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NEW SPEAKERS for the daytime programme and new live act for the IFA

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Today we announce new confirmations for this edition of Talkfest:

- Joana Petiz (Moderator // Journalist and Director Dinheiro Vivo – Conferences, PT) // Journalist for 20 years, most of them in economic publications. She worked for O Independente, Diário Económico, i and Diário de Notícias. She helped launch Dinheiro Vivo in 2011, which she returned to in 2020. She currently holds the position of Executive Director of Dinheiro Vivo and Deputy Director of DN;

- Filipa Tirano (Speaker // APAV Victim Support Technician – Pitchstage, PT) // to talk about sexual harassment and prevention at festivals. FIlipa is a Victim support technician of the Network Specialized Support for Children and Young Victims of Sexual Abuse - CARE, victim support technician Of the Network Support for Family and Friends of Victims of Homicide and Terrorism - RAFAVHT, Psychological Support technician for Children, using various assessment instruments and psychological monitoring of victims of crime (children, adolescents and adults). Prepares reports addressed to various institutions (CPCJ, Court, lawyers, Health Center). Presence in court for technical opinion, contacts with national and international partner institutions. Assessment of the psychological risk situation and degree of emotional suffering of the user and referral to psychiatric services in case of need and face-to-face, telephone and written consultations;

- Inez Aires (Speaker // Co-founder ZeroWasteLab and Team Boom Festival – Workshops, PT) // Founder of the ZeroWasteLab sustainability project and contributor to Boom Festival. Inez will give a workshop with immersive notions of real sustainability to be applied in festivals. Graduated in Environmental Engineering and with Master's, Postgraduate and research specializations always linked to sustainability, climate and leadership issues. Inez has a national and international professional background connected to events in which sustainability is a differentiating factor and connection with the public such as Freedom Festival, Boom Festival, Envision Festival, La Calaca Festival or Rainbow Serpent.

- Joaquín Costa (Speaker // Co-Founder Casfid – Pitchstage, ES) // Telecommunications Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and MBA from the European University. After several years in the marketing of Red Bull Spain, Joaquín founded Casfid in 2014 with the aim of creating technological solutions for events, concerts and festivals - access control, cashless, already working in dozens of festivals each year in the Iberian Peninsula..

- Tiago Fortuna (Speaker // Founder Access Lab - Pitchstage, PT) // Passionate about culture in the broadest sense, Tiago believes in pop as a means of cultural democracy. Worked in strategic communication and press relations at LiveCom, between 2015 and March 2020. Since then, he has been dedicated to creating projects for the inclusion of people with disabilities and the deaf in culture, founded, in 2022, his organization - Access Lab - whose purpose is: to guarantee the access of people with disabilities and the deaf to culture as a fundamental human right. He was also one of the founding members of APORFEST. He has a degree in Communication Sciences from FCSH – UNL, the same institution where he graduated in Communication of Culture and Creative Industries.

Amatria is the latest addition to the performance at the Iberian Festival Awards gala. Already with 5 albums edited (since 2012), the Spanish composer, musician and producer Joni Antequera is the alma mater of Amatria. His constant search for new sounds led him to wander from pop to electronics, passing through rhythms of Latin origins. He has a vast curriculum with performances in festivals such as: Santander Music, Ebrovision, Granda Sound, Lemonpop, Emdiv, Benasfest, Sonorama Ribera, SanSan or Estaciones Sonoras.

See all the nominees and live acts HERE. Voting is open to decide the finalists and winners of the categories decided by the public until January 31st. Vote HERE!

APORFEST - Associação Portuguesa Festivais Música- is the main organizer of the event and allows, once again, free access and applications to its members (with a valid quota on the date of the event). Be part of this event!

Tickets available HERE

Contacts HERE

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