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Talkfest’20 conferences themes and first 15 speakers

The 9th edition of Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum, which includes the Iberian Festival Awards gala was postponed due to the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and will be held between the 16th and 17th of October, mostly online. Today, we present the themes for the Conferences (adjusted to the current situation) and the first 15 speakers - from different countries and functional areas of the Culture and Festivals industry.


The main section of the event is the Conferences that will happen in two models:

  • Presentation format with Keynote speakers – current and relevant key issues

  • Round table format: 5 speakers + 1 moderator journalist


  • Employability in the cultural sector. Human resources protection? [debate]

  • Media, Audiences and Copyright - new solutions for music and artists. Are live events the only resource? [debate]

  • Brands: what value a brand adds with its association with a music festival or artist? Differences in before and after 2020 [debate]

  • Live Nation: artists and events value generator [keynote speaker]

  • New festival formats - create other business models, local and public. (Re) inventing only in times of crisis? [debate]

  • How to create and monetize new sources of revenue for events and thereby increase engagement with the audience? [debate]

  • The Great Reconstruction: how festivals (will) survive a world crisis? [keynote speaker]

  • Is it possible to decrease or eliminate risk with (re)program and (re)booking for events and festivals? [debate]

  • Coronavirus at festivals: The headliner of 2020. What future holds for this sector? [keynote speaker]


  • (ES) Alicia Toboso (New Business, Prisa Radio)

  • (PT) Ana Batalha (Journalist, Jornal de Negócios)

  • (PT) Ana Miranda (Founder, Arte Institute)

  • (PT) DJ Ride (DJ/ Producer)

  • (PT) Francisco Madelino (President, Fundação Inatel)

  • (PT) Francisco Rebelo (Guitar Player/ Music Producer, Orelha Negra)

  • (PT) Francisco Ribeiro (Director, Storm Productions)

  • (PT) Gonçalo Miranda (DJ / Artistic Director, Dreambeach Festival – ES)

  • (PT) Luís Represas (Artist)

  • (PT) Luís Salgado (Founder, Amazing Events & Vagos Metal Fest)

  • (PT) Luís Soares (Int. Marketing Manager, Rock in Rio)

  • (PT) Maria Sá e Melo (Host, Antena 1 / RTP)

  • (PT) Nathalie Costa (Clipping Director, Media Monitor)

  • (PT) Ricardo Mexia (Epidemiologist, Instituto Nacional de Saúde Ricardo Jorge)

  • (PT) Vítor Batista (Director, Atmosensation & Festival do Atlântico)

This annual meeting cannot fail to be held and will be adapted to the present and proposing to discuss everything that the area of festivals and events has been forced to review. It has been several months since everything has changed and if from the beginning we set out to discuss “the future” this action is even more urgent today. We want to bring together the industry in Portugal, Spain and all Portuguese-speaking countries with this virtual and online version, with no maximum capacity of participants limitations.

Over the next few weeks, more news will be announced: speakers, artists and entities present in all sections of the event.

TICKETS AND ACCESS | Talkfest and Iberian Festival Awards

Ticket holders (purchased) for events on the previous date will be invited to receive access to the event (in the official app) on this new date. APORFEST members (all modalities) with a valid quota on the days of the events will have free access.

Tickets and access to Talkfest + Concerts (16th) and Iberian Festival Awards (17th) are now available in the Tickets area on ​​the website.

Be part of it! If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions you can contact us through: Email ( or Phone (+351 217904720).

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