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New conferences speakers and full programme for the DOCS section

Today we announce a new set of those involved in the Conferences of the main day of the event as well as the complete programming of the Documentaries.

Agir (Speaker - Musical Artist, PT) // One of the most reputable artists of his generation, being in the playlists of radios with his solo themes and several collaborations with some of the biggest names in national music, such as Ana Moura, Carolina Deslandes, Diogo Piçarra, Karetus, Papillon or 9 MILLER. Agir sold out three Coliseums and won the "Best Portuguese Act" at the MTV EMA 2015, the Golden Globe award for "Best Individual Performer" and the Platinum disc award for the album "Leva-me a sério". He has shared several projects with the public, from jam sessions, in which he honors iconic Portuguese artists, to the special theme PRESCREVER, a reflection on social inequalities that pervert the essence of justice. Agir will share the stage at an exclusive conference of Portuguese music artists.

Ana Tavares (Speaker – Beamian, Mkt & Com. Manager, EN) // Marketeer, graduated in Communication Sciences and master's degree in Marketing from the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão. Ana began her work experience as a consultant in an Inbound Marketing agency, hubspot's precurssor in Portugal, having been responsible for the success of several accounts such as BMW Portugal, CTT and Galp. After almost three years of growing up at the agency's pace, Ana has lived up to a new generation of leaders by joining Beamian's team in 2020 as head of marketing and communication and will be in the debate dedicated to new festival technologies.

Francisco Madelino (Speaker - Fundação Inatel, President, PT) // Economist, professor at ISCTE and president of the general council of IPS (Polytechnic Institute of Santarém). Francisco has been president of the administration council of the Fundação Inatel since 2016, which has enhanced his action in the cultural sector and music festivals. Francisco has a relevant role as a researcher, consultant and analyst in different sectors and entities at national and international level.

Helena Lins (Moderator - CNN Portugal, Journalist, PT) // Helena is a mix of cultures and languages. Speaks Portuguese - with sugary flavour - and Bulgarian, English, French and also Spanish. Understands Russian and dares in Turkish. Helena found in journalism what she was already doing naturally: telling stories to bring together distant realities and contribute to a better understanding of the world. Helena graduated in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies from Cardiff University in the UK. Made an internship at the Agència Catalana de Notícies in Barcelona. Now Helena works at CNN Portugal.

Monyca Motta (Keynote Speaker - MM Rights Management, BR) // Partner and founder of the consultancy MM Rights Management, Monyca holds a Master's degree in Entertainment Law from the University of Westminster in London, England. Consultant of artists, festivals such as Tomorrowland Brazil and Afropunk and various cultural projects, museums, films, series, audio and video producers, digital companies and others, has extensive professional experience in Brazil, as well as in England and Portugal. Monyca will be interviewed about the post-covid change in the festival sector.

The Documentaries section will be dedicated exclusively to Portuguese content, with the event participating in directors for Q&A with the public for 15 minutes after its screening.

Festival Artes à Vila 2021: a origem das músicas bonitas (2021, PT, 97’) // A summary of the previous editions of the event that was broadcast online adapted for TV, At this edition Festival Artes à Vila had the performances of Dulce Pontes, JP Simões or Benjamim.

Uma Árvore no Largo – o retrato da comunidade no Bons Sons (2021, PT, 31')

A festival that has its own mysticism and that already influences a new generation of tradition lovers and Portuguese music appreciation.

We Were Floating High (2021, PT, 46' > Q&A with director Tiago Gomes) // Leiria's band First Breath After Coma had a busy 2019. The excitement came not only with the recording of an album, closed in a house, with concerts and collaborations, but also with the fact that their movements were followed by a film crew.

Já estou farto! (2020, PT, 69' > Q&A with director Paulo Antunes) // Considered by many as a master of ceremonies and a true stage animal, João Pedro Almendra is the unmistakable vocalist of bands such as Ku de Judas, Peste & Sida or PunkSinatra. He was also in the genesis of Censurados. He is a lyricist and one of the most influential voices of national punk rock and is at the heart of this record.

If you want to create interaction with the delegates and guests present at the event – Talkfest (main event) and Concerts on The 25th March and/or Iberian Festival Awards the following day you have the possibility to reserve physical space (at the places of realization of this edition) or virtual (through the official app) and communicate your project. There are also ways to join the event. Share your idea with us!

Tickets available HERE

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