Talkfest'19: 11 more speakers confirmed for the 8th edition and DJ for the gala

The 8th edition of Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum will take place between the cities of Vigo and Lisbon, on March 13 and 22, 2019 respectively. We announce today the fourth set of speakers inherent in the various programme contents of the professional day and the DJ that will perform the honors of opening & after party at the gala of the Iberian Festival Awards.

Conferences (Moderator)

Carolina Valadas (journalist SIC)

Leads the new generation of journalists and will moderate the issue of bureaucratic processes inherent in festivals and their impact on their budget today.

Conferences (Speakers)

António Miguel Guimarães (director AMG Music - O Sol da Caparica); Hugo Nóbrega (owner H2N/Humour Shows); Miguel Silva (Cultural Marketing Red Bull); Pedro Souto (director MotelX) and Terry Costa (director Cordas World Music Festival)

Testimonies from various sectors and different professional contexts of culture that will bring to each theme an integrative vision of what is intended to be discussed. We also want to enhance the barrier-free interaction with the audience making to be an active player in the way of debates.

Pitch Stage

Pitch Stage | Give Me 4 - where even the attendees are volunteers (Bernardo Capucho, director); Guitarras ao Alto - musical expression in Alentejo and presentation of the 2019 edition (Vasco Durão, director)

Festival presentations that are distinguished by their social message and public involvement based on the disruptive way of communicating their product.


Music didn’t kill the data star! - The Digital Communication in Music and Festivals (SA365 - Maria Manuel, Marina Faria e Margarida Pinto)

The communication and digital marketing nowadays have an unquestionable importance in the creation, dissemination and consumption of music. Communication decisions that are data driven show us how we can bring artists, brands and consumers together. Only by strategically claiming space in the new digital ecosystems will it be possible to gain exposure to listeners and new listeners in addition to background noise.

Known as the nominees of the Iberian Festival Awards, the voting process of the categories decided by the public is running until December 31. So far, the 7500 votes have already been exceeded. Participate - HERE.

Diana Oliveira dj will be the responsable for the opening & afterparty awards cerimony. She has already gone through several festivals like Neopop in the last two years, Resistance Festival, Elétrico and afterparties of Nos Primavera Sound or Brunch Electronik. She is also a regular presence in the biggest national nightclubs such as LuxFragil (Lisbon) and Indústria (Porto).

APORFEST - Portuguese Music Festivals Association provides again free access to all its members (all modalities, with valid quota in their occurrence) in both events. Be part of it!

Tickets, partners and all the programme and information available at:


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