-11h15 | Think, plan, prepare and run sustainable events

[BCSD Portugal – João Meneses]


11h30-13h00 | How to create a roaster of artists that works collectively?

[Bridgetown – Afonso Ferreira e Bernardo Miranda]


14h00-15h30 | Influencers and bloggers - new types of communication at the disposal of events

[Naughty Boys – João Belo]


15h35-17h05 | Visual storytelling - form brands and concepts that attract audiences

[SamyRoad – Francisco Morgado Véstia]


17h10-18h30 | Cultural and Creative Industries - Attracting partnerships and support in an international way

[Aicep Portugal Global – Cristina Góis Amorim]

(Auditorium Mário Murteira | Edifício I - 90 seats) | 14h15-19h15

14h15-15h10 | Escola do Rock – Paredes de Coura (51’ – PT, 2018)

15h15-16h15 | Pop Dell’Arte – Ainda tenho um sonho ou dois (55’ – PT, 2018)

16h20-17h15 | Blasted Mechanism – New Milita (51’ – PT, 2018)

17h15- 17h55 | First Breath After Coma – NU (39’ – PT, 2019)

18h00-18h30 | Wheels of Madness – Sziget Festival (29’ – EN, 2019)

(Room C404 | Edifício II) | 09h30-18h30
Room reserved, per hour, for companies
(Foyer | Edifício I) | 09h00-20h30

9h00-20h30 | Coffee Station / DJ's / Brand Activations / Table Soccer / Poster Exhibition / Vox Expert

18h30-20h30 | Open bar & Cocktail powered by APORFEST / ArtCor

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