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Talkfest'16: final programme (last confirmations)

Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum, will have its 5th edition on 3 and 4 March in Lisbon (FIL Meeting Center | Musicbox). It consists on 7 sections: conferences, presentations (scientific and professional), seminars, documentaries, concerts, job fair and the integration of the Iberian Festival Awards, where will be, in total, more than 70 programming slots filled by 85 speakers (13 international) of different organizations.

Today we announce the last confirmations in the program of the event,which is now complete.

Conferences (Auditorium I and BTL Auditorium)

In this edition, Talkfest will happen simultaneously with BTL- International Tourism Fair, the international reference event, which there by is a key partner for their strategic development, enhancing the assertion of music festivals as a factor of tourist attraction. At the fair auditorium, will be held a special conference moderated by Liliana Lobo de Carvalho (journalist Sic Noticias), which will have has speakers, João Cotrim Figueiredo (President of Turismo de Portugal) and Roberta Medina (Vice-President Rock in Rio Lisboa).

There will be further 8 conferences, to which is added the presence of 13 new names: Francisco Grilo (production director of Aplauso), Nick Nicotine (artist and director of Barreiro Rocks), João Gil (artist), Master Jake (artist), José Ribeiro Neto (Chief officer PSP Oeiras), Irina Grade (Producer of Festival Forte), António Mendes (programs director of RFM / RFM Somnii), João Romeiras (commercial director 2045 Security), Hugo Ferreira (Team Member Ignition Festival), Mário Silvestre (Operational commander Santarém of Proteção Civil Nacional) e Tiago Martins (director Belém Art Fest). Rita Camarneiro (Host Curto-circuito tv show) will be moderating a theme only with artists and Ana Baptista (journalist Dinheiro Vivo) will regulate the conference in which will discuss the means of online communication.

Professional presentations (Auditorium II) Efficiency Stakeholder management at the event by Rock in Rio; The technology available to the public and music by MusicYou App; New Transport solutions at the festivals by X Travel; Drive Your Booking by Musicverb; Vat Fest by Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira; How to eliminate cigarette butts pollution of the events by Biataki. New themes that provide information and open discussion of the "state of the art" to the audience and be drawn the festivals new development policies.

Seminars (Room 2) Video solutions for the new generation of festivals (360º, 3d, Digital) by Creative Lemons and Events/Shows Technician: the sound by Suse Ribeiro (teacher) are the latest confirmed themes. A section where theoretical and practical activities will be fulfilled that are expected for case studies and openness to new conclusions. This section is limited to 30 places in each slot.

Documentaries(Auditorium III) Westway Lab, a documentary that covers the first two editions of the event and where they joined, at different moments, artistic experiences in the city of Guimarães and SWR Barroselas Metalfest -15 years, footages that comproves the grow and constant adjustments made to the festival that is today a reference in the metal fans in Portugal and Spain.

Program complete and information about the event at:

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