7 new speakers confirmed and exclusive meeting for Iberian Promoters in Talkfest'18

The 7th edition of Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum will take place in Lisbon on March 15 and 16, 2018, confirm 7 more speakers for its different professional programming areas, which makes a total of 35 speakers for now and the exclusive meeting for Iberian promoters at the event [access to 30 entities].

Polls are already open for the 3rd edition of Iberian Festival Awards in the categories decided by the public.

The 2nd day of Talkfest'18 will be marked in its entirety by a professional program that will exceed 100 speakers in: conferences, presentations (professional and scientific) and seminars, plus other complementary areas: documentaries, afterparty and exhibitions.

This lead of confirmed speakers brings the discussion to the front of the stage of topics as: ticketing (the new virtues and problems); Portuguese music; the adaptations of the future remodeling of the law about Private Security and how this will affect the festivals and what the brands can do to increase their notoriety.

1) Conferences

International Speaker

Antoine Biehler (project manager Paylogic)

National Speaker

Emília Simões (director Last2Ticket)

Frederico Martinho (guitar player HMB)

João Modas (director Black Bass - Évora Fest / Pointlist)

João Pinho (diretor Press Link)

Tiago Pereira (founder A Música Portuguesa a gostar dela própria)

2) Professional Speaker (subjectand speaker)

Private security at festivals: what to do? (Nuno Moreira, Internal Security Auditor/ Consultant Aporfest)

In the next edition of Talkfest there will be for the first time an "Iberian Encounter of promoters and teams of work in festivals", in a moment of exclusive and closed access to 30 entities of Spain and Portugal.

A moment where the norms of cooperation for two years will be discussed: the current problems in each country; the hiring of artists and peer relationships (competitors).

It is already possible to vote for the categories decided by the public for the 3rd edition of the Iberian Festival Awards. Until January 17, choose your favorite festivals, artists and media partners. Be part of it!

APORFEST - Portugues Music Festivals Association gives free access to all its professional and company / festival associates with a valid quota on the days of the event (Iberian Festival Awards - VIP access, with open bar; Talkfest - access to all activities )

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