All the shortlisted names for the Iberian Festival Awards (2nd edition, March 16th, Barcelona)

Top 10 of all categories

Iberian Festival Awards already have all the finalists of the 19 categories in competition for the 2nd edition that will take place on March 16 in Barcelona (Macba). The public, voted for 10 of the categories and now the jury (composed of 9 elements: 3 from Portugal, 3 from Spain and 3 Internationals) decided the finalists of the remaining categories and the person nominated for the Excellence Award that will only be Announced at the gala. The TOP10 of all categories was withdrawn, which will have disclosure of the national and Iberian winners, exclusively announced at the gala.

A. CATEGORIES DECIDED BY THE JURY Best Touristic Promotion AgitÁgueda Art Festival (PT) Azkena Rock Festival (ES) Bilbao BBK Live (ES) Bime Live (ES) Festival Med (PT) FMM Sines (PT) Lisb-On #Jardim Sonoro (PT) Milhões de Festa (PT) Mundaka Festival (ES) Sinsal (ES) Best Service Provider powered by Polishows D.A.S. Audio (ES) Fahr 021.3 (PT) Fluge (ES) Idasfest (ES) Owonkey (ES) Place and Tickets (PT) Snoozy Dreams (PT) The Nomad Pop-Up Hotel (PT) Ticketea (ES) Turbina (PT) Best Cultural Programme AgitÁgueda Art Festival (PT) Bilbao BBK Live (ES) Bons Sons (PT) Cruilla (ES) Dcode Festival (ES) Festival F (PT) Festival Med (PT) FMM Sines (PT) Sinsal (ES) SOS 4.8 (ES) Best Communication Bilbao BBK Live (ES) Bons Sons (PT) Dcode Festival (ES) Edp CoolJazz (PT) Jardins Pedralbes (ES) Lisb-on #Jardim Sonoro (PT) Party Sleep Repeat (PT) Resurrection Fest (ES) Rock Nordeste (PT) Vida Festival (ES) Best Brand Activation Estrella Damm / Cruilla (ES) Estrella Galicia / PortAmérica (ES) Heineken / Lisb-On (PT) Jameson / Brunch Electronik (PT) Mastercard / Dcode (ES) New Balance / Sinsal (ES) Samsung (PT) Sociedade Ponto Verde (PT) Strongbow / Bons Sons (PT) Ticketea (ES) Best Use of Technology BCN 360º / Jardins Pedralbes (ES) Bermudas / Sinsal (ES) Best-Id / Lisb-On (PT) Fahr 021.3 (PT) Glownet / Brunch Electronik (PT) Idasfest (ES) Paypal / Cruilla (ES) Place and Tickets (PT) Samsung (PT) Ticketea (ES) Best Hosting and Reception Bastard Rock (PT) Bilbao BBK Live (ES) Boom Festival (PT) Bons Sons (PT) Brunch Electronik (PT) CambraFest (PT) Jardins Pedralbes (ES) Maz Basauri (ES) Mil-Lenni (ES) Mundaka Festival (ES) Best Infrastructure Bilbao BBK Live (ES) Bons Sons (PT) Boom Festival (PT) Cruilla (ES) Dcode Festival (ES) Festival Forte (PT) Jardins Pedralbes (ES) Mad Cool Festival (ES) Party Sleep Repeat (PT) Rock in Rio Lisboa (PT) Contribution to Sustainability Bons Sons (PT) Brunch Electronik (PT) Dcode Festival (ES) Edp Cool Jazz (PT) Festival Med (PT) Mundaka Festival (ES) Riba Tocks (ES) Rodellus (PT) Sinsal (ES) SOS 4.8 (ES) Excellence Award (indicado no evento) B. CATEGORIES DECIDED BY THE PUBLIC Best Major Festival Bilbao BBK Live (ES)

Boom Festival (PT)

Cruilla Barcelona (ES)

FMM Sines (PT)

Mad Cool Festival (ES)

Nos Alive (PT)

Nos Primavera Sound (PT)

Primavera Sound (ES)

Resurrection Fest (ES)

Rock in Rio Lisboa (PT)

Best Medium-Sized Festival powered by Ron Negrita

Arrecife en Vivo (ES)

Azkena Rock Festival (ES)

Bons Sons (PT)

Ebrovisión (ES)

EdpCoolJazz (PT)

Festival F (PT)

Festival Med (PT)

Milhões de Festa (PT)

Mundaka Festival (ES)

Noches del Botanico (ES)

Best Small Festival powered by Wegow

Amplifest (PT)

Bastard Rock (PT)

B-Side Festival (ES)

Ebroclub (ES)

Gijón Sound Festival (ES)

Live for Madness Metal Fest (ES)

Misty Fest (PT)

Party Sleep Repeat (PT)

Rodellus (PT)

Universal Music Festival (ES)

Best New Festival

Atlantic Fest (ES)

Brunch Electronik (PT)

Cordas World Music Festival (PT)

Lisboa Dance Festival (PT)

Mad Cool Festival (ES)

Madrid Music City (ES)

Mimo Festival (PT)

Noches del Botánico (ES)

Sonora CC (ES)

Vagos Metal Fest (PT)

Best Line-Up

Azkena Rock Festival (ES)

Bilbao BBK Live (ES)

Bons Sons (PT)

EdpCoolJazz (PT)

Festival Med (PT)

FIB - Festival Internacional de Benicassim (ES)

FMM Sines (PT)

Lisboa Dance Festival (PT)

Mad Cool Festival (ES)

Resurrection Fest (ES)

Best Camping Site

Atlantic Fest (ES)

Bilbao BBK Live (ES) Bons Sons (PT)

Ebrovision (ES)

Monte Verde Festival (PT)

Musa Cascais (PT)

Resurrection Fest (ES)

Vagos Metal Fest (PT)

Voa Fest (PT) Weekend Beach Festival (ES)

Best Indoor Site

Amplifest (PT)

Connexions (ES)

Lisboa Dance Festival (PT)

Live for Madness Metal Fest (ES)

Maz Basauri (ES)

Misty Fest (PT)

Party Sleep Repeat (PT)

Sons de Vez (PT)

Universal Music Festival (ES)

WOS Festival (ES)

Best Media Partner

Antena 3 (PT)

Bi Fm (ES)

Dod Magazine (ES)

El País (ES)

Festinfo (ES)

Festivais de Verão (PT)

Mondo Sonoro (ES)

Radio 3 (ES)


Vodafone FM (PT)

Best Live Performance (International)

Alabama Shakes - Cruilla Barcelona (ES)

Iron Maiden - Resurrection Fest (ES)

Jungle - Lisb/On (PT)

Kendrick Lamar - Super Bock Super Rock (PT)

Muse - FIB (ES)

Neil Young - Mad Cool Fest (ES)

Queen - Rock in Rio Lisboa (PT)

Radiohead - Primavera Sound (ES)

Sia - Meo Sudoeste (PT)

Tame Impala - Nos Alive (PT)

Best Live Performance (National)

António Zambujo - Festival Med (PT)

Belako - Low Festival (ES)

Capitão Fausto - Vodafone Paredes Coura (PT)

D.A.M.A - Meo Marés Vivas (PT)

Izal - Santander Music (ES)

Jorge Palma - Bons Sons (PT)

La Gran Pegatina - SonRías Baixas (ES)

Los Enemigos - Mundaka Festival (ES)

Orelha Negra - Super Bock Super Rock (PT)

Vetusta Morla - Cruilla Barcelona (ES)


The 2nd edition of Iberian Festival Awards will take place in Barcelona on the night of March 16 at the legendary MACBA - Museum of Contemporary Art. A gala with: two hosts (from Portugal and Spain); five Iberian musical performances and a award ceremony that will take place in the largest auditorium of the space, preceded by a dinner in the Restaurant En Ville. Iberian Festival Awards are a partnership with the UK & European Festival Awards, promoted by Festival Awards, Ltd. See the 2016 aftermovie HERE


The 6th edition of Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum will happen in Lisbon (9 and 10th March) at the Museum of Communications (Museu das Comunicações) and in Barcelona (Macba, 16thMarch). This year Talkfest will have many professional activities such as Conferences (main section); Presentations (Scientific and Professional); Seminars; Job fair and Documentaries. One of the goals for this edition is to create more technical tools for professionals and enhance their networking as well as to create more convenience to visitors. Talkfest is considered an event of cultural interest by the Portuguese Government.

APORFEST - Portuguese Music Festivals Association is the organizer of both events. Aporfest Associates (professionals/ companies) have free access to Talkfest and the Iberian Festival Awards ceremony. All info: or Tickets: Oficial website | Ticketline | Ticketea For more information/ marketing proposals: | (+351) 217904720


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